Written by Mrs Route


Our First Time

The day started like any other day but I knew better- this day was different. We had finally agreed to meet someone that we had chatted with online and I was already filled with nervous excitement.

I tried to distract myself throughout the day but my mind kept wandering on sexy tangents about our awaited threesome and it wasn’t long until my panties were uncomfortably wet.

The evening eventually arrived and I started getting myself ready. Hubby was taking me out to dinner before we were due to meet our guy and I wanted to look sensational- I wanted him to take one look at me and think I want to fuck her- I have to fuck her.

Sultry smoky eyes achieved, paired with bright pink lippy, long hair loose with big soft waves and a dress that clung in all the right places, I slipped on my heels and was ready to go.

We had our man’s number and I snapped him a selfie on the way to the restaurant- to give him an idea of what would be waiting for him when the time arrived.

As Christmas was approaching town was busy with work function’s and there were heaps of people about but we managed to find a small place that wasn’t as busy and got a table by the window.

The meal was delicious and I felt like I was glowing, I kept sneaking glances at hubby and giggling- we had a naughty little secret that tonight, all going well would become a reality. I was a little bit worried that the people around us could see it plainly written on my face- I was a terribly naughty girl counting down the minutes until my dream would come true of getting fucked by two guys.

Our tasty dinner over we headed home- I was full yet still had a hunger burning inside me but this was a hunger food couldn’t satisfy.

There was still time to kill before he was due to arrive so hubby and I tried to chill out, relax and not over think things. Hubby still wasn’t sure if I would go through with it and I guess to be honest neither was I but we were both eager to see how things would go and where they would lead.

At one point our third wheel asked if we were still keen for him to come as he had got held up and it was getting rather late. I was deflated but hubby and I hesitated- maybe we should take this out, maybe this was a sign that we should keep this as a sexy fantasy only and not ruin it with reality….

Neither of us really wanted that deep down though so we pressed on, giving him the address and telling him to come.

He rang just as he was pulling up the drive and I was immediately full of butterflies- there was no backing out now! Then it struck me- he could still turn us down, finally meet us in person and change his mind. We had said no pressure, no expectations but if he rejected us then I, and this whole fantasy would be crushed and we would drop it instantly, never to bring it up again.

As he came to the door I was shaking like a leaf, inviting him in whilst nervously giggling like a naughty little school girl.

He was so laid back and easy to talk to- even under the circumstances when we were all clearly nervous and on edge, he charmed us with his easy going nature and sly cheeky smile.

I was pleasantly surprised that he was much better looking than his photo online suggested and I was very attracted to him.

We casually chattered about this and that but I don’t think any of us had our minds in the conversation and we agreed it was time to try out our spa.

Our guest had arrived with only the clothes on his back so to keep things fair we all stripped down to our underwear and hopped into the enveloping water.

Outside it was by now fully black and the darkness was a welcoming blanket of privacy.

My bra was a combination of unlined black and white lace and upon contact with the steamy water my alert nipples were clearly visible above the water line.

We sat side by side talking, flirting yet untouching for what seemed like eternity before I plucked up the courage to tentatively let my hands wander….. Would my trespassing hand be pushed away in rejection? No, when my hand hit a steadily hardening erection I could tell this risk was a welcomed one.

Sitting there stroking a hard cock with each hand I felt like a dirty little slut- as well as feeling more alive than I had in a long time- like I’d awakened the sexy goddess inside me that had laid dormant until this moment. Taking a deep breath I slid over to our guest and kissed him on the lips, as the kiss deepened I was aroused by how different he tasted and felt to my husband, the only man I had kissed in over 10 years. Worried my husband may be feeling jealous watching me kiss another man I stopped and kissed him instead, it was sensual and familiar yet equally as hot in comparison.

We enjoyed quite some time in our spa- touching, stroking and kissing in turns until we realized for things to progress in the manner everyone wanted them to, we would have to leave our warm sanctuary and make a mad wet, naked dash to the house.

Once inside we were all freezing, trying desperately to warm up. I was shivering uncontrollably and our guest kindly used his gorgeous body to warm mine. Feeling warmer but rather exposed I slipped away quietly and quickly pulled on my sexy black lace negligee that I had specially purchased for a moment like this.

Now dry and starting to thaw out we got comfortable on the couch, more kissing and touching followed until hubby grabbed my hips and knelt in front of me, tasting the over flowing juices from my exhilarated pussy. Our guest and I continued kissing and playing while I stroked his large, hard penis in anticipation as he sucked and squeezed my breasts, giving them the attention they so love to receive.

After hubby had satisfied his tastebuds for sweet pussy he generously offered a taste to our guest who to my pleasure accepted immediately. The men switch roles and I was in ecstasy, having two men enjoying my body, teasing and pleasuring me. Then it was my turn to repay the favour to our guest, I excitedly took his cock in my mouth and start tasting and teasing him with my tongue while hubby positioned himself behind me and slipped his rock hard penis into my more than ready pussy.

My first Spit Roast. It was so fucking hot, a virtual strangers cock in my mouth while hubby banged my hungry pussy from behind, the fantasy that had been on our minds for so long was becoming a reality at last and it was even hotter than we could have imagined.

Hubby fucked me until he was on the verge of blowing his load then suggested that our guest had a turn fucking me- but checked first that I was ok with it. I was more than ok with it, this was the moment I had been waiting for…. Hubby got the camera ready and captured the moment his cock entered my wet, wet pussy. It was so hot, it had been a very long time since I had been fucked by anyone other than my husband and to be honest I had thought that he would be my last but now this good looking guy I had met less than 2 hours ago was balls deep inside me, panting as he pounded me. Hot.

Hubby kept himself entertained being camera man/director telling us which positions to try and making sure he got good angles with the camera until his turn came around again to put the camera down and fuck his naughty sexy wife.

It was an amazing sexy experience but now with balls emptied and realising that it was the wee small hours of the morning, we reluctantly parted ways with our new acquaintance, still riding the sexual high from our erotic evening together but agreed that a round two was definitely on the menu…