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As we entered the room, they offered me a drink which I had accepted, completely forgetting my reason for being there. As we sat and chatted some more, I commented on how big the room was and the dimmed lighting made it so relaxing, in response my hairdresser got up and headed towards the bathroom suggesting she’ll run the spa bath for her and I to sit in while she massaged my back (I wasn't sure if she was asking or telling me), I was confused for a second time that night - this is when the penny dropped, I didn’t know what to say. I’d never been intimate with a woman before, if that’s where it was heading - I was nervous and curious with the thought. When the spa bath was ready she gestured for me tojoin her, she must have sensed my nerves as she asked if I was shy, so not to appear awkward and inexperienced I undressed and stepped into the bath, sitting in between her perfectly toned legs. The boyfriend came in with a couple of glasses of bubbles and asked if we wanted anything else and stating that he will be in the other room while we relaxed. Her hands gently rubbed my back releasing all the tension, then moving up to my shoulders, my neck, and finally putting her fingers through my hair slowly massaging my scalp and temples, I was in heaven. With no urgency I could feel her finger tips slowly making their way back down my neck and shoulders, her fingers ever so lightly brushed over my nipples which made them instantly erect - I let out a little squeal of surprise and a quick breath. She asked if I was okay, with my eyes shut I nodded and added a quiet Hmmm, affirming that I was liking what she was doing. With her hand and fingers now making their way to my inner thigh, gently caressed them and ever so close to my genitalia, I wanted to say “come on, do it, do it, touch me”.

She softly asked how I was feeling, knowing full well my excitement was rising – there was no way I could deny my obvious enjoyment. She whispered, “How about we get out and go into the other room, I didn’t answer just moved to get up and out. She unfolded a towel and wrapped it around me, patting slightly like I was a child needing help.

As we made our way to the main room, I could see her handsome naked boyfriend sitting in a corner arm chair with his hand wrapped around his fully erect penis, I could see it was a beautiful penis and he was sure to use it well. Whispering, my new BFF then asked if she could play with me, without hesitation, almost begging, I said “of course, yes please”, she added that her boyfriend was only going to watch. I was slightly disappointed that I wasn’t going to feel that bad boy inside me, however as I lay naked, face up on the bed, the thought of disappointment quickly diminished, I was distracted with the warm soft sensation of her kisses making their way up my body to my face and lips. Slowly and gently she licked my top then bottom lip with her tongue, then kissing me some more on the lips, occasionally edging her tongue in my mouth.

She then set her sight on my chest, her tongue slowly flickered over and around my already hard nipple, alternating between the left and right breast ensured neither were neglected. Not wasting any of her gifted tools, she put her hand and fingers to use by working their way between my legs, again gently touching ever so close but carefully and deliberately not hitting my sensitive spots, this teasing was so erotic yet agonising at the same time. She was hardly touching me but I was on the verge of an orgasm, which I was desperately trying to prolong.

As I feel her head move down between my wide opened legs, I put my fingers through her hair and close my eyes with anticipation of what I knew was happening next - I was at her mercy and control. As her tongue approaches and circulates around my swollen pulsating clit, my breathing becomes deeper and louder, I couldn’t help but let out a moan. She paused to look up at me, I suspect from the intense look in her “I’m going to fuck you” eyes, that she was getting her pleasure and satisfaction from the arousal I was experiencing. With two fingers deep inside my pussy, she had my entire body quivering and my juices dripping down the crack of my arse, my mind and emotions were conflicting with wanting and not wanting to cum.

I could now hear the slapping sound coming from her boyfriend in the back-ground, as he tugged on his cock while watching his sexy girlfriend please me, his pace got faster, louder and more aggressive. As the excitement grew for both of us, I was now at the peak of my orgasm, I could no longer hold back nor wanted to, with her tongue fully engaged with my clit, I held her hand hard inside me so she couldn’t move it, I wanted her to feel my orgasm in its full entirety.

I flopped back on the bed with exhaustion, my new BFF laid next to me looking quite pleased with herself, her boyfriend joined us laying on the other side of her. I wanted to ask how such a sexy young couple become so sexually adventurous.

This is for another day

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