~ A Fantasy that makes me wet thinking about it ~

I arrange with my lover to meet me at a motel , he thinks he will get me all to himself .... he’s sadly mistaken 😈

Watching him walk through that door seeing the way he looks at me as I spread my legs for him to see my glistening pussy juice ooze out of me . His eyes lighting up .... oh he knows he’s in for a good time .

I get him onto the bed and my mouth goes straight for his cock , while he’s laying there enjoying every tongue swirl, every lick and every flick of my tongue over his throbbing head my guest start joining in ......

At this point he realizes we have company and judging by the reaction of his cock which is now dripping precum , I know he’s pretty thrilled .

I stand back and watch two ladies tend to his hard throbbing cock , he gestures to me to come closer and as I do he slides his hand between my thighs and his fingers make there way deep into my pussy , he fingers me so hard and fast I squirt all over his hand , I climb over him and let him lick me clean .

My focus is back on these sexy ladies who are not only sucking him delightfully but also fingering each other . Watching fingers sliding into a wet pussy and gliding the wetness over her clit is very sexy 😈

I go over to them and open the blonde ladies legs and give her pussy a long hard lick as I glide my fingers into her and lick her clit she explodes all over my mouth , the taste of her cum sends me over the edge and I lower myself onto his cock and ride him hard and fast swaying my hips from side to side so I can feel his cock touching all of me inside . Exploding on his cock but wanting more I lay back and let the brunette lady lick me clean and she does such an incredible job of it she even makes me cum again ....

Our guests each have a turn to Fuck him and then they both leave.....

I’m not finished yet ! I spend the next hour licking all those ladies juices off his cock and getting fucked deep and hard ..... just the way I like it 😈

Now to make this fantasy a reality πŸ˜‰

Ladies feel free to message and let’s make this happen 😈😈

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