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Make my dreams come true

"A fantasy that shall one day become a reality"

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Driving to the motel my minds racing at all the possibilities, I’m excited and hungry for all the cocks I’ll be pleasing. They don’t have a clue what I look like but I’m not worried about that I know that regardless of their physical expectations my mouth has never let me down! 

I arrive and as I get out of my car I wonder if anyone has arrived early and is watching me from their car... The thought of that gives me a sudden warm feeling between my legs and I know I need to get into that motel room before my wetness starts dripping down my legs. 

Closing the door behind me everything starts to feel surreal.  I’m finally getting the gang bang I’ve only fantasied about. I’ve chosen a trusted partner to arrive first to ensure all of them behave and all the rules are followed! 

He arrives and gives me a kiss at the door as his hands grab my ass cheeks he whispers in my ear “Have fun, you deserve it.” 

The reality sinks in and I’m trembling from excitement, he walks towards the bed and orders me to bend over and as I do he lifts my skirt and sees I have no panties on... a smack on the ass with “You are such a naughty woman“ gets me even more wet and horny. I can’t help myself so I turn around and tell him I need his cum in my mouth NOW and yank down his pants and wrap my lips around his throbbing cock.  It doesn’t take long before I feel a warm sensation fill my mouth and looking up at him I swallow all of it.

No sooner have I wiped the smile off my face is there a knock at the door. He goes and opens it and I walk towards the door smiling at the men as they walk in, one at a time I get a hug and kiss, one guy cheekily grabs my ass and I instantly know he’s going to be heaps of fun. They all smell so good and are all so well dressed. These men have put in a lot of effort to impress me and I’m definitely going to make it worth their while. The room smells amazing with a mixture of testosterone and men’s deodorant/cologne. I’m intoxicated by the smell and the hotness of everyone. My mind starts racing and I want them all and I want them now!!! My trusted one can see the look on my greedy face and he smiles at me his eyes glowing with excitement. 

"Right let’s get this party started!!" I announce confidently.  Onto the bed I get and they all walk towards me, hands all on me,  I feel my top being taken off then my bra, my skirt is last. I have a man kneeling next to me feeding me his throbbing cock, while cheeky man goes straight for my dripping wet pussy! His tongue feels amazing inside me and I feel a hand take mine and place it onto a spare cock...I’m chocking on the cock in my mouth and I can feel the precum on the cock I’m stroking. Cheeky mans fingers slide into me and he gently starts sucking on my clit and I feel an orgasm rising, the cock in my mouth explodes and I get a huge load of cum to swallow he pulls out and my trusted mans cock goes in, he’s rougher than the last cock because he knows what I like and he slides straight into my throat. The feeling is overwhelming and I cum hard, I can feel my pussy juices all over my legs again. Cheeky man walks across the room to grab a drink and while I’m still being throat fucked and stroking that cock I feel a cock slide into me. He thrusts deep and fast leaving me breathless. I feel warmth going down my throat and know that my trusted man has cum... he gets off the bed and I look to my other side to suck the cock I’ve been stroking, no sooner have I got him in my mouth he blows and as he does he pushes it deep into my mouth. Cheeky man is watching all this with a grin on his face.. I’m wondering what he’s thinking....... the cock fucking me let’s out a groan and gives one last thrust and cums. I let out a little laugh while saying “I suggest someone gets on this bed so I can fuck you” and all 3 men make their way towards the bed leaving the guy who just came to take a little break.   I tell cheeky man to get on the bed and I climb on top of him rubbing my pussy on his cock he’s throbbing and I let his head glide over my clit a few times.  Leaning forward I kiss him and as his tongue enters my mouth, I push my pussy into his cock and feel every inch of him sliding into me, I want to savour this moment but he has other plans...He grabs me and holds me close and starts thrusting upwards really fast and I let out a huge “I’m cumming“ and I cum so hard my body is shaking...He laughs and says ”Let the fun begin.“ 

Guiding me off him he tells me to get on my knees and no sooner than I  have, he slides his cock into my mouth and I feel one go into my pussy, my trusted man goes under me and his tongue starts licking my clit while I’m being fucked. I’m in heaven and I’m loving it, another head goes under me taking my nipples into his mouth...The cock in me cums and as he pulls out another goes in and the transition makes my pussy tighten, I feel a wetness on my legs and realise I’m squirting.  Knowing this makes me cum, but I can’t announce it because cheeky man is holding my head and he won’t let me speak he just keeps going until I feel that familiar warm gush. The cock in me cums and pulls out and my trusted man tells me to lay on my side and glides into me while the other three are hovering over me letting me suck them hard again. Once hard my trusted man pulls out and tells me to lay back and between sucking and being fucked for hours all the men have had a few orgasms.  I’m still horny but don’t want to kill these men from too much sex so I gracefully say goodbye to the 3. 

 I sense  cheeky man isn’t ready to leave and I’m not ready to say goodbye either, so as the other two walk out I close the door and drop to my knees.  I need to taste him one more time.  It doesn’t take him long to get hard and I tell him to fuck my throat like his life depends on it!  

Thankfully he’s a man that can take orders and he does what he’s told...I’m choking and I can’t breath I risk passing out but I don’t care...I’ll die happy.   My trusted one can see I’m walking a fine line and he knows what to do.  I feel his fingers slide into me and he fingers me so hard I start squirting everywhere.  I’m going to cum and being the announcer that I am he knows I’ll need my voice.  I pull my head back and shout "I’m cumming!!" which triggers an orgasm for cheeky man and my face takes a massive load, it’s warm and I love it !!! He pulls up his pants and thanks me for a good time and leaves. 

I’m left standing with cum dripping off my face.  I’m about to go wash it off when my trusted one says "Not so fast! Bend over the bed now!" 

With my legs closed, bent over, he rubs the head of his cock over my slit and just pushes himself into me and fucks me so hard I can’t talk, I can’t think all I can do is cum. I’m left trembling from the most powerful orgasm of the day! I stand up and he holds me tight and just keeps holding me. He whispers “You did good” and I can’t stop smiling. I’m in ecstasy. 

Written by Deepthroati2

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