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31 Mar 2020

A maids Day 3

Another sleepless night for Velvet


4 minute read

Previous story in series A Maids Day 2

Another sleepless night for Velvet. Thoughts of what the next morning would bring, were running wild in her head. The long shower she had before bed didn’t relieve the warm, most, pulsing sensation in her groin. The alarm goes off, it is 5am. Velvet wakes with a start and a smile on her face. Although she only slept a few hours, she is not tired but excited. Velvet is looking through her best lingerie, she wants to surprise Tony. Who knows, she might not see him again. This thought made her stop: is she in love with a stranger that has paid her for sex? No, surely she is just enjoying the risky fun. Removing the first thought out of her head and the robe off her shoulders, she tries on a few sexy combinations. A quick cup of tea after getting ready for work and she is off, heart pounding in her chest. The kitchen at the Lodge smells delicious as always. Her trays are lined up: batch 1 and 18. After the first delivery, Velvet needs to stop by the fountain, midway across the path. She is nervous, almost scared. Is she ready for what Tony will deal to her today? What if he doesn’t want to play? All in all it was fun so Velvet decides to shake the fear and go ahead with wherever this game is taking her. Velvet knocks at the door; she hears the usual distant invite to enter and makes her way in the dark lounge towards the dim lit bedroom. Tony is tucked in bed, he seems to be asleep. From under the blankets, on the side of the bed, she sees Tony’s hand beaconing her closer. Velvet places the tray on the bedside table and She feels Tony’s hand on her thigh. She freezes for a second, she doesn’t know what do. Tony removes the blankets off him to show his morning glory. Like the first day, Velvet is transfixed on the hard member. Her groin aches from how much she is wanting to be fucked. Her nipple are hard and showing under her dress. Maybe the choice of bra with nipple holes wasn’t the best, and the crotchless undies are letting her juice drip down her legs. Tony has a new deal “ Good morning gorgeous, I have $1000 left from my winnings; how about you let me fuck you and take you out for dinner tonight?” Velvet has a giggle at the surprising dinner invitation. She nods in acceptance. Tony stands up, looks Velvet in the eyes and reaches behind her. He unties the apron and starts unbuttoning her dress, slowly, his mouth only millimeters from hers. Velvet is breathing fast, she wants him to take her. Tony kneels down to unbutton the dress by Velvet’s knees, he smiles at her lingerie and starts kissing her inner thighs. Velvet’s pussy is throbbing through the opening in her undies, her nipples standing hard through the holes in the bra. Tony reaches for her nipples and teases them gently, his lips caressing her pussy. Velvet is ready to come. Tony stands up and throws Velvet on the bed, sits lightly on her and grabs her tits with firm hands. He is squeezing and rotating them, making them want to be sucked. Velvet moans with pleasure. Tony sucks at the nipples and pulls at them, making Velvet let out a squeal. Now he is placing himself by her mouth, lifts his cock up and makes Velvet suck his balls. They are full of cum waiting to be released. Tony lifts Velvet’s head up and pushes his hard shaft into her mouth. He fucks her mouth slowly but deeply, one hand on his cock and one teasing her tits. With a swift move he sits beside Velvet while lifting her on his lap. She is in control now. She pushes her tits on his mouth and moves her pussy just above his cock. She wants him to feel how wet she is, she wants him to desire her like he had never desire anyone else before. Velvet cannot wait any longer and she lets the hard cock penetrate her. She moves up and down, fast and deep, her tits bouncing. She feels Tony’s strong hand on her hips and with a moan and a squeal she orgasms. Tony is not done, he wants to fuck her the way he likes best, the way he is in control, the way he is the master. He is on top of her, his hands on her tits, her legs spread wide and his pelvis thrusting against hers. Now he brings her legs up and holding her ankles he fucks her wet pussy hard. Tony turns Velvet over and lifts her hips up so she is on her knees. Holding her hips, he fucks her fast. Velvet is coming again, her pussy and arse in a simultaneous spasm. Tony slides his hard cock in her one more time and with a groan he comes deep inside her. The game is not over yet. Dinner is at 7:30. Velvet is ready We would really love feedback on our stories so please leave a comment or send us a message. Let us know what you like or dislike about them. Feel free to suggest ideas for stories.

Tags: employee, fuck, stranger

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