Written by Mrcjb0216


We enter the room we’re nervous as strangers eyes watch us come in, the room is illuminated with a dull light we can see a large bed in the centre of the room lounge chairs, couches encircle it people sitting in them all having full view of the bed all of them naked looking at us as we are led towards the bed.

We are separated and motioned to stand at either end of the bed facing each other I can see a naked woman rise from behind you, I can feel someone behind me reaching out to both of us encircling us from behind till they clasp their hands on to the front of the robes that hide our nakedness and slowly open them exposing us to all letting the robe fall to the ground we are left standing naked before them before each other.

I stare in wonderment at the beauty of your body your skin your hair long flowing over your shoulders onto your breast covering it slightly I watch as the hands from behind pull your hair back to let it fall down your back exposing your breasts perfect before me, I let my eyes roam over your naked form your face beautiful, eyes that I always and forever lose myself in your full lips soft inviting always wanting , your mouth perfect, your neck and shoulders forever to kiss to taste moving down your chest the fullness of your breasts soft, nipples exotic your stomach your womanhood perfect, legs sexy your body wholly erotic, I see you staring at me, seeing me stir my cock filling as I gaze at you drinking in the pure raw beauty of you.

I feel the touch of hands on me gliding over my skin my back my buttocks the back of my legs I look and we watch as scented oil is applied to each of us moving now onto our shoulders to the front of our bodies onto my chest your breasts cupping your breasts rubbing lightly coaxing your nipples erect your breasts rise to the touch, hands moving down towards my groin your eyes follow as they move towards my penis, I watch as a hand moves down your body leaving a gleaming trail of oil upon you moving down towards your sex and then feel it as it moves over your sex between your legs you gasp lightly as it touches your vagina you watch intently as the hand moves over my cock rubbing me lightly finishing coating us with the oil.

The hands remove themselves from our bodies I can see your body glisten with a light sheen of the oil then we hear the voice welcoming us telling us that they want to watch us, to pleasure and love eachother in front of them to lose ourselves in lust and passion, for us to see them, feed of us see them excited by our union and for us to follow their instruction if given.

A woman moves to your side she whispers seductively into your ear telling you to crawl slowly across the bed towards my cock to take me into your mouth to feel my hardness there to taste me, I see her guide you onto the bed as you lean forward her hand trailing down your back and onto your buttocks cupping you there as you start to move forward towards me, your nipples lightly graze the silk sheet your staring at me seductive watching my cock harden as like a jungle cat stalking its prey you move slowly to me your every move causing me to harden. The movement of your shoulders the muscles moving under your skin the curvature of the small of your back the sway of your hips as you move your legs ever closer to me the look in your eyes as you focus wholly on my ever hardening cock closer you come teasingly sometimes stopping spreading your legs wide exposing your sex dropping your chest onto the bed looking at me as if willing me to get behind you to enter you now.

You smile at me that sexy seductive smile you have me now, hard before you throbbing, I start to move my hand towards my cock, slowly you shake your head mouthing no your mouth slightly open your tongue just visible behind your lip licking just inside your mouth, you smile, I move my hand back to my side as you commence your journey to me, closer to me you lay your body down in front of me your head mere inches from my hard cock the head so close to you I can feel your breath I gaze down the length of you from the top of your head onto your shoulders then down your back onto your perfect bum you look up at me your tongue snakes out slowly I can read your thoughts asking me, you want my mouth on your cock you blow softly your hot breath causing my cock to flex then the tip of your tongue touches me the end of me you lick your eyes looking up at me as you taste the end of my cock then you stop and lay on your back under me you run your hands down the sides of your body then trail your fingers up over your stomach onto your chest the ends of your fingers skimming over your nipples teasing them touching them pulling them making them hard pulling them so I can see you squeeze them moaning you then start licking the underside of my cock, I’m watching you and I moan I see your legs bent and spread wide I can see the strip of black pubic hair I can see the top of your clit your lips open spread I can see others looking at you at us then I watch your hand move down towards yourself slowly over your stomach watch as you touch explore your sex.

Your tongue moving up and down my shaft licking at the underside of my cock feeling it twitch as you tease it making me moan hearing you moan as you slowly circle your clit your eyes looking up at me, I reach down to your nipples and flick at them gently with the end of my fingers you moan your back arches your finger enters yourself pushing inwards your pelvis lifting to greet it, I look round at our audience keen eyes observing some touching themselves others touching each other, I see a man leaning forward intently watching your finger moving inside of you, a woman touches her breasts as I tease yours, another woman fingers deep in her moving . You resume licking my cock concentrating on the underside of the head of my cock, I moan and watch as a man begins to taste his woman’s cunt as she stares at you licking my cock your tongue moving slowly the head of my penis throbbing at your slippery touch.

