Written by jaco


well we where still living in joburg south africa ,as you know lots of racist tings going on there. Well i have this friend that have this black man that work for him in the week, he is a painter.

I ask my friend if I can get his painter over the weekend to help me with painting my house on the in side ,this painter is very good and know how to do his work. well my friend ask him and he was just to happy to get extra money in for work.

Saturday come and he was there rite on time , we where buzzee in the tv room,when my wife walk a round the house in her g-string and no top with her hot body and nice boobs 32c,for getting that this black man is in the house ,his name is john.

now john is a tall well build very dark black man and have a very nice body. he show my wife and look at me to see if i have seen what he just saw, i must say it was a dream of mine to have my wife taken by anther man and to see the look of his eyes was Pris Lise.

my wife went out and sat on the out door sofa and have a sun tan, I told him it is ok she may have for gotten he was here.I went out to the back of the house to go get some ting and when i come back he was standing next to her and she was looking up at him ,I can see this is going to be bad.

I walked over "hi love ,this is john I told you he will be here "

she looked at me and smiled ok ,looked at john and smile "hi john ,nice body"

he look at her and touched her right boob , I look at her and sed hay go in side she got up and walk in to the tv room and over to the sofa, I then smell that she have taken a drink or 2 .

she ask me can she feel him , I look at her and sed "well if you whant bud this is a black man "

my wife look at me and sed " I always wonderd how thay are and if thay are as big ass every body say "

she then feel his chest and rub down to his work pants and grab with one hand his dick,he start to feel her up and tuch my wife milk white skine ,he start to kiss her and she start to moan I knew this is going to make my dream come true.

my wife un button his pants and went down to find a long hard 20cm black cock and thick ,she open her mouth and swallow him in in to her, I can see on her face this is good and he was looking at her with this hot and horny look.

he lay her on her back and start to tack off her g-string ,his black finger meeting up with her pussy. 1 finger enter and it was white with my wifes juse ,my wife moan and start to make more noze. he then put his big cock in my wife ,she cry out ooooo it is big slow slow slow and in it went , slowly he start to move in and out ,in and out. in my mind I nottis he has no condom on and my wife is cumming all over his cock.

she is makking more and more sounds of lust. I am so hard I start to have precume ,my under pants is wet , he start to move faster and suddenly stop....... with a out cry he sed to my wife take my cum and full her pussy up.

He take his cock out of my wife and I can see the cum rolling out of my wifes pussy. kissed her, thay layd there for a sort time. My wife got up smiled at me and went for a shower .

I looked at him and he smiled. That is a good wife and she like to fuck , smiled and sed to him that was good, and thank you for that it was my dream to have that dun to my wife ,he replide and sed next time he will bring his friend , we smiled and went on with work .

later when he was gon I when to my wife and ask her what was that all about, and she tald me that that was a gived from her to me and she all so realy loved it.