Written by Sarah and David


We recently had our first experience at CCK in Auckland. Having never been to something like that before we were very nervous. Hubby and I got dressed at the hotel - I was in a short black skirt and blouse, with garter and stockings, black bra and no knickers....

When we got in we had a drink then decided to have a look in the tent. We went in and started kissing, then I felt a hand on my hips from behind - it was such a thrill as I have not had another man touch me for several years. The hand slid under my skirt, pushing it up slightly, I adjusted my legs apart slightly and felt him slipping his hand between my legs. I was instantly wet as a stranger started rubbing my clit while my hubby kissed me. My husband ran his hand down my tummy and lower still. I was holding his hard cock when I felt the moment he realised another guy was rubbing me - his cock went so hard!

Knowing he was turned on excited me. The strangers hand left me then he slipped into the tent with us. He was quite younger - maybe early twenties and good looking. My hubby was behind me and the young guy came straight up to be and started kissing me deeply. I melted into his arms and let go with caution knowing my husband was right there looking after me. He seemed to slip back from me letting the guy take over.... but I knew he would be watching and turned on.

My skirt was still pushed up onto my hips and I felt him caressing my hips then he started gently rubbing me again while he kissed me - I was so close to orgasm! I ran my hands up under his shirt onto his back then down to his jeans unbuttoning them and releasing his hard cock. He was so hard it was unbelievable.

I glanced around to see my husband standing there watching looking very turned on. Turning back to the young guy he slowly unbuttoned my blouse slipping it down off my shoulders. He ran his fingertips from my neck across my shoulders slipping my bra straps off my shoulders as his fingertips ran down my arms - my skin had goosebumps with his touch. Gently he pulled my bra down by the straps to expose my breasts. He kissed my lips soflty then started kissing my neck and kept moving lower onto my breasts. I couldn't stop myself as I arched my back as he took my hard nipple in his mouth - it felt incredible - my nipples ached with exquisite intensity.

As he knelt in front of me sucking on my hard nipples his hand slid up my thigh then he slipped two fingers inside me... a small moan escaped my lips... my husband was rock hard watching the whole time...

to be continued...