Following my last experience with the couple Dan and Natalie now named and with their friend Alex.

We meet up with the trio a couple of times after that. But just recently I have been going out with the friend Alex.

Tuesday night I slept with Alex but I realized I am developing feelings for him.

It was our 3rd time sleeping together. Our day started out like a date. We went out to Fox & Ferret for dinner and had a few drinks and then we went to the motel where we always go to at Lincoln Rd.

When we went in our room, I started kissing him more than usual and more passionately. Then he slowly undressed me while I undress him. While still standing and fully undressed on both knees on floor I went down on him, I thought I tell him how I felt that night so i did everything with more passion. I gave him head with more licking on the shaft and down to his balls. Then I pushed him to the bed while I was on the edge of the bed sucking him, few moments later he moaned more and more till he moaned I'm about to cum and came in my mouth. I wanted to make a statement so I swallowed.

He was still so I mounted him and before I could put him inside me he reached for the condoms and tore one open. I said "No, I want to feel you tonight". so sat on his big cock but struggled as usual. after a few minutes of adjustments and initial stretching I manage to fit him. While I was doing woman on top I kissed him passionately and my moan was more softer that my usual slutty moans.

The we switched places and he was doing me missionary style but I was hugging and kissing him while he fucked me , few moments later I came and moaned "Oh yes, I love you". When he was about to cum again I told him do it in me and he did.

Then he collapsed beside me and said "Well, that's different". Then I cuddled beside him and said. "Its because I think I like you". It went quite a few seconds and he replied "I also think I like you",

Then i think we fell asleep after. The next day, waking up we had sex again. After sex, he said I am actually honest when I said I like you as well. Then we kissed for quite a while before he headed out our own way.

The next day, I confessed to my hubby about saying I like Alex, but I told him I love him (my hubby) and I will always be in love and be with him (husband).

It upsetted him at first but I assured him its just meaning regular sex with emotions involved maybe. but I will never leave him and always be your wife. That made him comfortable and reassured.