Written by Mrs Route


Fun for Four

After the great success of experimenting with a hot single guy joining us in a threesome, we felt the next step was to meet up with a couple and see where things went from there.... We had been chatting with a really great couple online for several months and we really clicked with them, similar interests and likes and great conversations.

We had shared pictures and were really attracted to them and eventually we took the plunge and made arrangements to meet them for a drink.

Despite being a bundle of nerves it went really well- they were both even more attractive in person, a very striking couple with great personalities and sense of humor. We all got along well and the time just flew by. Despite being in a public place and keeping the conversation relatively PG, I couldn't keep my mind from wandering to more sexy places.... I really wanted to get naked and have fun with these guys but couldn't tell if they felt the same or not.

Our enjoyable evening was cut short rather rudely by the staff asking us to leave as they were closing early, then we had the anxious wait to hear if they had enjoyed it as much as us- and whether they wanted to see us again.

It was with relief and great excitement when we got the text saying they would really like to get to know us even better.

We continued to stay in touch online and although we had flirted and talked of the things we would like to do to each other in the past, it was so much hotter now that we had met and could picture them in the various sexy scenarios that were discussed.

Finally we came up with a date that suited everyone to get together again- a no pressure second meet where we would just hang out, have fun and if one thing led to another then that would be an added bonus.

The days leading up to it seemed to drag by exceptionally slowly and I for one was definitely counting down the days, then hours in anticipation.

Although I have always considered myself straight I found myself unexpectedly attracted to the other woman- I had never experimented in that way before and the possibility of some girl on girl action was a surprising turn on.

The big night arrived so I put on my sexiest dress and started drinking a little too quickly, waiting for them to turn up.

As they walked in the door I again admired how good looking they were, him- great hair, gorgeous smile and sharply dressed, her- simply stunning, absolutely flawless. They were so easy to get along with my nerves soon started dying down and when hubby suggested that we take a dip in the spa it was a welcome idea.

The late Summer evening was beautifully warm and everyone happily stripped completely off and jumped in.

More chatting and drinking until the conversation turned to the toys our friends had bought with them, including a couple of ropes. I had never been tied up before and the thought of being bound and at the mercy of someone else was a huge turn on. Suddenly the spa felt too hot and we got out and made our way back to the house, eager to move things to the next level. I snuck off to the bedroom and quickly pulled on some sexy lingerie and heels, almost skipping back to the lounge in excitement. The guys had pulled their boxes back on by this stage and she had slipped on a very sexy pink negligee.

We set up the sofa bed and our guests emptied the contents of their bag of fun on top of the mattress. There were 2 lengths of rope, a set of 4 leather cuffs, a small flogger, some lube and a double ended dildo.

It was agreed that the women were to be bound so we split the ropes and cuffs between the couples and after a rather clumsy attempt by hubby to copy the beautiful rope work preformed the other Mr., hubs gave up and let him take over. I was more than happy with this arrangement and my senses went into overdrive, eagerly waiting to feel his hands on my body. Unfortunately he was a complete gentleman, only touching me briefly when necessary. It was still a massive turn on all the same and when hubby returned with our paddle it was time for the pleasure to begin.

The girls were positioned side by side, face down bums up- helpless with our hands bound behind our backs while the guys took turns spanking us- with their hands, the flogger and the paddle. I love to be spanked, this was no punishment for me and apart from the occasional strike that hit my poor excited pussy, I enjoyed every lash.

Well spanked with red bums the guys took pity on us and helped us back up on to our knees on the edge of the bed and after some time spent passionately kissing our partners, hubby suggested I try kissing and sucking on the gorgeous set of boobs beside me. With only slight protest and fiend reluctance on my behalf, with encouragement and approval from her partner, I moved closer. He started kissing and sucking on one of her perfect breasts as I hesitantly started softly kissing her chest, slowly kissing my way down to her aroused nipple. I gently explored this new territory with my tongue and her soft moans of pleasure sent waves of excitement rippling through my body.

Her man then told her that it was her turn to repay the favor so as my hubby kissed and nuzzled one of my breasts, she kissed and teased the other.

I was very aroused and hubby was pleasantly surprised when he slipped his hand inside my panties and felt the over flowing wetness of my pussy.

Leaving my well sucked nipple she moved back to her partner and took his waiting erect cock into her lovely mouth.

Hubs pushed me back down on the bed and greedily sampled my delicious wetness.

Soon both us girls were laying side by side on the bed while our partners enjoyed burying their faces between our legs, lapping up our sweet juices while we enjoyed the moment.

One of the guys then suggested the girls try out the brand new double ended dildo- this was another first for me and I couldn't hold the nervous giggles in while we got into position, on our hands and knees facing away from each other.

It was a nice delicate size and considering how wet we both were it slipped in rather easily and we soon got into a good rhythm, rocking back and forth fucking each other with the dildo while the guys kept our mouths busy and full with their hard cocks. It was seriously erotic and I only wish we took more photos to capture the hot unforgettable moment- two sexy blondes, bum to bum, connected by the double ender which was now glistening in our pussy juices while we lustfully sucked our hard, horny partners off.

Unfortunately it was now well into the early hours of the morning and as all good things must come to an end so did our extremely enjoyable evening of hot sexy fun. Until next time......