My Only Regret

A lifetime of Swinging

A brief introduction will help enlighten somewhat upon just how we got to our existing life.

I met my wife to be just as became of legal age of sexual consent. I was jut a year older and had very limited experience having been responsible for deflowering my first ever ‘conquests’. That alone tells you what a rotten kind of male I was back then and of that I’m not proud. My date was at a party and herself set up on a blind date with a guy who she found to be a real dork. This was my opportunity and I jumped in hoping for another quick conquest. Amy however was a totally innocent and shy girl whose only experience was a hurried kiss on her cheek with her first boyfriend. She was raised to believe that sex was only for married couples and then for the purpose of pro-creation. No time had the thought crossed her mind that sex could ever performed for pleasure and it was indeed gross. I only worked this out on our third date and I’d stuck it out due her absolutely amazing tits and figure. I wanted those tits out and wanted into her panties and I was determined to achieve this if it took me a couple of weeks. Ha, ha Amy took me an incredible 4 weeks to realise just what passionate kissing did. After reaching this first target several further dates ensued before she finally relented and gave me access to her wonderful tits. Believe me they really did look, feel and taste so incredible. Later I found her tits to be 36E with matching incredible aureoles and nipples to die for. In short although I didn’t realise it then I was hooked and I was destined to spend the rest of my life with this incredible girl. Once I had her tits out it took less time to have her finally hold and marvel at her first ever cock which I took as a positive sign that I wasn’t going to have wait much longer to enjoy my third virgins so tight and hot vagina. In fact it was on our next date and Amy was panting and heaving in passion as I gingerly opened her virgin lips and pressed my raging hard cock forward and then through her hymen. After a pause whilst she caught her breath I was soon bottoming out in a cunt I was to get know intimately for the rest of life. A cunt though that I was soon no longer exclusively enjoying.

Amy was an absolute natural and I was luckily the beneficiary of her rebellion against her strict and innocent upbringing. Within minutes she was fucking me back like a pro, her whole body responding and literally glowing as she strained for her first ever climax. When it hit she exploded and her nails raked my back clawing deeply as she pulled me in hard and deep. Her breathing gained pace, her nipples became ever harder and protruded and she screamed loudly collapsing in a transitory state under me. Wow was that one hell of a fuck. She was absolutely fucking wonderful. If I hadn’t known her background she could easily have passed for a seasoned and well fucked pro. She was a definite keeper and I decided there and then to keep her for me.

Within a few sex mad weeks Amy said that she wanted to get engaged to me for marriage. Before you ask - NO - she wasn’t pregnant although if I’m honest that’s the first thought that crossed my mind when she told me we should get engaged! Even more strangely I actually agreed and soon had ring on her finger. Within only a week of her becoming my fiancé came the sucker or killer punch. Amy sat me down and said “There’s something I have to tell you. I love you and want to marry you but - unless I can experience sex with another ‘friend’ I’m going to break up from you. I need to know what another cock feels like and it will not stop me loving you, I promise you I’ll always love you and with any one else it will only be sex, not love. An you accept me me having my freedom and still love me. It’s up you, just remember I’ll always love you and you alone”. Well blow me down for some unimaginable reason I accepted! Whether it was because of my absolutely raging hard on or because I was so already so love with this gorgeous girl I’ll never really understand. What I do know is that Amy had already arranged a date the next night with one of her office colleagues and she was going on it no matter what said or did. Without hesitation we had such unbelievably great sex and fucked ourselves to exhaustion. The next day I sported and even harder than usual dick all day long came the night and I sat there alone with a stupid grin on face and an even bigger straining cock than I’d ever had before. I envisaged her straddling another young hard cock and riding him to exhaustion as cane repeatedly on HIS cock buried deeply up her cunt. I felt no revulsion or jealousy but I did feel an arousal so fucking strongly as I saw her coming hard in my minds eye.

Amy turned up a couple of hours later in a dishevelled state. She had that just fucked look and the same satisfying look I’d observed after we’d just fucked. We both stripped naked in an instant and literally fucked like wild animals. She was still carrying her lovers load and I was now hooked on sloppy seconds too. Her tits seemed to covered in hickeys and her nipples even harder and more pronounced than I’d ever seen before with her vagina was still leaking her lovers cum and looking red from the vigorous workout he’d so recently given it. I don’t think I’d ever seen such a wonderful, erotic and vision ever close to my Amy at that time. We both rapidly reached or ask and flung closer to each other than I’d have believed possible after my Amy’s ‘infidelity’ and I knew then that I loved her deeply and truly. We both slept until the sunlight woke us stuck together with the combined cum of her liver and mine. I slowly managed to separate and gazed once more at Amy’s still engorged vagina and was was drawn to it like a magnet. When my lips settled and tasted the wonderful gooey cum and Amy’s juices I became a cum eating lover. The cocktail was so tasty and the aroma so heady I quickly tongued and sucked clean the most amazingly tasty offerings almost so giddy with emotion that I felt like I was flying high and that the world and my life just couldn’t get better. It didn’t take long for it exceed this though as Amy told me that her lover was in his late fifties ( in fact he was 59) and she was going to see him again and also that she was going to see many others like him as often as she was able. My cock was hard enough to break as she added that life and sex with others was going to fantastic and she wanted me to enjoy the same freedom and date others any time I chose. She also told me that we had a date with a married couple that coming weekend it was with her lover and his wife who she told me were swingers (wife swappers)!

As that weekend date came around Amy shaved herself smooth and then shaved my balls anal region likewise saying that was how Dan and his wife liked it best. I had a hard job not to cum there and then but managed to somehow. That night I was privileged to watch as Amy was taken inch by inch and then thoroughly fucked until she screamed out in the wildest of passions and orgasms. Dan was about the same length same but thicker and really stretched out ‘my’ Amy’s love hole squealing in delight to feel so very full. When Dan pushed though her next multiple orgasm I felt so proud and happy that my fiancé was so deliriously happy and sexually fulfilled and lucky that she loved me so much.

Meanwhile of course I was in my own heavenly state as Liz (she was a lovely 59 year old and worldly lady/slut) taught me many new finer points in how to please and be pleased sexually.

I could on with many more examples from our many swinging life of sex swaps but will pause and leave you with our one regret. To have some video of just something of us both pleasing and being pleased. To be able to look back upon and watch us in the throws of orgiastic bliss with at least some our sex partners is our one and only regret of the wonderful swinging lifestyle we shared for so many, many years. To anyone hesitant at joining in and sharing your loved ones I’d say DO NOT DELAY for a second. It will be fantastic. I’m happy to chronicle any further exploits if I receive such requests and will willingly answer any questions you wish to ask.