Written by RodPeaches


Sometimes we book a hotel in town. We go dancing and drinking and eat out. One night we met this fun couple at Smash Palace and after a few drinks and laughs we invited them back to our hotel. We dared the girls to make out and put on a show for us.....they were a bit shy at first but soon really got into.They started caressing each other through their panties. Peaches took charge and pulled off the other girls knickers and started kissing and licking her all over. She was masterbating at the same time and really getting into it. The girls forgot we were watching for a while, which made it even hotter, we were definitely enjoying the show and were both rock hard even though we were still fully clothed. 

When I unzipped my trousers, they both heard me and gave us a cheeky smile. They laid down on their backs with both their pussys facing us, all wet and slippery. They started touching themselves and spreading their lips to show us how horny they were.

I asked if I could blindfold the other girl and play a game with her. She agreed and I told her to bend over on the bed. I teased her from behind with my cock, then secretly swapped with Peaches and she slipped a couple of fingers in. The guy had his cock out and was loving the show. I winked at him and Peaches stepped away and he grabbed her by the hips and thrust in deep. She gasped, and wasn't sure who was doing what to her. I stuck my cock in her mouth while he pumped her and she sucked me eagerly. Peaches wanted a turn too, so she wiggled infront of me and underneath the girl so that her pussy was under the girls face.

 I saw the other guy was fingering her arse while he was fucking her,  and he saw my smile. He kept on fingering her but pulled his cock out and nodded... I eased into her sopping wet pussy. She moaned as I plunged into her. I could feel his finger which was wierd but felt awesome. I was so close to exploding so I eased out and grabbed Peaches by the hips. We fucked hard while watching the others do the same, it was intense. The girls were trying to kiss but kept banging heads as we were pounding them so hard. I almost laughed out loud but thought it might kill the momenum.  I exploded with Peaches and we collapsed, watching the others carry on for a few more minutes, until they climaxed too.

We all looked at each other speechless with massive smiles.....