Written by deelitefull


Last night was amazing!! I have not experienced anything like it before.... I was trimmed and shaved before we started.... as was Sandy.

To begin with I had my baby doll nightie on and on the count of 3 Sandy and I discarded our clothes at the same time.

Sandy has beautiful full breasts and lovely round nipples. We sat beside each other on the couch and I ran my hand along her thigh, until it slid down to her freshly shaven pussy. I timidly felt her smooth pussy.

Mark went out to the shed to get something but I was not aware what it was. Much to my surprise he returned with a soft whip.

Sandy playfully and softly let the whip trail down my breasts and across my stomach.

As we chatted a "rabbit" appeared! Sandy showed me how to use it and what settings to use.

Slowly I slid it into Sandy's pussy a little unsure but was encouraged to carry on. I felt a thrill of excitement at what I was doing.

Sandy said she was uncomfortable and wished to lay on the floor. I looked at Mark and told him to shhhh as I knelt in front of Sandy.

I couldn't help myself, her beautiful breasts were there just waiting to be played with. I tweaked her nipples before closing my mouth over them and gently tugging on them.

They were so beautiful, like ripe cherries and her perfume was so soft and beautiful. I slid my hands down her voluptuous body towards her smooth pussy. Somehow this felt so right. I lowered my head and shyly ran my tongue along her pussy. All I needed was to see her pink folds to send an electric shock through my body. I slid in first one finger then another while I flicked her clitoris with my tongue until I could see it stiffen. It was like a drug to me and I just wanted to bury my tongue in her waiting pussy.

I lowered my body further and slid my tongue into her beautiful pussy. She tasted so clean and fresh and glistened as I plunged my tongue into her folds. I then moved up and kissed her tenderly on the lips while I played again with her breasts. I slid my tongue into her again and could feel my own pussy aching. The dildo was used while I tongued her, it was driving me wild as I have never used a "rabbit" before. The dildo was removed and I went back to sucking, licking, and teasing. As I went to suckle her breast again her hand slid down to my pussy and she slid her fingers into me.

It was amazing and i came almost instantly...

When I could kneel no longer, Mark took my place licking and teasing his lady while I sucked on her nipples. When she started to orgasm I grabbed the dildo and started to pleasure myself while I watched them.

I orgasmed as the "rabbit" tickled my clitoris and I came again.

That was my first amazing experience with another woman!