Written by Mrs Route


Sexy Shenanigan’s Part Two

He turns up on time and I was not ready- standing in our bedroom wearing only a towel I hear his truck pull up and stop, then his footsteps as he walks past the window outside. My pulse is racing with excitement and anticipation for what is to come.

I hear Hubby greet him outside and they exchange casual small talk as I frantically search for something suitably sexy to wear- I briefly consider making my entrance in just the towel but no- I want them to want me- fuck me with their eyes as soon as I walk in the room…. I eventually throw on a sexy bra and panties and pull on a dress that is too short and too suggestive to ever wear in public with a pair of heels- hopefully this has the desired effect.

I can hear them talking comfortably in the lounge as I walk towards the room- this is it.

Both their gazes turn to meet me as I walk into the room and their eyes follow me until I slide onto the couch in between them. The space they left for me feels too large- we are not touching at all and I want to be touched- I want their hands all over me….

Hubby offers our guest a drink- fortunately his mind is still in the present so I hastily get up and ask them what they would like.

Drinks sorted we sit back down and put on the short film that we made on our last encounter- it was hot and an instant turn on, Hubby and I had watched it several times since it was made. I was already totally wet and just wanting to get started on making the sequel….

Hubby compliments me on my dress and asks me to do a twirl for them, I obediently do as I am asked and sit back down as Hubby points out the strategically placed transparent mesh panels to our guest, my skin tingles as his finger traces the panel over my breast and my nipples harden, they crave to be squeezed and sucked.

It is a very hot evening and that teamed with the atmosphere of eagerly awaited hot sex we decide it is time to shed some layers.

My hands find their way to the men’s thighs, sliding them up and down and creeping increasingly closer to their waiting erections. My fingertips graze their hard cocks, encircling them then grasping them firmly, enjoying feeling how turned on and ready to go they both were.

Our guest starts running his fingers ever so softly up my thigh in tantalising trails and as he finally finds my dripping wet pussy he grabs my face and starts kissing me aggressively- this is unexpected but oh so hot and a quiver runs through the length of my body as I kiss him back with equalled intensity.

I then turn my attention back to my husband who has been rubbing and teasing my breasts and kiss him long and passionately.

Things are getting heated so we decide it is time to get naked and fold out the sofa bed and get the party started. I lay down between the two guys and we take turns kissing and stroking each other until our guest slides his way down the bed and uses his tongue to taste my sweet wetness.

It feels so incredibly hot having two sexy attractive men’s undivided attention, rubbing, licking and tasting my body- it is amazing.

Hubby switches places with our guest and isn’t down there long before he skilfully guides his stiff penis where I am aching to feel it- deep, deep inside me.

He fucks me slowly and rhythmically while I try to impress our guest with my oral skills, licking and sucking the tip of his cock, then running my tongue down the impressive length of his shaft while I cradled his smooth balls with my hand.

Hubby fucks me until the verge of his ejaculation then offers my still hungry pussy to our guest who happily obliges, diving deep into my inviting eager pussy, fucking me while Hubby films us.

It is amazingly hot sex and both of us are dripping with sweat when hubby grows tired of filming and wants back in on the action. Hubby lays down on the bed and I straddled him and ride him while again taking our guest in my mouth, devouring his penis with my lips, my tongue, trying my best to take in his entire length.

We change positions so Hubby can fuck me from behind and our guest is still fucking my mouth- it is so hot it isn’t long before Hubby is ready to blow his load but wanting to prolong our amazing threesome he hastily pulls out before it is too late.

It is now our guest’s turn once again to thrust himself deep inside me and fuck me hard- harder than I have ever been fucked before. I am trying my best to give Hubby a good blow job but the intensity of his body slamming into mine has me worried I might accidentally bite down so instead I stroke his engorged penis with my hand- my mouth too busy gasping and moaning while my body gleefully endures the hammering I am getting from behind.

After our guest finishes the men once again swap positions until I feel my Hubby blow his load deep inside me- my pussy revelling in his pulsating satisfied penis.

We are all pretty exhausted from our vigorous fucking session so we decide a spa would be a great way to round up the evening. As we relax in the warm steamy water we discuss how pleased and slightly surprised we are at how well everything has flowed- it just felt so smooth and natural with no awkward moments. A wonderful start to the weekend and our journey into this swinging lifestyle.