I angle my penis down towards your mouth wanting to feel you envelope me the warmth of your mouth around my hard cock to feel your breath on it as I slide it in hoping you’ll accept it into your mouth. Your lips part taking me the head just inside your mouth your soft wet tongue glides teasingly over it you moan on my cock the vibration unbelievably erotic seeing my hands holding your face seeing the head of my cock pushing against your cheek I slowly begin fucking your mouth moaning as I do so.

I lean forward as I do my cock slides deeper into your mouth the head of it pushing throbbing you moan, I reach forward my hand coming to rest ontop of yours feeling your hand touching yourself working with your hand as we both rub you making your body move with us your legs opening wider to be touched deeper.

I remove your hand and feel the wetness of you my finger working inside you watching it disappear, you moan as I push deeper your cunt opening up for me I pull back inserting a second finger then push forward deeper this time making you buck and moan you start pulling my cock as I finger you enjoying my hardness and the sensation of my fingers buried in you moving in and out of you.

You look round watching, feeling the excitement seeing the pleasure others are receiving and giving to eachother, you watch a woman straddling a man’s cock watching us as she rides him slowly his hard cock in her seeing it moving in and out hearing them moan as they watch us see her touching her clit looking into your eyes while she pleasures herself you can see the thickness and hardness of his shaft see it wet with her juice, then you feel me fucking you hard with my fingers deep, I’m so hard in your hand leaking pre-cum making your hand wet. I move away from you climbing onto the bed ontop of you our bodies touching feeling you under me your head hanging off the side of the bed exposing your neck your throat I kiss it from one side to the next slowly, passion contained restraining the urge to bite, your hand once again upon my cock pulling me, me pumping into your hand fucking your hand slow as I make my way down onto your chest my fingers reinserting themselves back inside you your wetter now I can push deeper into you and I do.

The moans from you guttural as you feel my fingers penetrate deep my lips on your nipple, tongue flicking, your chest rising as I move to the other wanting me to take your breast your nipple in my mouth your hand on the back of my head fingers in my hair you look as I take it into my mouth watch my tongue dart out flicking it lightly once in my mouth you lay your head back resting your body lost in the desire being heaped on you.

You watch other men other women see them being tasted licked sucked then you feel my tongue trail down towards your vagina exciting you knowing that soon I will be tasting you my tongue exploring, as I move down your body your hands moving my head lower I feel your legs open ready to receive my oral attentions ready to feel my tongue, I run my tongue from your belly button to your pubic mound kissing it lightly feeling you push me lower I can smell you your wetness then I feel your clit under my tongue feel you rise to greet me pulling my hair hard forcing me against your clitoris forcing me to taste your sweet nectar your juices you moan loud as we make contact your hands move away from my head I move lower tracing my tongue between the folds of your vaginal lips till I’m at your opening the taste of you the smell sweet then I enter you licking as deep as your body will allow wanting to penetrate it more, looking up your body seeing your fingers pulling hard at your nipples back arched nipples erect moaning .

My tongue is moving inside you your heat, tasting you dripping into my mouth your cunt wrapped around my tongue making my cock hard wanting to feel you take me inside you to fuck you hard deep, to feel you cum on me, wanting you to cum in my mouth bucking, I insert my fingers into you as again I start licking at your clit, licking and finger fucking you feeling you move as I pump and taste you your hand ontop of my head holding me onto your sex, hearing you moan hearing others moan as I lick you towards your climax you listening to them telling me to lick you finger you as you lay there your legs spread wide for me.

I stop and drag your naked form into the middle of the bed you watch expectantly as I move my body ontop of you feel me between your legs guiding myself the touch of my cock at your opening our eyes locked as I tease you with the head of my cock feeling you rise wanting it to penetrate you

We kiss your hands cupping my face feeling my mouth tasting yourself as I kiss you passionately; I nibble your bottom lip I can feel your breath hear you moan lightly then louder as you feel my length rubbing up and down the slit of your wet vagina pumping against you then dipping the head of my cock into you teasing your cunt, making you want it your hands come down to my side my hips grasping me wanting me now.

