I had just finished rolling the beef roast and was relaxing in the bbq area with a cold beer when I heard their car come down the driveway. I had another mouthful of beer then headed up the path to meet them.

We hadn’t seen Briar and Craig for a few weeks and Stace and I were looking forward to catching up over dinner and a few drinks. After the usual kisses and hand shaking that comes with greeting good friends we headed back to the house. Stace was busy in the kitchen making her treats for later, she came out to welcome our guests with a big smile and kisses and hugs all around. After a bit of chat and some finishing up in the kitchen I popped the cork on a bottle of bubbly for the girls and grabbed a couple of beers for Craig and I and ducked out to see how the coals were doing in the bbq. The temperature was rising but still had a way to go.

We all ended up outside in the bbq area, the sun was setting on a perfect, cool Autumn day and with a few more drinks and a bit of time to catch up on what was happening in our respective lives etc and it looked like everyone was feeling pretty relaxed and enjoying one another’s company, except Craig.. he seemed a little uncomfortable. Stace asked if he was okay, he mentioned that he had a bit of a sore neck. Briar suggested it was no doubt being caused by the stress he’d been under at work and just needed to relax a bit sometimes.

Stace and I have been using the sauna a lot lately and it’s been great for relaxing and soothing the body and the mind, the moist heat and the warming sensation all over your naked body is great and you can feel the toxins and stress sweating out of your body as you are lying there on the bench. I suggested that a sauna would be just the thing to make Craig feel better and since we had plenty of time before dinner it might be a nice relax for all of us. Stace gave me a funny look (a little surprise and a bit of nervousness perhaps) but everyone seemed to think it would be a nice idea. I told Stace to go up and turn the sauna on while i topped up the drinks. I open another bottle of bubbly and bought it out to bbq as Stace was arriving back, our eyes met and I saw the twinkle and sexy look in them. It was then that I suddenly realised. We have only ever been in the sauna together and the dress code is naked! Are we now going to be sitting in there naked with friends, no wonder Stace was looking a little nervous earlier. I checked the bbq things were definitely heating up.

I was starting to feel a little awkward and was wondering how to broach the issue of sauna etiquette, neither of our guests seemed to be thinking about it and as we waited for the sauna to heat up the girls managed to finish the second bottle of bubbly and we happily giggling away while chatting. Stace finished her glass and then got up from her seat and said “I better get everyone some towels then and we can head to the sauna.. it should be hot” Briar stood up and took the towel from Stace then smiled and said “I assume that we are going to be following the traditional Swedish sauna rules!” and giggled at the same time I’m sure she winked at Stace.

Briar and Craig headed to the spare room to get changed. I told Stace to leave my towel on the chair as I wanted to get the beef into the bbq before the sauna. Stace headed off to our room with her towel and a wicked little smile back at me, she looked hot and positively glowing! I finished basting the meat and the coals were looking pretty good for cooking, I walked back into the house to grab some tongs and saw Briar was already sitting there on the couch wrapped in a towel with her bubbles. I not sure if Stace had done it on purpose or not but the towel Briar was given must be the smallest towel we have. It couldn’t quite cover the top and bottom half at the same time and it was at that moment I felt the first tingle inside. Briar is curvier than Stace with ample breasts and I had probably been starring at them a moment to long when Stace came down the hallway wrapped in her towel. Briar said Craig was taking a quick shower so I topped up their glasses and suggested that they head up to the sauna before they get cold. I watched them walking up the path from behind and in that moment suddenly realised that a sexual fantasy that has been in my head for years could perhaps become a reality if everything fell into place.

My head started to spin a bit and I felt a stirring in my stomach, nerves, excitement.. will the others be keen? I had told Stace about my fantasy but will she be keen? Is this really possible or had I just had to many beers! I was still thinking overtime and had no idea what to do next when Craig came in with his towel wrapped around his waist. It was then that I knew Stace had chosen the towels for our guests based on size. Craig couldn’t get the towel wrapped and tucked around his waist and had to hold the top to keep it up. It was so tight against him you could see the very clear outline of his cock pushed hard against the material covering it. It was big! It might have been the shock my mind needed to get back on track, suddenly I had a clear plan and everything was falling into place.

