Written by TRIPLE_X


Not long into our relationship, which started like many, full of lust, rampant lovemaking and sex, yes there is a difference, I brought up the scenario. That is the scenario of a threesome.

It was in the course of a love session when I knew Penny was extra horny and had been enjoying some of my dirty talk so far. You know, when to heighten the sexual chemistry you share your fantasy scenarios. A win win when you both find them a turn on.

We were already at it, Penny on top and astride my cock, one of our favorites. This way with me sitting in an upright position Penny has the added advantage of not only controlling the penetration and rhythm but is able to, because of her clean shaven pussy, gyrate and rub her clit on my mound of hair.

I knew she was enjoying my scenario slash fantasy because her slow purposeful rocking on my cock and saturated pussy suggested she wasn't in any hurry. My dirty talk went like this. “We are coming to the end of the night and what has been a great party at home to celebrate your birthday. Not a big group, just twenty or so of your friends, my friends and a few tag alongs. All of a similar age to us in our mid thirties bar one of the tag alongs. This good-looking guy unbeknownst to us until tonight would have been about twenty-two at a guess. Only slightly taller than the two of us, short hair and by all accounts a nice physique under the almost tight v neck t-shirt he was wearing. What struck me most was his almost baby face. Not chubby baby but almost blemish and freckle free and smooth as, well as smooth as your pussy.

Calvin, as we found out, was a friend of a friend over from Aussie for a visit. We had all been drinking, naturally, but no one appeared to have gone over board. I had noticed the harmless flirting between you and Calvin during the party and actually found it flattering and feeding my own imagination. I’m not one for getting jealous these days; I appreciate how someone else would find you attractive and alluring, hell I do and he is admittedly a bit of a hunk.

What I was unaware of at that point was you two had already inadvertently bumped into each other while using the en-suite in our bedroom earlier. With the combination of alcohol, flirting, good looks, chemistry, timing and sheer cheek Calvin grabbed you and planted a deep kiss on your lips. When he realized you weren't about to stop his advances his hand went up your skirt where he naturally found it wet and hot. No sooner had he pulled your panties to one side and inserted his fingers a wave of guilt got the better of your swollen wet pussy and you fended him off. Just as well really because as you entered the corridor bound for the safety of others in the lounge someone else was heading for the bathroom.

Once you had escaped though your guilt again gave way to arousal and curiosity as you had so enjoyed his fingers inside you and his young face against yours. But you shouldn't, couldn't, wouldn't, or wouldn't you. We had talked about this very thing happening one day but it was never meant to be without your husband at your side.

You had seen everyone off at the door by now leaving Jamie and I playing darts in the garage. It didn't take long for Jamie to kick my arse again so I conceded and saw him off at the door also. It wasn't like you to not say goodbye or be around to see him off so I assumed you had gone to the bathroom out of necessity. I hadn't quite got to our closed bedroom door when I thought I heard voices. I stood momentarily at the door wondering if we weren't quite as alone as I thought. There was very little being said and it was to late to be on the phone yet I heard audible sounds that you wouldn't be doing on your own.

With this in mind I felt the pang of jealousy I had missed earlier yet curious and intrigued. Had Penny found the Dutch courage or nerve to fool around or was my imagination getting the better of me this side of the door. What if she only had a girlfriend in there trying on dresses, what if she was getting it on with her girlfriend? I had after all through our role playing and discussions all but given her a licence to fool around with women should the chance ever arise, perhaps that was it. The imagination is a wondrous yet over powering thing at times.

Whatever or whoever it was I wasn't about to stand out in the corridor of my own house, that was my bedroom and my wife in there. I decided to open the door very slowly as if to catch you out, and that I did. You and Calvin hadn't even heard or noticed my opening the door. Just wide enough so I could peer around my emotions did a somersault again when I took it in. The initial anxiety attack transpired just as quick into one of excitement and fascination as I saw Calvin helping himself to your pussy.

You lay on the bed, your skirt still on but bunched up around your waist, the lace panties I was all too familiar with lay on the floor. Your legs were slightly dangled over the edge of the bed but as wide open as your anatomy would allow. I could only catch glimpses of your delicious pussy due to the fact Calvin, although fully dressed still, was kneeling at our bedside tonguing and fingering your moist lips. I paused for what seemed ages but with Calvin’s back to me and your eyes closed clearly in another world and enjoying the thorough licking I decided to edge my way in and around the door. Even with all the stealth of a cat sneaking in like I was I managed to alert you to my presence. I have never seen you move so fast, sitting upright and pulling down your skirt. “Relax honey, it’s me. It’s Calvin you are supposed to be covering your pussy from”.

