Written by Dale


We haven’t had time to relax, let alone have any play time for a couple of years now, not that we were looking lol. So when we had the chance to head out for a kid free night we jumped at it. A quick shower, shave and tidy clothes on, we were ready to head out. My wife (Lisa) looking lovely in a knee length shirt and a low cut blouse and jacket, myself (Grant) in jeans and a shirt.

We arrived at one of our old drinking holes only to be greeted by a couple we used to drink with Terri and James. We got our drinks and joined them at the table, over the next couple of hours I couldn’t help but notice both James and Terri checking out Lisa’s top as she leaned in to talk. I had to tease them both and when they both went red in the face, it was Lisa turn to tease me when she told us all that she “forgot” to wear a bra!

This lead to tales of past naughty nights with each couple trying to outdo the other. Not long after this Lisa and Terri shot off to the ladies, and James and I shot the breeze. When the girls returned Lisa told us to drink up as we were heading back to theirs. A few takeaways and a taxi ride later we were back at theirs.

We sat down in the lounge carried on with we had left off at the pub. Now I had just enough to not filter any of my inner thoughts when I said to Lisa “why don’t you show them your tits” and off came her top! Terri’s top followed quickly after and the girls had to compare their breasts. I am not sure who brought it up (properly me) we started talking about sex and girl on girl. With this Terri and Lisa said give us five minutes and headed out of the room, when they came back they were both in their knickers and told us for the next fifteen minutes we had to stay in our seats or we would miss out on the fun.

James and I watched on as Terri and Lisa explored each other’s bodies. Before long Lisa’s fingers had wonder down to Terri’s shaven mound. Now Lisa has played with ladies before and knows how to use her fingers so in next to no time Terri’s leg gave out and she was flat on her back on the floor. This was like an open invitation to Lisa as she leaned in to taste Terri’s sweetness while still working her fingers in and out of Terri’s now dripping box. Lisa looked up at me briefly, gave me a wicked grin then set at making Terri squirm under her fingers and tongue. Soon Terri was moaning in pleasure and when she began to catch her breath again she and Lisa switched places. Lisa was tentative at first but soon was sliding one then two then three finger in and out of Lisa pussy while with her other hand she toyed with Lisa’s love button.

It was about then that James said right it has been fifteen minutes, Lisa opened her eyes looked over to him and told him to get naked and get his cock in her mouth! Needless to say we were soon both naked and beside each other wives. As Lisa took James’s cock in her mouth, I slid my fingers into Terri’s hot and wet box as she kept playing with Lisa kitty.

Not long after Terri came up for air and when she turned I could tell she had one thing on her mind – she pushed me onto my back through a leg over, grabbing my dick just before she slide right the way down. She rode me gently at first, her breast swaying as she began to pick up the pace. It was now that I looked over to see James had Lisa on all fours and slamming into her hard. Terri soon had my full attention as she said that look great doesn’t it, fuck me like that. So there we were side by side each fucking the others partner, Terri’s pussy started to pulsate on my cock as James came In Lisa. Watch James cum was enough to set Terri off and I followed shortly after

As we sat back and recovered, enjoying the afterglow and finishing our drinks we laughed at what had just happened. And with that we headed to their room