Written by couple4748


This was an amazing night; we had talked about it for some time and finally made the move to bring this fantasy to life. We drove from Wellington to Auckland on the Thursday and booked into our hotel , we had plan to go to the club on the Friday night , mainly to watch , see what happens and then return on the Saturday night and if we felt ok ,join in a little.

We have been married 20+ years and never strayed in that time so the thought of a swingers club was both exciting and scary as hell all at the same time. Friday night came and we got ready, Mrs looked so sexy in a special outfit i had bought for her.

We turned up at the club by taxi just in time to see another couple going in, we smiled at each other full of fear and excitement and followed them. The hosts took our money and showed up around the club , changing rooms, play rooms the spa and various pieces of play equipment foe use.

It was not long before we were at the bar chatting to the other couple we had seen arrived and was invited into the "four poster room” we followed them and soon got naked.....

Mr and his new female partner lazed on the bed while Mrs and her new man relaxed in the arm chair with him going straight for her shaved pussy with his mouth. Both couple watched each other as kissing turned to licking , licking turned to probing and finally the need for condoms were apparent.

Mrs new partner had some trouble with his condom and she helped while I who always have trouble wished I brought some of the larger ones. Both couple abandoned the condoms and carried on with the fun.

A crowd had gathered at the door to the room to watch the action which only exited everyone more until a new player walked straight into the room, this new man was a slightly older guys who MRs had had her eye on from the moment we arrived, she wanted him and he talk total control “ come suck my cock “ he demanded and she did , excusing herself form her first partner of the night and moving on. No sooner was she on her knees with the cock she had wanted from the start was it interrupted again with this new man’s partner says someone was waiting for them and they had to go. The man offered my wife his card but you could tell she was disappointed.

We exchanged a few pleasantries with this couple and excused ourselves. I got a locker and we donned robes not seeing any point in dressing again. We went through to the spa pools were 3 couples were already playing with each other and introduced ourselves as we entered the pool.

It was not long before the hands were roaming and a slight built woman had her tongue down my throat and her hands around my cock. My finger entered her pussy and even though it was under water I could tell how excited she was as her natural juices were flowing nicely.

Two of us guys were sat on the side of the spa enjoying the expert blowjobs for two of the ladies when without warning Mrs exploded into a very noisy orgasm, let me tell you when she comes the world know about it!, every one stops to see the husband of the woman sucking my cock giving a real good licking and she just came all over his mouth, she was a little embarrassed as she opened her eye and we were all looking at her with huge smiles on our faces. It did not take her long to pull herself together and return the favour for this guy who’s cock I must admit was a little longer than mine but not as think. Just what Mrs was looking for at the club. To protect my ego here mine is a not too shabby 7 ½ inches.

The ladies sucking our cocks swap with each other a couple of times and Mrs seems to find a different cock to play with each time I looked but the major attraction in the pool was a young Asian woman with rock hard sensitive nipples that stuck out at least ½ inch and the most perfect ass I have ever seen, she shied away from two of the males who were obviously being too aggressive for her so I just caressed her cheeks for a while and she slowly pushed herself harder and harder against me. It was clear she did not want my cock in her but wanted to feel it against her skin and took hold of it with a good firm grip. When I did caress her arms I found her hand and two fingers firmly plunged into Mrs pussy, this was a first for Mrs so just pulled back to watch so see how far this would go. It did not go too much further but the pair of them caressed and fondled each other for at least an hour as the Asian woman was fascinated with Mrs large breasts. We exited the pool after about what must have been a couple of hours for a drink and play on some of the other equipment and to see who else was still that that late………

We sat on a couple of couches and fondled our own partners until a guy came , introduced himself to Mrs ( he had been in the spa with us ) and she again sucked him , I moved behind her and entered her sopping wet pussy from behind while she sucked his by now only ½ erect dick. A blond woman who we had watched being fucked earlier came over near me and pushed her pussy to my face and I was happy to do as I was ordered, licking away at her shaved pussy it was just dripping , really dripping…. I pulled away and inserted two fingers then three with ease all the while still fucking Mrs from behind as she sucked another cock , the mental image still drives me wild.

A few minutes of this passed and I’m sorry to say a young guy came and took the blond away and we all stopped again for a rest. We all chatted for a while and decided at 2.30am it was time to call it a night. As we walked together back to the lockers to get dressed we looked into one of the play rooms to find the blonde and the young guys fucking like machines, he was slapping her and being really rough and she loved it ! He was fingering her like I’ve never seen , really fast and really hard and then it happened , We were all shocked , turned on and amazed ! She squirted!! It was everywhere water or juice or whatever it was just gushing from her pussy !

Mrs was just fixated and just stood open mouthed , I knew what I was going to have to try and do for her at some stage 

That was the end of a fucking amazing night at the club, we returned to our hotel about 3.30am and fucked each other like it was our first time , the sex between us both was far better than anything else that night but the thought will live in our minds and our smiles for a long long time 