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It started with fog.

I was on my way to a work conference. Ahead of me lay three days of blissful freedom, interrupted only by seven hours a day of presentations and seminars. And free lunch - I was looking forward to the free lunch.

I had checked into my flight and was wandering around the airport, killing time until boarding. I was flicking through a car magazine in the bookshop when an announcement came over the speakers. With the general din of the airport around me I missed the start and could only just make out the end.

“... have been cancelled due to fog. Passengers should enquire at the check-in counters to make alternative arrangements.”

Fog. There had been weather warnings in place over the south of the country and sure enough when I looked at the Departures board my flight was one of the ones that had been cancelled.

A stream of people was already heading towards the check-in desks and I hurried to join it. Waiting in the queue I had time to mull over my options. I knew there was one later flight to my destination, but when I double checked the board I saw that it had also been cancelled, and although there were flights that would get me south I would be left with a drive of at least two hours to get me where I needed to go and no guarantee of any available rental cars.

When I finally got to the front of the queue I was told I had two choices - I could either book a flight for tomorrow morning or…. not.

I left the queue the proud owner of a seat on the 7:30 flight the next morning. I’d arrive mid-morning and only miss a couple of sessions.I decided it was time to go home and headed towards the taxis, hoping they hadn’t all been taken.

I was in luck and once we were on our way I called my hotel to tell them I wouldn’t be checking in until the next day. No refund, but I was past caring. I texted my wife Mandy to tell her I’d be back soon and sat back for the rest of the ride.

I was dark by the time I arrived home. I paid the taxi driver and dragged my suitcase up the path to the front door. The lights were on in the lounge but it was empty. I was about to call out when I heard noises coming from the bedroom. I gently put my bags down and crept towards the far end of the house. As I walked through the kitchen I saw Mandy’s phone. There was an unread message, presumably mine. I carried on towards the bedroom. The noises got louder. I heard a male voice.

The lights were on in the roo. I looked through the door and the world stopped. Mandy was kneeling on the bed naked, bent over and facing the other way. Her bare ass was pointing at me, and one hand she was between her legs, rubbing her pussy. In front of her was a man, also naked. He was on all fours, and although his ass was also in the air my view of it was blocked by Mandy’s head. Her face was between his butt cheeks and she was rimming him. I stood frozen.

“Fuck yeah - eat my ass! Get that tongue deep!” said the man as he started wanking his dangling cock.

My wife moaned in pleasure as she continued to play with herself. I could hear slurping sounds as she worked her tongue into the guy’s anus. He let out a long, deep groan.

“Oh yeeaaahhh! That’s the way!”

After a minute of this he pulled his ass away. She flipped onto her back and, still on all fours, he re-positioned himself so that his cock was over her head. Still holding the shaft, he started rubbing the tip of his cock all over my wife’s face. She opened her mouth and he plunged in. He released his grip and slowly lowered his hips onto her face until I could hardly see any of his cock, and then he started bobbing his hips up and down. He was fucking my wife’s throat.And she was enjoying it. Her hand was still on her pussy, stroking her swollen clit. With her other hand she was playing with her breast, pinching the stiff nipple. Her breathing got faster and a rhythmical gagging sound came from her throat as she allowed her mouth to be used as a fuck hole. Her body started trembling as she started rubbing her clit faster and faster and despite the cock rammed down her throat she started moaning and grunting and suddenly her whole body stiffened and convulsed in what looked to be a powerful orgasm.

At the sight of my wife climaxing with another guy’s cock in her mouth I came out of my trance and let out a whimper. Their heads snapped my way.

“Oh shit” the guy said. My wife couldn’t say anything, as her mouth was still full of cock.

I turned and practically ran down the hallway. I grabbed my keys and went to the garage. As I got in my car my wife came out wearing only a blouse. I could see her erect nipples poking through the fabric.

“Please, honey - I’m sorry! I can explain!”

I ignored her as I backed out of the garage. I turned down the driveway and drove away. My phone rang - it was Mandy. I turned my phone off.

As a headed down the road I realized three things. First of all, I was in tears, sobbing. Secondly had no idea where I was going. And thirdly I had an intense erection.