I handed Craig a beer from the fridge and told him the girls had already headed up to the sauna and they’d probably need some more cold drinks and gave him the ice bucket. “I won’t be far away, just have to get this beef on the grill” Craig turned to head up the path when I called him back, it was now or never, it was a gamble and I was assuming so many things... I was so nervous I thought I would be sick, I was risking everything.. “ Stace has been extremely horny lately and loves the sauna” I blurted.. Craig gave me a sly little smile but didn’t say anything.. “anyway.. just wanted to let you know that if you guys are feeling nice and relaxed in there I don’t mind if you try touching Stace in front of me” it sounded cheesy and I almost regretted saying before I had even finished but Craig just smiled and said “ that’s fucking awesome mate, definitely keen.. let’s see what happens.. hopefully the girls will be horny by now.. let’s go” I told him to head up.. “see you soon”

Craig was gone, shit! I’d done it! I couldn’t believe I went through with it, my fantasy was happening in reality. My pulse rate was going through the roof and I could feel my cock stirring.. what next? How long should I wait until I head up there? I tried to calm down a bit and focus.. I used the time to concentrate on the bbq and add a few more coals. The oven was hot and I couldn’t wait to get the meat in.

I don’t know how much time had passed 5min or 15min, it was a blur but it felt like the right time so I stripped off, grabbed my towel and headed to the sauna. I was nearly there when I started to feel a little conscious, I stopped a few metres away from the sauna, and removed my towel.. I’m definitely a grower not a shower and after seeing Craig’s cock pushing against the towel earlier I was a little nervous about standing in front of the others, so I started to play with my cock a bit to at least make it look average. It certainly didn’t take more than a couple of strokes before my cock was looking ready and I quietly made my way to the door, I don’t know why I decided to sneak up so quietly, but I just had a feeling, like a sixth sense. As I approached the door I could see the light was on inside and there were familiar yet faint sounds coming from inside. The hair on the back of my neck stood up, my stomach tensed and my cock went hard. I slowly and silently peeked around through the door with the dark behind me outside and the light on inside the sauna no one could see me as a stared through the glass door.. slightly misty but still clear enough to see through the scene inside was proving difficult for my mind to process quickly, and the fact that all the blood in my body was flowing to my cock, not my brain didn’t make it any easier!

Craig was sitting on the bench, leaning back against the cedar wall of the sauna, Staces head was in his lap and I watched it slowly rise up and at the same time more and more of Craig’s thick hard cock appeared from her mouth.. Stace was sucking Craig’s cock, I couldn’t quite believe how much of it she could get in her mouth it must’ve pushed down into her throat. Craig’s cock was covered in Staces saliva and glisten in the sauna light, Staces arse was up in the air behind her and I could see Briar’s fingers working between her legs at a nice steady pace.. Briar leaned forward and I watched her lick around Staces swollen pussy lips, at the same time Briar’s ass moved around towards me and pushed up against the glass door spreading her ass checks and giving me a close up view of her wet pussy against the glass.. it felt like an electric shock going through my body.. I instinctively reached for my cock but it was too late, the sensation was overwhelming and my back arched at the same time my cock spurted cum wave after wave, my legs went weak and I nearly fell against the sauna as thick shots of my cum hit the door of the sauna and ran down the glass right where Briar’s ass was. Fuck.. cuming to quick is not unusual for me and I hoped I could recover quickly.

No one inside notice me or the splatter of cum on the door, in fact I was just wondering if they had even thought about where I was when Stace stopped sucking Craig’s cock and moved around on the bench to reposition herself... Craig was still sitting in the same position on the top bench facing the door and me, when Stace finished repositioning she ended up squatting over Craig, with limited height in the sauna Stace was just able to get over his rock hard cock, the tip of it was pushed up against her swollen looking pussy lips. Stace was also facing the door and I watched her hold the shaft of Craig’s cock, she couldn’t quite get her hand right around the thick veiny shaft as she slowly lowered herself down onto him. It spread her wide, I could see the concentration on her face as she forced herself down further and further onto his cock. I heard the moan and sigh of satisfaction from Stace as she finally managed to push down the last few centimetres and get Craig’s whole cock inside her and the lips of her pussy were pushed down hard against his balls. My cock seemed to be recovering quickly and started to grow hard again. Standing outside hidden in the darkness I could see Staces pussy stretched around the base of Craig’s cock. Stace has the most beautiful pussy, it looks and tastes delicious, lovely lips that open like a flower and swell when she’s aroused and a taste like warm nectar I love to lick her pussy after she has cum. Right now Stace was just sitting there lips spread wide and a look of lust and satisfaction on her face, it seemed as though she wasn’t sure what to do next, obviously he pussy felt wonderfully full and she didn’t want to take any cock out.. then before she could make up her mind Briar moved across the bench seat and moving her head down between Staces spread legs she pushed her tongue up against Staces clit and gently lick and sucked around it. I could see Staces body tense and her back arched as she closed her eyes and moaned, Stace is never really vocal when we have sex so it was amazing to her her start to moan and pant.. she even murmured quietly between breaths “oh fuck.. oh god that feels good... fuck”. Stace seemed to refuse to rise up off his cock and forced herself down as hard as she could while Briar licked away at her clit.. suddenly Stace let out a loud moan and I saw her legs shaking.. Briar took her tongue off Staces clit and leaned back watching as I was, you could see the trail of juice glistening as it ran down between her ass cheeks and onto Craig’s balls.

