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At the age of 30 my marriage fell apart so I came home to NZ. To feel better I would frequent a young hairdresser in St Helier’s, she was always welcoming and chatty. Over the course of 3months we got to know each other well as we talked about things going on in our lives, such as her and her boyfriend, and me with my cheating husband. Knowing I needed to get out and meet people she suggested I join her and her friends at a club that night. I thought about declining - what would I have in common with early-mid 20 somethings? Well, I pushed myself into accepting the invitation.

As I approached the bar I could see my hairdresser with an attractive young man which she introduced to me as her boyfriend, they were the perfect attractive couple. I asked when the others were arriving, to be told anytime now. The music was pumping and the drinks were flowing, I was having so much fun that I didn’t notice how quickly the time had passed, and that the others had yet to arrive, but when I did realise, I started to feel bad for my hairdresser and asked if it bothered her. Although, I was having a great time, I offered to leave so she and her boyfriend could have the rest of the night to themselves, after-all I didn’t want to be a third wheel, to my surprise this prompted her to grab both my and her boyfriend’s hand and lead us to the dance floor.

As we danced to a slow jamming song, I realised I was sandwiched in between them, I could feel the heat of their bodies along with the beautiful aroma of his cologne and her perfume. With her in front, facing me, she moved provocatively up and down my body, then teasingly turned her back to me, all the while looking directly into my eyes. I could feel myself blush and when she moved closer to me it caused our breasts to brush against each other – I apologised. Just then I felt her boyfriend put his hands on my hips and pull me back up against him, I could also feel his breath on the back of my head and neck as he motioned our bodies to move together. In shock I looked at my hairdresser to see if she was aware of what just happened, I was slightly taken aback when she winked and smiled at me. As the music was changing it was suggested we head back to the bar to finish our drinks, I thought this was a great end to the night. As we were leaving the club she told me that they were booked into a city hotel, that I should go with them to sober up before I drove home – I was grateful for the offer as I did not want to run the risk of losing my driver’s licence. Walking through the hotel lobby we were laughing and chatting, I thanked them for a great night, that it was exactly what I needed.

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