For the next little while I just kept driving. Eventually I managed to calm myself down and stop crying. Instead of shock and sadness I started to feel angry. What the fuck was she doing, rimming some guy on our bed? Questions started popping into my head. Who was he? How many times had they fucked? I gasped - were there others? With each new question I was getting more and more worked up. But weirdly my erection remained. I looked at the dashboard and saw that I was speeding and so decided to pull over before I had an accident. As I turned the engine off my mind was filled with the image of his cock being thrust down her throat and I felt tears well up in my eyes again. I closed my eyes and the mental image changed. Now there was another guy standing next to the bed and she was wanking his cock while she continued to suck the first guy’s cock. Then another change and yet another man was there, crouched between her legs rubbing the tip of his swollen cock against her pussy lips as he prepared to fuck her. I opened my eyes and the image vanished. I looked down and realized I was stroking my cock through my pants.

I thought about my wife. We had been married for just over four years but the last year or so had been stressful. We had both been busy at work and only really saw each other on weekends and even then work would sometimes get in the way. I had been made redundant a couple of years ago but had been lucky enough to get a job with a new firm. But it was a small company and so we all had to take on extra responsibilities as the firm grew - I was learning new things as I went along which was mentally tiring. Mandy was good at her job but didn’t like the culture of the workplace since a new manager turned up a few months ago. She was thinking about finding another job but there weren’t many good options in her area at the moment.

I had to admit that out sex life had suffered a bit. She had always had a pretty high sex drive - she was a very popular woman when she was single and was still seeing someone when we started dating. As our relationship matured I had my work cut out to keep her happy but it was worth the effort. But lately my energies had been directed elsewhere and I guess her’s had as well.

I looked at the clock in the car and saw how late if was. I didn’t feel like burdening any of my friends with this and so I started the car and headed home.

The lights were still on and Mandy was in the lounge watching TV when I walked in. She stood up.

“Honey, I’m so sorry.”

I thought I knew what I was going to say but nothing came out of my mouth and so I went to the kitchen. I remembered I hadn’t eaten dinner and so started rifling through the fridge.

Mandy came in. I closed the fridge and turned to her.

“Did you finish him off?”

“What?” she asked.

“He looked really hard. Did you finish him off?”

She wasn’t expecting that question. Her eyes looked down. “Yes.”


She paused. “I gave him a blowjob.”

“Tell me about it.”

She paused again. “After you left he wanted to go back to the bedroom. He wanted to fuck me but I wasn’t in the mood any more. I said I’d suck him off and he said ok.”

“Describe it.”

Another pause. “He lay back on the bed and I knelt next to him. He started playing with himself and I bent over and started licking the head. Then he took his hand away and I took more and more of it into my mouth. I started to stroke the shaft while I sucked him. He started fondling my tits and then he reached between my legs and started rubbing my pussy.”

She had turned away as she spoke and half-closed her eyes, so she didn’t see how her story had gotten me hard again. She went on.

“ I could tell he was getting close, but so was I. He stuck a finger in my pussy and started to fuck me with it as his palm kept rubbing against my clit. I tried to stop but couldn’t help it - I came over his hand, just before he blew his load.”

“Did you swallow?”

She nodded.

“Do you always swallow?”

“I do with him -”

She realized what she had just said and stopped.

Now it was my turn to pause. “You always swallow with him? So there’s someone else that you don’t swallow for?”

She nodded.

“How many?”

“Just one for now. He likes to cum on my face and watch it drip onto my tits.”

As that image settled into my mind I had to sit down so I went back to the lounge. Mandy sat in the sofa opposite me. Then I thought about what she had said.

“What do you mean, ‘just one for now’? How many have there been?”

It looked as if she was counting in her head and I was worried how long she was taking.

“Three other guys in the last couple of years” she eventually said.

“I see. And did you just suck their cocks or did you fuck them too?”

She didn’t answer so I went on. “Did you use condoms?”

“Most of the time.”

“MOST of the time??”

“I only let them fuck me without a condom if they’d been tested.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing - or seeing. As she told me about all the guys she had fucked she started squirming on the sofa. I couldn’t tell if it was because she was getting embarrassed or turned on. I was afraid to ask my next question.

“Do you still love me?

“Of course I do! It’s just that we’ve been so busy and you’ve been caught up so much with your work and I just….. have needs.”

I took a few deep breaths and collected my thoughts. “So you... ‘have needs’ and so you’ve fucked five other people.”

“Five guys, yes……”

I stared at her. “And?”

“And two girls.”

I felt faint. As if it weren’t enough to learn that my wife had been sleeping around with other guys, it turns out she’s been sleeping with other women too! I wanted to jump up off the couch and storm away, but I was so turned on I was afraid that if I moved the friction of my underpants on my cock would make me blow my load.

“Hang on,” I said. “You’re nearly as busy as I am - where the hell are you meeting all these people?”

