2 days ago I went for a drive to Queenstown to meet up with friends. On my way I usually stop over at Lake Tikapo to rest and relax a bit. I passed by a hitchhiker, young tall and fit fellow. So I stopped and asked where he is heading, he was on his way to Queenstown as well so I let him get a ride with me.

It was a hot day so I was wearing a very transparent blue top that you can see straight though my tits. and a very short skirt. It was nice to have someone to talk to for that long drive. I started complimenting me how my tits was sexy and all. Then I told him you can touch them if you like since I was feeling really slutty, so he touched them and next thing we were teasing each other and after that I was jacking him off.

He offered that we stop and maybe we can see more of each other better. So I stopped the car on the on a nice shaded area, then he said "Can I fuck you?" I said "Yes, lets". So he took down his shorts and whipped out his dick, I obliged by sucking it, we then went to the back of the SUV and he pushed me on my back to the seat to lick my puss. He truly ate it well.

Then he took out his dick and aimed it on my puss. then I stopped him and I asked "Do you have rubber?" He said "Gosh sorry no". I said anyway "That's fine just pull out" so he pokes it in... He then kissed me and said "Your're tight as". He pulled me out the seat and have me bend over and did me doggy. Then laid on the grass and I mounted him doing him women on top. I don't last long on this position so just a few minutes in I said "I'm going to cum" He said "Me too". I told him "Make me cum fist". But in the end he came in me first before a few seconds later I came.

After that we continued on to Queenstown and I dropped him off. He works in Queenstown chef. Then later on that day at night we met we had a few drinks and dinner and we f'ed again.