First Time

My wife is gorgeous and incredibly sexy and we had talked for a long time about adding some spice to our sex life. We had been online and she had been on cam several times and played with herself in front of some men.

One day she had decided to work from home while I was away with work. I had been thinking of her all day and how I loved her body and all I could think about was having her suck on my cock. I decided to come home early and surprise her.

I arrived home and her car was there, I walked in and she was no where to be found. I walked up stairs and could hear voices from our bedroom. I walked in and from the door could see that my wife was completely naked lying on the bed and was playing with her self in front of the camera.

I loved this and it really turned me on how she could arouse other men and how excited she got. She was rubbing her pussy which was shaved and she had even covered her amazing tits in baby oil, I could see she would stop every now and then to type something or give some instructions to whoever was on the other end of the camera.

I was so turned on see this, that I walked in. She was taken back but was so tuned on that she just kept on going. I took my clothes off and stood at the end of the bed and began stroking my now hard cock.

She could see how this turned me on and turned the computer slightly so I could see she was performing in front of two guys whose had their cocks in their hands and were stroking them furiously.

My wife was now losing control and I said to keep going. She would type something and then lie back and say this is exactly what I want, I want to have cocks in my hand and all around me.

She stopped quickly and said one of them has told me they live not far away......what do you think? I was so horny and hard seeing my wife like this I said go for it, tell him come over.

She did and details were quickly passed as my wife turned to me and began to suck my now throbbing cock. The laptop was tossed aside as we continued in ecstasy.

After a while I went for a shower and my wife went to the spa. About 30 mins later we had a knock at the door.

I opened it and standing there was the guy from the camera. He was very apologetic and said he wasn't sure if we had meant it but was so aroused that he thought he'd try his luck.

I wasn't sure what to do but decided to see how this went. I walked out to the spa and my wife was naked and relaxing with her head back...I said we have a visitor and you might know them. She was a bit puzzled as I said stay there and they will come out.

I invited the guy around and he saw my wife and her amazing tits floating just above the water. He was certainly taken back and my wife looked at me as if to say are you sure.

I thought why not as we had talked about his for a long time and I was keen to see how far my wife went. She made some small talk around introductions and both myself and the other guy took our clothes off and got into the spa.

My wife immediately reached over and took hold of his cock and began stroking it, he moved and sat on the edge and she moved over and and took all of his cock in her mouth in one go.

I moved over and began to lick her shaven pussy, she began to moan as she was taking his cock in her mouth and had my tongue in her pussy. I began rubbing her clit and moved to slide my cock into her now aching pussy.

I began pumping and pushing her harder onto his cock. She took his cock out and began stroking it harder, she turned to me as if to see if it was ok to go further and at that turned around and moved to the side of the spa and got out and walked inside.

We both followed and as we got inside she was kneeling on the carpet with her amazing arse raised and was reaching between her legs fingering herself.

Things continued from there.........let me know if we can complete the story in part two.