Written by Gudguyinnz


This took place in the summer of 2009.. I was a 18. Fit and unbelievably horny.

I pulled into the rural bars car park and could see a couple standing outside having a drink. I noticed immediately that the lady who was much older than I was (mid 50s) was wearing a short school girl skirt, a see through white blouse with black bra and a sexy pair of heels. She looked incredible with a petite figure and nice ass.

I walked up to them and introduced myself before grabbing a drink. When I returned Mrs (as I will call her) had sat on the bar stool opposite me. With no table to block my view spread her knees slightly. Revealing that she had no underwear on and her lovely pink pussy was glistening wet..

As an 18 year old bull this drove me absolutely wild! We quickly finished our drinks while chatting about our likes and dislikes. Then I followed them back to there place which was just around the corner. Mrs led my by hand upstairs to a play room they had set up with couches a bed and toys! Before I knew it she was on her knees un buckling my belt. My cock was already hard, so when she finally fished it out of my jeans it was raging. The smile on her face was priceless as she admired my young 8 inch piece of meat. Without wasting any time she buried it in her open mouth taking it like a pro! I was so horny that the feeling of her deep throating me was better than anything iv ever experienced it drove me nuts. Within seconds my cock was throbbing as I pumped her mouth full of my hot cum. She didn't stop sucking or pumping and didn't even spill a drop until I had nothing left.

I'd completely forget about Mr at this point, as id just experienced the best orgasm of my life. He was just finishing getting undressed as he watched Mrs sucking my cock. He hadn't realised that his pro wife had already brought me to orgasm and was suprised when she showed him a mouth full of cum. He was on his knees at this point and jealous about not getting some, without giving me a chance to react he grabbed my cock and proceeded to clean it off from top to bottom in one go sucking hard trying to get any last drop of cum out of me. It felt strange, I didn't want another man sucking my cock but my heart raced I didn't know what to do. It felt amazing but wrong at the same time. Before I could think twice he pulled away with a grin and complimented me on my size and ability to stay hard after Cumming.

At this point Mrs had lay down on the bed and began stroking herself. She called us over and made me lick her pussy while she rubbed her clit. Mr warned me to not get to close and with a confused looked I carried on enjoying her sweet juices. Before long her breathing was getting faster and her moans louder within seconds she began to climax. Squirting the hottest pussy juice iv ever seen over my open mouth she was screaming in absolute ecstasy! Her body convulsing as she came like a pro.

After her climax she instructed me to lie in her place. She straddled me and slowly began to sink my cock into her super wet pussy. She was suprisingly tight and felt incredible as she sat down on my full 8 inches. Without realising it Mr came from behind and start lubing up his cock, he knelt behind her and in between my legs and slowly worked his shaft into her ass while she grounded my cock. I couldn't believe it. We were doing double penetration and it was fucking hot. Our thrusts were a little awkward at first. Once we got the rythym though we began to speed up and I could feel my cock getting ready to cum again. We were all getting closer as we fucked Mrs as one. Her moans of pleasure were evidence of that and as I reached the tipping point my balls exploded with a huge load of cum pumping into her pussy this set her off and she came Squirting over my cock. While Mr came in her ass dripping cum and pussy juice ever where. We colapsed in a hot horny heap. It was time for a drink..

To be Continued. ..