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All I ever wished for

"All I ever wished for"

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My husband (Alan)and I have been communicating with Jeff online. We had agreed to meet at his house for a no sex fun evening. My husband Alan and Jeff were like brothers. When he found out my name was Joy he said “Joy by name and Joy by nature.”

We all hit it off so decided to make a future date. We decided to go to dinner and then to a late night comedy show.

The night duly arrived and we all met at Jeff‘s house, taking his car. Dinner was very enjoyable and fun, Well with plenty of teasing going on from all sides. Although as much as we tried to relax there was an elemet of sexual tension. After dinner we all got in Jeff’s car and went to the comedy show. The theatre wasn’t full so we had the row to ourselves. We were seated about halfway up to the far right of the theatre. My husband was on the left, I was in the middle and Jeff was to my right. The show made us all laugh but my mind kept on wondering to what was going to come next. About halfway through the show I had noticed my pussy had become very wet. I wondered if the two guys were just as horny. It was quite dark except for the lite up stage so I reached over and brushed my hands against Alan’s jeans. Through it I could feel his cock was fighting to get out. So I knew where his mind had gone. I was curious to see if Jeff was in the same state. So with the other hand I brushed against his jeans and sure enough he was as hard as my husband. After the show we all climbed into Jeff‘s car and headed back to his house. I did notice his driving was definitely not as sedate as it had been earlier, he definitely wasn’t wasting any time to get home.

On our arrival at Jeff’s house we all had a drink to keep the festive mode going. I wondered how we were going to transition from having a drink too fucking. I needn’t of worried because Jeff had taken care of all of that. he said now we are going to have a little bit of fun. He stood up and left the room. leaving myself and Alan sitting on the couch together. When he returned he had several white bags in his hands. He placed all of the bags on a coffee table in front of me and sat down next to me on the opposite side to Alan. He said “ there is lingerie in each of those bags. You get to pick one and go and put it on and when you come back you have to give Alan and I are little fashion show. I did as instructed. And looking in the Mirror seeing myself in lingerie I felt very sexy. When I returned the look of approval was all over both of their faces. it wasn’t long before I was on my knees in front of the couch sucking them both off. We all exited to the bedroom where we could continue having fun and being more comfortable. I was like the queen and they were my two little sex slaves. I made them do everything I had fantasised about and a few others I had always wanted to try. At one stage I wanted them to be the Doms and me to be submissive and do anything they wanted to me. I knew that really I’m in control because at any stage I can say no.

At the end of the night I said to Alan why don’t you go home and pick me up in the morning. he agreed. That left only Jeff and I in the house. We fucked for hours and in the morning Alan returned while we were having breakfast. I said to Alan I bet you went home and masturbated while thinking about what I was doing at that very moment. He asked how did you know ?

I replied, simple because that’s what I would have done.

I turned to Jeff and said you will need to wash that lingerie. He replied oh no, it’s yours. There is still another six parcels so I am hoping you are going to add to your lingerie collection. Alan and I are going mountain biking across the road in the forest this afternoon. You can join us if you like. Of course part of it well incorporated a race. When did you two arrange that ? I asked.

While you were putting on lingerie Jeff replied.

We are racing for sexual favours Jeff told me.

I said but what if Alan wins and you come third ?

Well we can’t have two guys so I guess you draw the short straw and have to be my substitute. He said.

But I’m not the loser I stated.

Yes.but you’re not the winner either he stated and I think you’ll be well rewarded and I can’t see you complaining when it’s time to pay up.

That’s not fear I said.

Looks like we are at a stalemate. There is three of us so why don’t we leave it to Alan to have a casting vote.

It was no surprise to find Alan was supporting Jeff.

Of course if you can convince one of your girlfriends to join us and she is okay with the rules, she can stand in for you……..Are you okay with that Alan ? he asked.

Alan’s response was instant.

We left and agreed to return for a mountain bike ride after lunch. I didn’t bring a girlfriend because I wanted all the fun for myself.

The End

Written by Minneme

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