Written by pawarangers


a very attractive girl I use to date decided we should spice up our relationship and attend a swing party, as we were both quite interested in group sex with other people.

we read all the advise about the dangers of what could happen at swing parties and put together a dos and donts plan, when we arrive we were greeted by the hosts and began to mingle with others, the party was quite large and being part Maori we kept mainly to ourselves but mixed a little with people we felt comfortable with, across the room we noticed a couple that drew alot of attention, she was quite attactive and appeared a little reserved, he knew bra straps were snapping all around him and knew that 99% percent of the women in the room inclunding my lucious lady would love to jump his bones, she wasnt ugly either.

I though mmmmm some lucky couple will be with them tonite, as it happened they seem to be rejecting alot of offers, but wouldnt you know it he comes to us with his partner following close behind and introduces them to us, we make small talk they from out of town and are also part Maori them selves, I think to my self well for once it pays off to be an indigenous New Zealander. As things progress we decide to dance, then he suggest I dance with his partner and him with mine, then out pops the million dollar question.

Hey would guys like to swing with us, my partner smiles and nods as does his, so we quickly depart to a empty room with 2 single beds, he doesnt waste any time and starts passionately kissing and fondling my partner, me and his partner take out time exploring each other and finding out what pleases us, this women is very sensual and shows her apprcciation for my hard work in many ways, while her partner and mine seem to run out of petrol and spend more time observing us. He seems to either concerned, or sees and hears moans, and groans of pleasure from her that he has never heard.

As she sucks my cock I lift her up and turn her upside down to give and recieve one of best sixty nines i have had, my partner said she felt very proud of me when she saw that and wanted to applaud, when I was ready cum i just let it splash all over her wow what finish, we just laid to gether for a moment trembling in extacy. He came over and instructed us to return to our own patners as we dressed we would smile at each other, she said quickly would you like our phone number but he quickly said there is no need we do come this way very often, as we walked out of the room all eyes were cast on us like we were movie stars....wow what a night.