After one too many drinks at bars along Courtenay Place, Jean took me aside when our colleagues were busy with their own drunken bullshit. She took me by the hand, turned and looked at me and smiled with a tipsy tilt, and then very seriously asked me to follow her to a quieter corner where we could talk.

With all the noise, even knee to knee in a corner we couldn’t hear each other. So she hiked up her skirt and pushed in even closer to me, our legs interlocking, our thighs in each other’s crotch, she leaned into me. I’ll never forget the feeling of her pussy, hot, pushed up against my leg or her hot breath against my ear. I could swear she was grinding on me.

“That first morning at work in the shower” she said. “I was nervous about my first day and had given myself some release with a great orgasm. I was sure you’d heard me. But you never said anything. Did you know?” she asked, slurring a bit.

I was gobsmacked. As much as I’d been fantasising about what she might do to herself in the shower, I’d never guessed it was happening, and certainly not that first day.

She looked at me and I’m guessing the look on my face said it all, because she grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me hard, her tongue desperately probing my mouth, and then biting hard on my bottom lip enough to draw blood. She broke the kiss to go back to my ear with her mouth, while her hands went to my lap. “I make myself come most mornings in that shower” she said, while stroking my growing cock through my pants.

She looked at me with a wicked smile before lowering her gaze, “And on Monday maybe you can help me with my morning routine”.

We spent the next 5 minutes in the dark corner rubbing against each other. At one point Jean was tracing the outline of my cock head with her nails outside my pants while sucking on my ear lobe. I was feeling her left tit and squeezing her nipple while she ground her pussy on my leg. I had my right hand up her skirt tracing the lines of her pussy lips through the sheer material in the same timing as she was moving her nail up and down the outline of my cock. A few times I slipped a finger into her very wet pussy under the edges of her knickers . It was teasingly painful, delightful ecstasy.

This was all ruined when a colleague, Melanie, who had become mates with Jean, joined us totally oblivious to what was going on. She was pissed, and flopped down to sit on Jean's lap only seconds before I could remove my fingers from between Jean's legs. Melanie was lost in her own drama, unaware of what we were up to. I wasn’t interested in what Melanie was saying - something about a relationship breakup and that 'men are such dicks' ... Anyway, Jean managed to engage with Melanie while at the same time taking my hand and guiding my fingers to my mouth. I loved the taste of Jean's sex and couldn’t wait to taste more.

Unfortunately Melanie ended up taking Jean away into her wormhole drama, so it finished for me that night with the taste of Jean's pussy from my fingers, but looking forward to Monday like I’ve never looked forward to the start of the week before!