Written by xquisitefem


At this time in my life I was unhappily married. Sex had been a very occasional activity for me and I had got pretty sick of it. I had got on a dating site and started a profile saying bored horny housewife needs to be Fucked! Well needless to say I had pages of very helpful guys offering to help me out, but anyway that’s another story …..

By this point I had chosen a guy to assist me with my sexual needs a bit longer term. He was picked for his large hard cock and ability to fuck me hard and long and be quite satisfying, with no great emotional complications!! On this particular ccasion my husband announced he was going to Sydney for a weekend holiday on his own. Looking back there is no doubt he was going to get himself laid also but I didn’t care my immediate thought was maximising all the naughty girl fun I could have while he was away. So on line I got and realised – joy of all joys that there was a swinger’s party that very weekend!!

Now by this point I had slept with only one girl so still classified myself in the “bi-curious” stage and the curiosity was killing me. I thought I wanted a whole lot more girly fun. I organised my shag buddy to come with me- he was keen, but by the time it got to the night we were both hellishly nervous. What if we were recognised? What would it be like? Would we arrive and be jumped…… Luckily it was a masquerade party so we both had masks on. I had a mask and slinky lingerie costume and a blond wig. My own mother wouldn’t have recognised me!!

It still took us three shots of liqueur to get from the carpark to the front door and another 5 minutes of arguing in the hallway about who was brave enough to knock to get in. At that point we both could have easily made a run for it except we had bought the tickets. We knocked and the door was answered by a woman in a mask and long wavy hair, she greeted us and showed us inside. Inside there were around 40 people many half naked in sexy lingerie and PVC all talking and having a drink. We were shown around and left our things in the large closet. The venue was in the pent-house suite of an inner city motel. It had three bedrooms upstairs and a large living room down stairs, with a balcony where you could see all the city lights.

Need less to say, with none of our fears happening we began to relax. I was wearing a pretty red lingerie slip that showed off my nice long tanned legs and small pert tits well. We ended up talking to a large group of similarly aged younger people. (At this point I was around 33) There were about 6 cute girls with long flowing hair and hot wee bodies and as the guys stood back we all got closer and closer and danced and chatted. They were really hot and I just wanted to grab their yummy tits and feel their sweet kisses all over me – I was real hungry for girl!!….. but not much happened and the hours passed and the sexual tension and the alcohol consumption grew and we all stayed there, dancing and chatting and fully clothed. Me without the wig and mask eventually.

Then quite suddenly there was a change in the atmosphere and we were all getting stuck into eachother there in the lounge. Us six young horny women, tongues kissing and exploring each others mouths and suddenly I got to feel the soft curve of another women’s hip and feel the tease of another women’s tongue sweet and delicate on mine. Heaven! With clothes flying off everywhere- by then my red hot slip had gone and my little breasts were visible for the not unsizeable crowd of men and other couples gathering to watch the sexy wee floor show we were putting on.

“Lets go find a room!” Someone suggested and off we went up the stairs. Upstairs the three double rooms were already taken with bodies in various stages of sex and the only room free was a little single room with a single bed. So somehow us 6 girls and two men who just managed to get in on the fun where suddenly in full on orgy on this small heaving bed. It was a squash with many of us half on and half off.

I remember kissing a girls breasts as I fingered another girls pussy and then opening my legs for someone else to bury her face in the soft wetness between my legs. The crowd from below had followed us and I was aware of around 10 people crowding the door way and enjoying the show some of the men quite visibly!! I imagined their eyes sweeping over my body as I was enjoying the soft pleasure of my new friends.

Somehow with all those hot girls I so wanted to fuck I was lined up by a young guy. Soon he had my legs wide apart and we had found a position on the side of the bed and he was laying his not unlarge cock into me hard and fast. I remember looking down my young tight body and watching the cock of someone whose name I didn’t know and even whose voice I had never heard entering me. (later when he finished he did actually speak and I found out he was European!) As he fucked me there were bodies to each side moaning and various acts happening. As he worked I stole the occasional kiss from the hot girl next to me who was also being ridden hard, we kept of swallowing the groans and gasps from eachother as the mens cocks pumped us.

Eventually it got pretty hot and steamy in that room and everyone sated finished and left the room smelling like sex- with used condoms around and yes the bed was broken from all those writhing bodies. My shag partner was pretty impressed by our little show but jealous that he hadn’t been part of it. He came in straight after and pumped his frustrations into me on the bed. So suddenly there I was fucked in a short time by two men. That was pretty naughty for a young bored housewife like me at that time but ended up as a sign of things to come.

That party ended up being a first of a few for me- but it also got me into the scene and was the start of a number of new “friendships” for both of us. I ended up having a threesome with a couple I met there after that party. (story to come) and the women who opened the door for us went out with my fuck buddy the following year. The man who fucked me I bumped into again a couple years later and it wasn’t till after he had done me again that I realised it wasn’t our first time together. He was only 23. Most of the people I still know today. So while I went for pussy and felt as nervous as hell- I left with good memories and some long term friends.