Finely we begin to merge our bodies becoming one as I guide myself into you slowly working my cock pushing forward deeper into the soft tissue, the sensitive glands of your vagina relenting as I work ever deeper inside rippled sensations washing over you starting from deep within your groin spreading through your body, you feel the hardness of me in your body, feel the head of my cock opening you as I sink inside you, the warmth of my cock the motion of my cock as I start moving back and forth your moaning pulling me down ontop of you taking my weight on your body wanting closeness we kiss hot kisses that only lovers share as we start our journey toward ecstasy loving each other.

I watch as I slowly move inside you gauge your reaction as you take me deeper see your hips rise to meet me taking my time inserting my full length into you your vagina hot wet soft as melting butter, spreading on and around my penis accepting my pleasurable intrusion of your body, I feel you pull me down onto you feel you under me feel your legs open on either side of me my pelvis contacting yours as finely I’m fully inserted in you, we kiss your mouth wet lips soft our tongues the tips touching moving. Then I feel myself withdrawing pulling back as I begin pumping in and out of you my cock moving back and forth wet from you slippery gliding in and out over and over throbbing, both of us moaning as we grind our bodies together, I can feel my chest on yours your hands roaming my body holding me close to you inside of you loving you.

We brake our kiss to look into eachothers eyes to become lost in the moment to watch each other, pushing myself up I gaze at you your breasts and nipples your chest rising with each breath of passion you take. I see myself the shaft of my cock nearly fully withdrawn from you watch as I plunge the length of it back into you my hand settling on your breast fondling teasing your breast kneading lightly pinching your nipple pulling it making it hard your flesh contracting as your nipple is aroused you moan your body bucking feeling me constantly moving inside you watching me as I have you seeing yourself legs spread wide my body between them looking down seeing the extension of my body causing your body to react in pleasure exciting you, then feeling it start deep within you slowly building your sex grabbing at my cock as you come closer to your end the beginnings of the rise of your orgasm your climax that your body is craving wanting as I continue to thrust, l can feel you building on my cock watching you as you slowly climb toward your orgasm causing me to harden pulsate in you knowing you can feel me building wanting to release myself inside you flooding you, I’m moaning feeling myself closing in to that finale moment watching you doing the same then feeling myself erupting deep in you cumming hearing you moan as you receive the full force of me your vagina spasms resisting but excepting my thrusts as you also begin cumming on me joining me in our moment as we cum as one.

Slowly we ride the waves of pleasure coming down milking it for all its sensation we didn’t even notice others joining us cumming with us, I kiss you hold you as you move slowly against me, lying next to us another couple fucking enjoying eachother to the right of us a woman her legs spread wide her cunt being tasted we watch intently these scenes provoking arousal in us. I look at you see again the intent the lust in you, we can feel it rising in us wanting this time not closeness but just sex to fuck to use each other for our own self-satisfaction.

I pull out of you look down at your exposed wet cunt I see my cum dribbling out of you, taste me you seductively command I want your tongue you tell me I move forward leaning closer to your sex your leaning back on your hands watching as I lay down between your legs you grab me tightly, on your back you tell me forcing me pulling me over as I start laying on my back I can see you moving up onto me onto my mouth still holding my hair looking down at me you moan as you force yourself your cunt into my mouth I feel you ride my mouth moaning taste me lick me deep my hands are on your hips rocking you back and forth I’m moaning into you, you lean back your breasts perfect nipples hard I want to touch them pull at them as if reading my mind I watch as you start squeezing your breast pinching at your erect nipples moaning, looking down you tell me to lick you deeper as you slowly fuck my face riding my tongue tasting you and me in your cunt my cock is hard throbbing reaching back you grab my cock and pull it gently at first but then harder your making me moan as you squeeze it in your hand I start to suck your clit flick it with my tongue your so wet dripping into my mouth the taste of you exciting me making me harder, you moan and push down on my face your close starting to build.

You fall forward arms out stretched onto your hands I can see your breasts hang, nipples so hard your breathing harder moaning as you slide back and forth on my mouth the friction on your clit exciting you further my hands holding you buttocks spreading them slightly giving me access my fingers moving forward my tongue swirling on your clit I slowly enter you with my fingers trying to push deep inside, I feel you push back onto them your vagina wet hungry for penetration wanting to be filled, then I quicken their pace my fingers move faster, harder flicking them back and forth inside you making you moan I can imagine the look on your face your head thrown back in ecstasy the thought making me pulsate my cock tingles twitches, harder I finger you faster as I tongue you at the sametime then I feel your body give in hear you cum moaning your cunt cumming in my mouth.

