Written by xquisitefem


My partner had an old rugby friend called Lewey who I vaguley knew before ths night. This is the story of a night out when we meet Lewy out and about in town. My partner had been chatting in a corner to Lewy for awhile and then he said to me that we were off home and Lewy was going to get a lift with us. I don’t think much of it as it was late and Lewy lives on the way to ours, but I should remember with you never to know what to expect. We get a cab to go home, the first thing I know about what they are planning is when Lewy gets out of the cab at our house. We go inside and my heart is pounding and I feel a little nervous. You tell me to get you both a beer which I do, as I hand it to you I notice you have sat down to watch some sport on sky tv.

You whisper to go upstairs and slip into the slip you bought me last week and not wear any underwear. I nod though I feel a flush coming to my checks the slip is completely see through and I will be showing and offering your friend my freshly shaved pussy and my breasts.

I do as you say and come down quickly in case I upset you. As I come down you are both on the couch enjoying your beers and a chat about the game. I come and stand in front of you eyes down caste, a flush to my checks and my see through red slip. Lewy stops talking about you tell me to slowly turn around so he can see me. You say she has a nice arse doesn’t she and he agrees, you then say I have a sweet tasting pussy as well . You tell me to move where he can touch me and I do. I am pulled down onto your lap while Lewy who isn’t shy begins to feel up my breasts and the shape of my waist and hips and begins to kiss me. Before I know it someone is slipping their fingers into my pussy and I am told to get up and Lewy takes my hand and takes me to the bedroom. You follow with an eager look on your face- you love to see me fucked and like it that you can decide when I am given to others.

In the bedroom Lewy takes of the slip and I am naked while both of you are fully clothed. You both move into suck my breasts and as I look down there are two heads at my chest eagerly sucking my nipples while Lewy this time pushes my legs apart and enters me with his fingers. Obviously he likes the silky wet feeling of my pussy as he then pushes me to the bed and lies me on my back as he licks me out. Pushing my legs further apart as his head eagerly laps at me. He stands up and takes off his clothes as I lie on the bed still legs apart and pussy warm and moist and open.

I watch as Lewys cock already hard and glistening is released from his pants and he kneels on the bed and straddles my head to put it into my mouth. He lifts my head up to receive it and he fucks my mouth while I help guide him with one hand and gently tease his balls with his other. I see you at the corner of the bed also naked enjoying the show touching you cock gently and wonder what else you have in store for me tonight.

Lewy brings his cock down my body and enters me hard- I shudder as I feel him penetrate and full me up with his cock in me and his tongue also taking over my mouth. As he fucks me I can brace myself and tighten my pussy which you like and I can feel his cock grow harder inside me.

She feels nice doesn’t she you say and Lewy grunts in agreement without losing his rythem. You come to sit on the bed and reach between us to massage my clitoris while I take him. The stimulation is well received and I feel myself grow harder and wetter. Lewy gets off me you direct me into doggy style while you enter me from behind- Lewy puts his cock into my eager mouth. It feels so satisfying to have a cock to suck while you fuck me and I know that you are watching me suck his cock and enjoying it also. You then turn me around and ask Lewy if he wants to fuck me up the arse or shall I. I shudder as I know you are planning double penetration and I feel him withdraw me take the lube from the drawer and begin to massage some into my arse.

Lewy says he would love to do my arse and they change places. You lay underneath me and enter my pussy and lewy comes to the back of me. I ask him to please enter me gently and try to relax myself. I reach my hand around to help to guide him in. Suddenly I have two cocks inside me at different angles- it feels on the verge of intense pain and intense pleasure- The pressure on my pussy and arse in immense. You both begin to move inside of me. And I know as you have said before that my pussy feels tighter like you can also feel the pressure of his cock in me. Before I know it I am yelling with each thrust as you both get into a rhythm. I can do little but stay still and open and allow you both to fuck me.

You say to him it might be nice to try both cocks in my pussy. It’s a squeeze but hes done it before. You both pull out of me and you direct me to clean off lewys penis from my arse juices with a wet wipe which I do gently.

Lewy this time lies on the bottom and I put his penis inside me. You get up behind me and I lie still again while you force your penis into me alongside Lewys suddenly I have two cocks in my pussy and the pressure of you both is immense, every inch of me its filled to the brim. You both begin to move a little with you from behind able to move the most and effectively massage both me and Lewys cock as you move. I know how much you like this and the thought that soon my pussy will be filled to the brim with your come and Lewys come. You gather momentum and then suddenly I feel you both spasming inside me as my naughty wee pussy is pumped full of come.

We all collapse on a heap both of you still inside of me. Eventually we get up and Lewy leaves. You direct me to lie on my back while you lick the come from me and then fuck me again with it still in side me. As you fuck me you tell me what a dirty slut I am to have two men inside me and remind me of all the dirty things that I did. Over the next 24 hours you fill me again and again until I am sore and raw and whisper lots of things you will do to your whore next time.