At least 2hrs had passed when I thought it was time to get myself together and leave, as I sit upright I feel a pull on my arm which forces me to I fall back down next to BFF. Our fingers entwine as she playfully moves our hands back and forward in the air, I see boyfriend snuggle close behind her in a spooning position. He feels along the side of her female form from her ribs down along her waist and further down her thigh as far as his hand would reach without disturbing his resting position, then his hand reverses direction back up. He watches as she starts kissing me again, this time with more passion, I guess she hadn’t finished with me yet, and again I lap-up the attention from her. She directs my hand over her petite breast where I could feel how tight and pert it was - oh I wished I had breasts as beautiful as hers. As I touch, a familiar tingling sensation starts between my legs.

The boyfriend’s hand meets ours, she removes her hand to allow his to cap mine as she rests her hand on my hip. Our hands move across and around her breasts with his hand controlling our movement and direction, we feel down to her flat stomach then to her thighs, I was imagining the sensations she may have been feeling - reliving my feelings of a woman’s touch. She was so relaxed and calm not like my inexperienced timid self, I was in awe of her sexy confidence. At this time, I guessed this was my opportunity to gain experience, experience I’d never ever contemplated before. This was it, I leant forward and kissed her breast and then put my tongue out to lick her nipple (all the time trying to mirror what she had done to me – because of course I knew it felt amazing).

Occasionally, her boyfriend who was concentrating on her other breast would make eye contact with me then watch my moves intently. Our hands still together between her legs had yet to explore her hidden treasure, as we started to near I was glad his hand and fingers were guiding me. I’d never realised the immense excitement that could come to have my fingers sliding between her pussy lips, she was already moist as we slowly rubbed in circular motion and then back and forth lightly over her pronounced clit – I loved hearing her deep breath indicating her enjoyment. Sliding lower to the entrance of her vagina where we scooped a bit of her juices onto our fingers and travelled it back to her clit, and for obvious reasons she let out a moan. I felt her hand move through my hair and to the top of my head where she started to forcibly push me down towards her pussy, I looked up and saw she was doing the same with her boyfriend – we both obliged by wondering down. Mr let me get comfortable between her wide opened legs as he laid side on (I had a horrible thought that I’d do it wrong but I couldn’t not try). With my tongue, I started frolicking gently over and around her clit, I could smell and taste the sweetness of her juices. Mr was trying to be patient for his turn but it got the better of him because we knocked heads as he tried to join in, reluctantly and gratefully I moved to give him a turn, so here we were taking turns pleasuring his lady. In the heat of the moment our tongues met at the same time on her clit, we couldn’t help but kiss passionately, exchanging her pussy juices between us. BFF moved from off her back to where the 3 of us got on our knees facing each other, sharing kisses and touches, ensuring no-one was left out. I grabbed hold of Mr’s hard penis and started to tug him, his cock was throbbing within my grip. As I remained kissing him, BFF lowered herself down to lick his full balls and take his cock from my hand into her mouth, bobbing back and forth she took him deep in her throat - with the size of it, it wasn’t surprising that she gagged a few time but that didn’t stop her. He apologised to me for what he was about to do, pulling his girlfriend off his cock and picking her up to lay her down on her back with her legs in the air he slips his cock deep in her wet pussy. I watched them fuck hard out, thrusting vigorously while I played with myself, the sounds of their moans and wet pussy juices made it difficult for me to contain my excitement - my body was sent into ecstasy as I cum. I then hear them reach their climax. The room smelt of body heat, sweat and erotic sex.

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