You cum hard flooding my mouth excited by my fingers deep inside you holding them there as I feel you contract on them moaning as you ride the waves of your orgasm still moving on me on my fingers, slowly I guide you back down my body over my stomach your breasts contacting my chest as I maneuverer you onto me onto my cock my hardness thrilling you as you slide down my length kissing me moaning into my mouth.

Thrusting up hard into you I push you upright staring at you I tell you to fuck me slow take me deep in you, my hands are on your hips guiding you controlling your movement I moan feeling my cock deep in your wet cunt watching your breasts seeing your nipples so hard, I make you touch them pull them I place my hands on them squeezing teasing them my touch becoming rough forceful, reaching up I grab your throat and pull you down your breasts falling into my face I start to suck lick at them you moan and buck on my cock penetrating you then I bite nibble at your nipple feeling it harden in my mouth your moaning , we kiss lustful kisses wet hungry, your fully ontop of me your soft breasts against my chest nipples hard I’m pumping up into you your meeting my every thrust my hands run down the sides of your body onto your hips feeling them move gliding lower to your bum squeezing hard spreading them letting others that are watching see me, see you sliding up and down in and out of your sex on my erection.

My fingers move closer you can feel them edging closer your body tenses my other hand wraps itself in your hair pulling your head back taking control of you pleasing myself with your body forcing myself on you making you take what I give, kissing your throat I slip my finger into your rectum you moan adjusting yourself feeling me enter it feeling my hardness filling you and now taking my finger inside you as well you start to move against them both the sensation wonderfully erotic dirty turning you on making you wetter.

I’m sucking your nipple while fingering and fucking you you’re watching a woman being fucked in front of you she’s on her hands and knees being fucked hard you listen to her moaning hear the smacking sound as he pumps his hard cock into her she sees you staring watching her, a guy moves in front of her now his cock being inserted into her mouth you watch as she sucks him watch as two men take her and use her, I sit you up my fingers now lightly flicking caressing your nipples feel you accommodate my cock as it is taken fully into you your hands on my chest as you rock back and forth your pelvic bone rubbing against mine you moan as you straddle me enjoying my length inside you.

Lying beside us a woman her legs spread wide a guy ontop of her you watch as he pumps in and out of her see his buttocks flex as he thrusts forward hear them moan as they fuck, you push down grinding on me harder feeling me throb inside you, excited again you watch the guys having the woman in front of you watch as their cocks move in and out of her mouth and cunt see her body reacting to them see them enjoying her I can feel your cunt tighten on my cock as you watch waiting for them to climax inside her wanting to see them both cum in her.

He starts to cum, you watch as he holds her head unloading in her mouth, you moan seeing him cum seeing her swallow him then I feel you see your nipples harden the warmth inside you rise the urgency of your movement ontop of me as you want crave release to feel your climax storm through your body, he removes himself from her mouth his cock still throbbing, wet from her saliva and his cum, part of him dribbling from the corner of her mouth she stares at you and seductively licks up his semen his cum from the corner of her mouth, you cum on me then your senses your body pushed over the edge you cum hard on me, your cunt flowing down my hard cock grasping it as your climax rolls through you moaning loud as she is being fucked hard before you cumming as he cums into her as she cums on his hard cock your eyes locked on each other watching each other cum.

I ride your orgasm feeling your body convulse in pleasure listen to your subsiding moans watch your breasts heaving through your laboured breathing as you slowly take control of your body pulling you forward I start kissing you, as you slowly come down from your orgasmic high.

Kneeling between my legs you stare down at my hardness, the head of my cock wet and sticky from your cum, we stop and stare at others in the throes of passion and lust the woman that you had just watched now sucking the guy’s cum soaked cock that had just been inside her, the couple still fucking beside us moaning as they move against each other, a guy fucking a woman with a obscenely large dildo making her squirm on it moan as he pushes it inside her deep, I see you staring at it as it slides in and out of her I move you next to her on your hands and knees close so you can see it clearly moving in and out the thickness of it the length, I spread your legs wide exposing your cunt to me giving me access to you I start rubbing it as we both watch, occasionally slipping my fingers into you deep feeling you move back on them, your so close you can see the guy’s tongue lightly lick at her clit as he fucks her slowly with the dildo, again I tickle your clitoris causing you to moan, I slap at your cunt with my hand sending vibrations through your body.

