Written by Lena


There had always been a lot of sexual innuendo when ever we met socially as couples with our good friends Sally and Dan, plus with them I had never hid behind the fact that I was I was bi and they certainly new I was confident, especially after one too many wines. We were two good looking couples if I can say so myself and jointly had mutual desires that were only obvious to us. When we had our first swinging experience at our home it was not unexpected but was also totally unplanned which can be the nicest way. It was a full swap more than 2 couples totally entwined, she was straight but happy to experiment and when I asked if she would mind if I licked her pussy there was full acceptance.

However my story here is not about this time but the next when we had planned a specific get together knowing that we were going to take our swinging a little further. I have been bi from a very young age and even though married it has been part of my life that I have been open about both with my husband and the closest of friends. In our wardrobe at home I have my special large hand bag, in this I keep my dildos, a strap on and a double ended dildo and the odd additional toy, this goes with me every time the situation may require it.

All four of us were quite excited with anticipation of what might unfold but it was our two guys that had planned the eveing, as they do. On the particular evening we met at Sally & Dan's home for dinner. Their children were at grandparents as were ours. I took with me my special bag, the only thing was my double dildo did't quite fit in so part of it was protruding out the top of the bag. This provided immediate amusement when we arrived and helped set the scene. We had finished dinner and Sally and I were in the kitchen alone. I was aware that she just may be a little nervous about her and I together so just wanted to know that she was comfortable. When I asked she told me it was what excited her the most about this evening especially as they day drew closer. Dan and my man had set up in their lounge area a sex board game of theirs with the usual truth or dare playing cards. It isn't always easy going straight in to a swinging situation without something to get the mood going and this certainly did it. The first part of the game was naturally where the clothes came off, but next was my dare to go down on the person closest to my right. This happened to be Sally. We both stood up naked except she still had her underwear on but was topless. I backed her up against the wall and firstly started to kiss which she reciprocated with obvious passion. I then slowly kissed down her body to the point where I was kneeling in front of her taking her nickers down with me at the same time. My husband had never seen me with a women and naturally Dan hadn't of Sally either, so this was as much a turn on for the girls as it was for the guys. I was soon lapping at Sally's pussy and she just loved it, with her own fingers she pulled her lips apart which was a beautiful sight, with my two fingers rubbing inside her I found just the right spot and before long she had a lovely orgasm, soaking my face. She then knelt directly in front of me kissing her juices from my face and fingers. You can only imagine how turned on we had all become, the coffee table was cleared with one sweep of Dan's arm for me to lay on it for my turn. Sally still kneeling soon had her head buried between my legs with both guys either side of my head with their very swollen dicks ready for me to suck them both which I did until the came simultaneously. I have larger boobs so when I held them they knew that was where i wanted their cum, for now anyway.

As usual for guys after they had cum a little time to recover was needed. However as yet I hadn't had an orgasm and desperately needed one. I got my strap on from my bag and gave it to Sally to put on. As the guys lay back on the large couch Sally sat in the chair opposite, I climbed on her riding the strap-on, my open legs directly facing the guys. Even though I am bi I have never been afraid to take sex to the next level, I had prepared myself early in the evening before leaving home so when I took the strap on dildo out from within my pussy and let it slide in to my bum hole I new I could do it with confidence. Anal sex with my man was always a part of our fun so when he saw what I was doing he wasn't surprised but for Dan it was a huge turn on. So much so that he stiffened quickly, with my legs open and pussy very exposed he came over to us and entered me, this was my first DP, I was wide open and very very wet and came quickly. By this time my man was standing next to us letting Sally give him a BJ from which had returned him to full hardness again.

As the night progressed the guys had both cum twice and were showing signs of sexual exhaustion. This became the time for Sally and I to be alone pleasuring each other.Dan had sneaked off and got his cell phone and started to take photos of his wife Sally and I. Normally I would have suggested he shouldn't but instead Sally and I became like a couple of porn stars posing in all sorts of ways, putting fingers in each other while kissing, spreading our pussies. I put the strap on and entered her, it was so very sexy and we did look good together, the only thing that didn't get used this time was the double dildo. The photo's we have as lasting memory and very private to both couples. We have continued swinging together as well as Sally now a converted bi-sexual and getting together ourselves, but that can be another story to tell.