after a couple of nights where we really explored the fantasy of her being with other couples and having me lick her while she was fucked/her being with a woman/couple we discussed if we could actually make it happen and what that would mean.

Sam was not keen to see me with other woman, however i was more than keen to see her with other men/couples!! She siad "so what' you'll just watch?" it was at that point that i filled in her in completley about my fantasy of having her cuckold me. I explained that i LOVED the idea of her enjoying another cock and that i wanted her to explore options that turned her on - whatever they may be, big, bigger, massive, black white, thick whatever!! I also told her that i would LOVE to see her being fucked or playing with another couple whilst i was unable to join in - she asked me if i wanted to be tied up? i told her i did and that the BIG turn on for me was submitting to her fantasies and pleasure, that it turned me on knowing that whatever she was doing / wanted to do turned her on. essentially, " Sam if it makes u wet or you think u will cum hard/squirt or even if it just is an idea that turns u on, i WANT you to know you can do it" I then admitted that i once had masturbated wearing her used panties whilst licking the crotch of another pair she wore after we had had sex. whilst i imagined her coming home from a 'date' and telling me all about it and having me clean her up.

Sam was a little taken aback but had a glint in her eye and as we chuffed we talked about how horny it would be. I reminded her of how hot it was when we fantasied about me lying under her while she was fucked and how she loved the idea of me licking her pussy and lovers cock as he fucked her before finally filling her and slipping from her pussy onto my face. It was then that she asked me if she could tell me something. I told her of course and she said that since she had squirted on my face that night we were chatting and that she could taste my cum on my tounge when kissing her that she had been fantasizing about what it would be like to have a bi 3 way and to 'teach me' how to suck cock, she loved the idea of me cleaning her juices off his cock and loved the idea that perhaps she could get the guy there and then enjoy the attentions of his partner while the girls watched him fill my mouth. I could tell this got her hot and asked her if she liked the idea... her response was to push me onto my back and straddle my face, pulling her panties aside where i was greeted with a stream of sweet pussy juice. she began fingering herself begging me to lick and suck on her lips, as i did she began to tell me that not only did she find it hot but her girlfriends did too! i tried to push her off me shocked that she had told her friends, she smiled and giggled telling me not to worry and that all 3 of them had asked if they could have a turn, one of them even suggesting she knew a couple of gay guys who may be keen!

after getting distracted by her wet pussy and her attentions grabbing and wanking my cock as i licked her pussy hearing her tell me about the girls lunch that she'd had where she basically recounted action for action what we had got up to with the girls, we both cam hard and collapsed. A drink and a chuff and some reading KS stories/ looking at adverts got us worked up again and we posted on ad, to which we instantly began getting responses too, Sam sat on my face and began live chatting to a few couples, when she started chatting with one couple whom she thought were very hot, she asked me what i thought, i could see the guy was in shape had a big cut cock and the girl was very hot, great body, waxed pussy and nice tits, we chatted and sam recounted what she was keen on and wanted to happen, the girls discussed how hot it would be to have a male toy to use and how they both LOVED the idea of watching some mm action. Sam and Erin agreed to meet and see how we all got along (or more correctly how Erin's man filled Sam while i watched!) They were to arrive in 30 min so Sam put me onto them whilst she showered and got into some lingerie ....TBC