Forcing you face down I spread your legs wider for me I can see you’re opening, your cunt your ass I drive my fingers into your vagina deep forceful you moan loud as I start fingering you again I tell you how I like filling your cunt watching it open for me you moan in response, leaning forward and removing my fingers I replace them with my tongue licking at your hole sticking my tongue inside you you’re moaning as I lap at your sex, up and down even higher on to your ass as I rim you then back down into your cunt treating you dirty. I make you watch as the woman cums on her dildo you can see it streaming out of her flowing over the object being rammed inside her he pulls it out of her you see the immense size of it as he slowly withdraws it from her see her juices on it see how her cunt is wrapped around it as the length of it is pulled from her.

He has it now freed from her body he holds it in front of you I’m fingering you deep my two fingers moving my cock hard seeing you stare at it, I grab you by the hair pulling you up onto your knees forcing my fingers into you as you rise kissing biting your neck making you moan, the guy kneels in front of you I whisper in your ear taste it put it in your mouth, still holding you by the hair he brings it forward to your mouth, tentatively you open your mouth we watch as you take the head of the dildo and start tasting it tasting another woman’s cunt on it her cum, you open wider taking more into your mouth just fitting it into your mouth we watch the head of it disappear swallowed by you greedily , watch as you start sliding your mouth part way down the shaft unable to take it all the length to great, then back up to the tip all the time I’m fingering you with one hand holding you in place with the other, we take it from your mouth I kiss you lustfully our tongues intertwined my hand moves from you hair onto your breast touching your nipples moving from one to the other your cunt is dripping, I remove my fingers from you then you feel it the length of it as I rub it along your cunt you looking down seeing it protrude between your legs thick long , the big bulbous head of the dildo at your entrance now pushing against you as I try to insert it in you, instinctively I feel you push back onto it wanting it inside you.

You reposition yourself falling forward onto your hands your sex open for me and again you push back onto it backwards and forwards slowly working it in to yourself listening to you moan as you move, I watch as I see the head of it opening you spreading your cunt over the big head your juices smearing the dildo as it slowly inserts itself in you, your moaning wanting it now inside you as bit by bit it spreads you the lips of your cunt surrounding it, the head of it just about inside you , then seeing your body taking the head of it watching you accept it into your cunt then slowly working up and down it taking it deeper into your body the shaft of it gliding into you now as you start taking its great length your moaning wanting it deeper bucking on it wanting it all inside you.

Others start watching you as you force yourself down onto it taking it deeper working the length and thickness into yourself taking it all excited by the way it’s filling you, I grab your hair now pulling you back onto it making you take it all impaling you on it till you feel my hand against you your pelvic bone it now completely inside you to the hilt your body full stuffed with it your cunt wet, now we work it back and forth in you making you fuck it feeling yourself hit against me on your backward stroke as you travel up and down its length moaning as your cunt reacts with it.

Harder you moan as you smash yourself back on it, I ram it in you hard and deep speeding up my movement into your cunt, juice dripping onto my hand as I fuck you with it, your clit crashing into my hand sensations course through you , your face down now on the bed your ass high in the air bucking meeting my every thrust I feel your fingers rubbing at your clit hard, you reach back further your hand on mine as I push it into you, I let you take control and watch as you start fucking yourself with it moaning pushing it deep rotating your hips as you penetrate yourself .

I move in front of you lift you slightly your face your mouth in line with my cock see the look on your face as you pleasure yourself see you looking at my cock licking your lips then I guide it into your mouth feel you roll your tongue around the head of my cock flicking it tasting my dripping head swallowing my pre-cum grabbing the side of your head with my hands I start pumping in and out of your mouth pushing deeper I’m moaning and can hear you as well, I start to speed up, fucking your mouth harder deeper making you, forcing you to take it deep, my cock throbbing in your mouth moving in time with you as you fuck yourself, your moaning on me the vibrations intense I can feel the head of my cock hitting the back of your throat picturing myself unloading cuming in your mouth you taking it all swallowing every drop then I start to cum feeling it rise up deep inside me feel it travel the length of my cock exploding from me into your mouth the head of my cock swelling as I cum in you hearing you cum with me knowing that your cunt is clamping onto the giant shaft inside you as you cum all over it, my thrusting in your mouth slowing as you suck the last remaining drops from me I watch as you convulse from your orgasm moving the dildo slower inside you enjoying the last moments of your climax, pulling it from you slowly you lift your head from my cock a mixture of saliva and cum running from your mouth you moan as you pull the dildo from your cunt then raise it to your lips and lick your cum from it your juices then kneeling up to me facing me we embrace kissing deeply my arms wrapped about you holding you staring into eachothers eyes seeing the love we have for one and other you squeeze me tight.