She thought about it a little and then got up to get her laptop. She sat at the dining table and switched it on. “Please don’t hate me” she said as she typed a web address and a dating site came up. She logged on as “sohot4you” and a page of pictures came up. Unlike a typical dating sites there weren’t too many photos of faces. But there were a lot of dicks. A whole lot of dicks. When I looked closer I noticed a few photos of breasts and other body parts too. And the occasional face.

“So this is a hook-up site?” I asked. She nodded.

“So where are you?”

She clicked on an icon and a photo of her lovely bare tits came up. You could see the bottom of her face. She was biting her lower lip and pinching her right nipple. Below it was a brief profile, where she described herself as married but looking for NSA fun. She said she was bi-curious which didn’t actually surprise me. She had told me a couple of encounters she had had at university but on the rare occasions when I asked her about it she always said it wasn’t her thing.

“So who was the guy tonight?”

Hesitantly she clicked into her mailbox and opened a link. A photo appeared with the swollen head of a thick cock pointing at the camera, a hand squeezing the shaft. So that’s what had unloaded down my wife’s throat tonight, I thought. I had to admit it was an impressive specimen and admired the fact that she could get her mouth around it. I imagined the streams of saliva dripping down the shaft as she throated that monster and the thick creamy load that must have erupted from the tip, forcing its way into her belly.

I took the mouse and opened his images folder and was greeted with a dozen more photos of his smooth stiff cock. In one photo his cock was in a woman’s mouth. You could only see the bottom half of her face but I recognized her immediately - it was Mandy. There was a photo of my wife sucking his cock on his profile, for the world to see.

I was filled with wild conflicting emotions. On the one hand I was furious about the betrayal, about the way she gave herself to these men without any thought for my feelings or our marriage. On the other hand - she looked so gorgeous and slutty, and the thought of her slobbering over all those cocks filled me with a sense of primal lust. In fact the more I thought of her taking load after load of cum the hornier I got.

I turned away from the screen and looked her in the eye. I then looked down her top and imagined a torrent of cum cascading down her chin onto her tit and I couldn’t hold back any more. I leaned forwards and kissed her. I took her head in my hands and pushed my tongue into her mouth. Although hours had passed I imagined that I could taste her lover’s spunk in her mouth and found that that turned me on even more.

Breaking off our kiss I led her to the couch and pulled her clothes off. She lay down and I ran my hands over her smooth naked form and licked and caressed her breasts, hoping to find a stray smear of his cum on her. I stood up and undressed, my cock painfully swollen.

“So you like sucking cock do you?”


“Do you like being fucked in the throat?”

She nodded.

I knelt over her head and lowered my cock to her lips. She opened her mouth and with long sweeping strokes started licking the shaft before engulfing it in her mouth. I pushed in deeper until my balls rested on her forehead. I bent forwards until my face was between her legs. Her fingers spread her pussy lips apart and I put my mouth on her and started sucking her stiff little clit. We started pushing our crotches into each other’s face. Pussy juice oozed into my mouth and I thought of the loads of raw cum that she had taken. Her body started to shake under me and she took my cock out of her mouth and started to jerk me off while she licked the underside.

“Oh baby - I’m so close! It feels so good” she panted. I increased the pressure of my tongue on her clit and felt her body tense up.

“Oh yes! Yes! Ohhhhh!” she moaned as her orgasm took over. Her grip on my cock tightened and that was enough to push me over the edge. I groaned my cock spasmed and spurt after spurt of cum shot out.

As the waves of pleasure subsided and my body relaxed I looked down. A puddle of cum had formed between her breasts and there was a trail leading to her chin. She scooped some up with her fingers and licked them clean. I turned around and lay next to her. We kissed.

“I’m so sorry” she said. “I didn’t mean to hurt you but once I started thinking about it I couldn’t stop and once I actually did it, well…”

I stared at the ceiling. “I want to be angry with you. I was angry with you, but to be honest I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on as that moment when I saw you eating his ass. And I can’t stop thinking about you taking all those cocks”. I felt an unexpected twitch in my cock. “Can you show me the other guys?”

She got off the couch and went to get the laptop. For the rest of the evening she showed me photos of all the cocks she’d sucked and fucked. She also showed me the pussies she’d eaten. By the end of it my anger had gone, replaced by lust and desire. We fucked again and just before I came inside her I asked if one day I could be there when she fucked one of her lovers.

She said yes.

A little after seven the next morning I was yawning as I stood in line waiting to board my plane. Before I left we agreed that nothing would happen while I was away, but that she would arrange something for the following weekend.

I had learned a lot about my wife and I had learned a little about myself too. I wondered what lay ahead.

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