Your obvious embarrassment and now pinkish face matching those perfect pussy lips I had seen just moments earlier and so desperately wanted a piece of too. I reassured you and Calvin I wasn't angry and wasn't about to do anything rash or detrimental to the situation at hand. In fact I help you up, give you a deep passionate kiss, tell you how much I love you and promptly start to unbutton your blouse. Guilt or stage fright all of a sudden but you grab my hand as if to stop me. I smile, look into your eyes, Calvin and then back and say “you needn't stop now you have my blessing”. You can remove yours to Calvin. I undress you, your body warm, your heart racing and your breasts exquisite. You get in the spirit of things but like a teenager doing it for the first time you fumble removing my clothes only to lick my cock as you slip my knickers down to my ankles.

As I gently coax and ease you back onto the bed I glance over to Calvin, and sure enough, he has a great bod. Figures he would be good looking and muscular. I’m no slouch though so I’m not intimidated, far from it with these two gorgeous naked bodies at my disposal, so to speak. I suggest Calvin might like to carry on his good work eating your pussy, his cock not quite erect but aroused I can’t help but stroke it on his way past me.

I move around the bed so I can benefit from your free hands and warm mouth. It doesn't take long before you are putty in our hands again, moaning as much as is possible with your mouth full of me. I was unsure how it would feel or how it would go down, the real deal as apposed to the fantasy but watching you get your pussy eaten was so hot. Too hot, I needed some so I gestured to Calvin and we swap positions where I have no hesitation sticking my tongue where he had just been. I wasn't about to show restraint, there was no need for foreplay so I bury my fingers into your pussy and work my tongue around your clit. Hardly missing a beat during our transition you are now sucking Calvin’s cock for the first time, and your keenness shows. You are lapping it up like it was the first time ever and it was your favorite flavor too. Nice to see you no longer had any inhibitions or hesitations.

I remove my fingers from your pussy only long enough to turn you over. As I replace my fingers into that little piece of heaven I moisten your butt with my tongue and insert one then two fingers from my other hand. Without so much as a flinch you maintain the stroking and sucking on his not big but hard cock while I finger fuck both your holes. Your enjoyment obvious to say the least, and ours, well fuck yes. Calvin although quite happy having his cock sucked I’m sure moves to lie down on the bed, his trophy sticking up ready for mounting. I remove my fingers and grabbing you gently but firmly around the waist man-oeuvre you to sit astride his cock. Your sudden pang of whatever and mild resistance subsides as I manhandle his cock and guide it into your saturated pussy, no hesitation now as you start to ride him. I take but a moment securing the love gel from the bedside draw and administer it to the length of my shaft and finger your arse with my lubricated fingers.

The sight of your arse in my face and your pussy lips wrapped around his cock had me wondering how long I could hold onto my load. Your tempo and his excitement said we were all on the brink of giving into orgasms. You knew instinctively as I placed my hand on your hip and parted your cheeks what was coming next and you wait almost motionless in anticipation. You were so wet I was doubting the need for the gel about now but as the tip of my cock found its target I gently slide it in, reveling in the moment. With my cock snugly immersed in your tight arse and Calvin’s cock dealing to your pussy we manage to gain some momentum however uncoordinated. I knew it wouldn't take long as the intensity of this occasion gets the better of me, I shoot my load into your arse and hang on as the convulsing and throbbing in my cock dissipates. In an effort to facilitate your orgasm I remove my satisfied cock and bringing you upright reach around for your clit. Planting a kiss on you as you ride Calvin to his audible orgasm I tweak your clit until you too explode all over this near stranger’s member. You collapse in delight and exhaustion while we lye either side of you. Tenderly and almost in unison Calvin and I run our fingers over your hot breasts and smooth body as if to wind down, the fact you have just had two men and at the same time clearly shows as a moment of awe on your face. Not long after Calvin gathers himself, kisses you once again and thanks me for being so understanding and generous with my wife and adds how he envy’s our passionate relationship.”

Well this dirty talk had its desired effect again of course. With precision Penny seems to hang on to her orgasm so it times with the story line. No sooner had I finished with my scenario a few more moves with her pelvis and her pussy was letting rip, her convulsions describable as a human earthquake. She almost appears to melt as she falls to one side in a heap after her spasms subside. I quickly mount her still throbbing and totally saturated pussy being careful not to touch her sensitive clit so I can make the most of her wetness and send my load deep inside. As is quite often the case watching her writhe around and orgasm I am so close to the edge a few thrusts of my anxious cock and it is all over, my cum engulfing hers.

Dismounted, spent and both satisfied we fall asleep but still with our feet touching. That unplanned, unconscious thing that we do. Another bedtime story finished.