We go to the party and we’re given an envelope with instructions that the male has to chose from a list of sexual scenarios that will then be played out for other couples to watch. And you chose.....

to take me to the studio with a huge bed. You’re being forceful and rough because you’re turned on by what you chose - you refuse to tell me. I’m trying to move away but you grab my nipple and slowly squeeze & my pussy reacts aching for cock. People are coming in, I’m not in the mood and go to leave but you push me back on the bed forcing my legs apart, quickly moving to finger tease me. I’m so fuckin horny now & I greedily start to fuck your fingers, I don’t notice when a group of woman come over a discreetly slip me into restraints, you call a lady over and tell her what you want her to do with my nipples, you continue slipping and twisting fingers in me and I’m trying not to come. I close my eyes, I feel my arms being held down and open my eyes to find your fingers being replaced by a woman and a vibrator. I try to get away but she starts to fuck me really deep and slow, can’t seem to stop myself from trying to fuck the dildo . You sit back and enjoy watching several women take turns playing with me, dildo fucking me. I lay there with a dildo full pussy watching the other couples looking in on the action. For the next 10 minutes I’m fucked by several different woman as you and their partners look on. You can’t stand not being involved so you join in alternating between fucking me with another woman and when you can’t take it anymore you give me a public cock pounding and my pussy somehow takes the hammering.

....... And then we go back to our room , Im wet swollen and feeling freaky kinky.........we play, fingers twisting deeper into me, getting greedy I’m wanting more, I ease my swollen pussy slowly down slipping further down until I am full.... your entire hand stretching my pussy, I take charge and slowly ride it while you play with your clock, my juices are trickling out dripping over my tight arse, your cock takes its chances and slowly works its ways into my arse - it’s so tight I can barely take it all but I’m greedy and soon able to take it slow and deep until I’m full - you explode deep in me filling me with hot cum. 

I later find the envelope- you chose :

Your wife gets gang banged by horny bitches. 

Have a nice day ?