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1 Jun 2021

My First DP

Two is definitely better than one !!


3 minute read

We were having our second foursome with really good friends. The first one was a completely unexpected surprise for all of us at our home. We had been out for dinner where our conversation often leads to sex. They have a fascination of my being bi and often asked of any recent encounters, that does often set the scene and when we got back to our place it seemed that it was just the right time for the four of us. After that first night our friend Alison was no longer curious that's for sure and I made sure she enjoyed her first time. It was on the Monday after that she rang me telling me how much she loved everything we did, she had chatted with her man and they wanted to ask us to their home wanting to host my hubby and I. Knowing exactly what was planned I was a little more prepared, I had my bag of toys, I dressed in a nice full length dress but on my hubby's request had absolutely nothing underneath. When we arrived it was already dark, their children were at grandparents so their living space was beautifully laid out with big cushions and rugs which they must have purchased especially. The lights were dimmed the music sexy and the mood was set from the moment we stepped inside. Ali and I kissed with a little more passion than we would normally, I took her had and passed it down over my bum, while I used my other to do the same to her, both of us were already turned on by each other. After some wine, kissing and touching what was left of our clothes were off. When we have a foursome with Ali and her man it exactly that, anything goes Both our men are straight but when we are together nothing matters. I was on the floor straddled over her man with his cock deep in side me, I was leaning forward licking his nipples with my bum in the air. At this time I couldn't see Ali and my hubby but assumed they were behind us. I suddenly felt a well lubed finger enter my bum and then another, it was Ali. I was accustomed to anal so was quite relaxed to the treatment I was receiving, but then my hubby was kneeling behind me with his cock sliding around the entrance of my bum hole, Ali was beside me arms over me spreading my bum to welcome him in. He slid in with ease. I have had a dildo up my bum while being fucked but this was the first time I had two cocks in me at the same time. The sensation was one I had never experienced before with two differing ways of heightened fulfillment at the same time. Ali had now positioned herself over her mans face and was getting her pussy licked, we tried to kiss but I was getting pushed that hard that the movement made it impossible. It wasn't long before I could feel my hubby cum inside my bum and almost at the same time so did Ali's man, I collapsed on top of him shaking from one of the best orgasms ever. My bum was leaking cum down over my pussy on to his his softening cock and balls, but like a true lover of cum I found Ali to be, she licked up every droplet from both him and me. Not wanting to be left out I cleaned up my hubby's cum leaving enough for Ali to taste when we soon kissed. From that day on we had regular foursomes. We have traveled together to Auckland for a weekend fantasy which included a night at the swingers club CCK, but that experience is for another time.

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