Everyone was still, waiting, watching, listening to Staces breathing. Stace looked like she was going to stay there stretched around his cock all night, when suddenly Craig slid his hands under and around Staces upper thighs and used his strength and powerful build to lift her whole body up, I watched in amazement as his hard cock slipped out of her pussy inch by inch until just the head of his cock was left between her swollen lips, then he paused and slowly lowered her down again until her pussy squashed against his balls. Up again, down again, faster and faster Staces moans where no longer quiet murmurs but loud, breathless groans coming from somewhere deep inside, something I have never heard from her before. The slapping sounds of sweating skin on skin filled in the gaps between Staces moans, the pace seemed relentless.. I watched mesmerised I’d abandoned any fears of being caught watching and pressed my face up against the glass door so I could see everything.. Staces pussy lips where a deep purple in colour and swollen and I swear I could see droplets of her juices splashing out from her pussy as she was thrust down faster and faster on his cock. I was wanking my own cock, which was harder than ever. After what seemed like an eternity and certainly way longer than I was able to fuck her, Staces head flopped back against Craig’s chest, her eyes rolled back and her body seemed to tense and shudder all over, her mouth was open yet it seemed she couldn’t make a sound..

There was a ringing in my ears and I thought maybe I was having an out of body experience, I was so focused on watching my beautiful wife cuming on the huge cock in front of me my senses didn’t pick up anything else happening, I didn’t see Stace lift her head up and smile at me, I don’t think I even noticed the sauna door opening and Briar leaning out and swallowing my cock up in her mouth in one easy movement. I was floating there in time a warm, tingling glow over my entire body... I watched until suddenly I heard a deep grunt through the fog in my head and watched as Craig’s ball lifted and tightened together.. Craig’s hips lifted up off the bench and I saw his body tense then fall back down onto the bench, quiet again except for the panting from Stace, I didn’t notice the slurping sounds coming from Briar as she forced my cock in and out of her mouth, transfixed I watched my favourite pussy continue its own involuntary contractions around the shaft of Craig’s cock, as it slowly softened the seal with Staces pussy was broken and I starred as the thick, sticky blend of cum oozed from within Stace and ran down the inside of Craig’s legs.

“Hey Babe, how long have you been there?” Staces voice suddenly snapped me out of my trance!.. “not long” I mumbled my throat was almost to dry to speak. I looked down at Briar who still had her mouth full of my cock she smiled up at me and I pulled my cock from her mouth and said “ right we better get back to the house, the meat will be ready by now”

Back in our bedroom alone, there was only one thing left to do and my Fantasy was complete, Stace looked so happy and content as she made her way across the bedroom to the shower you could see the traces of cum between her legs I grabbed her by the waist and moved her to the bed.. laying her on her back she tried to push me back up but didn’t have the strength left “wait” she said “I need a shower”.. “later” was all I could say as I lay on top of her and put my cock into her exhausted pussy.. it was better than I had imagined in any of my fantasies, Hot, wet and so slippery still warm and full of cum and loosened by a much bigger cock the feeling was sensational I thrust into her as hard as I could. I pushed my cock into her 10 or 12 times ( which is not unusual for me) before I blew my load and added more cum to the mix and looked into her eyes and Stace smiled back at me and thanked me for sharing my fantasies with her.

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