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Swingers Stories

Boasting some of the most exciting erotica from New Zealand's largest swinging community.
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The Reward

Hard work is its own reward..

Geez it’d been a hard day. I had gotten up at the crack of dawn with a grim determination to finish the retaining wall that ran along the side of the house on our small farm. I had wrestled with the posthole borer, hefted timber posts, poured bags of ceme...

A Maids Day 2

Velvet feels her knees weaken under her

10:30pm and Velvet is still awake. An early start, a whole day cleaning and yet her mind is going over and over the strip tease show she performed. What if it was a trap and Tony has told her boss! What if he is not happy with her performance and he compl...

An afternoon delight

A prequel to Ep. 3

Lucy kissed Ed goodbye and walked to the gate of the wharf. She could feel her heart starting to beat faster as her nervousness raised. In five minutes or so she would have a few hours with Aurelio alone and who knew what was going to happen. It’s been al...