Written by Happy_Fukka


I matched with a girl from Auckland named Stacey on Tinder 4 years ago when I was 32. She was a pretty blonde in her early 30's with a slim but curvy body and nice tits.

Stacey had a partner named Andrew and it turns out they were looking for a guy for her to experience her first mfm. I had taken part in one mfm previously about 10 years earlier and had loved it. But I always wanted to do it again because my level of intoxication meant I was not able to perform or enjoy it to the fullest.

When Stacey told me she wanted me to join her boyfriend to fuck her my cock got instantly hard. I love girls who are not afraid to say they want this because it confirms to me that this is what women want; but only a few are ready to admit this, or feel comfortable enough to admit it to themselves. I sure know if I was a woman it would be something I would not be able to get enough of!

We arranged a meet and I was planning on driving to Auckland from the Waikato in the weekend. As we approached the Saturday night we had arranged to meet, I was asked by Stacey if she could ask about my feelings on something. I of course said I was happy to answer as best I could.

Stacey proceeded to tell me that Andrew actually fantasised about the 3 some including a bit of bi action between him and I. At this my cock again twitched and I felt a mixture of horniness and guilt. The truth is I had thought about what it would be like to suck cock for sometime now. As I heard Stacey's proposition I knew I was ready to find out and I felt like a little slut like I imagine girls do when the acknowledge to themselves for the first time that they want to suck cock.

I arrived at Stacey and Andrew's place about midnight on the Saturday night. I walked into the lounge and could see they had placed mattresses in the middle of the lounge in front of the couch. Andrew met me at the door and shook my hand and Stacey was sitting on the couch wearing a short black minidress that hugged her curves and presented her large breasts. She stood up to meet me and I complimented her on how sexy she looked. I sat down next to her as I told Andrew I would like an orange juice in response to his question of if I would like a drink.

Andrew came back with my juice and sat on the right of Stacey, with me to my left. We chatted a bit while I drank my juice. After about 10 min Andrew placed his hand on Stacey's bare thigh and slid his hand up the inside of her leg raising her tiny miniskirt. As his fingers reached her pubic area I could see she was not wearing any panties. Her pussy was shaved and glisening and she started to moan as I watched Andrew finger fuck her wet cunt.

After a couple of minutes of watching Andrew finger fuck Stacey and kiss, Andrew removed his hand and pulled himself upright on the couch. He stood to kneel on the couch and began to unbuckle his belt in front of Stacey's face with her legs open and me now fingerfucking her sexy shaved pussy. As I finger fucked her I saw Andrew release his big cock from his jeans and boxer shorts. I watched his fat cock grow and get bigger in her mouth until she was slobbering over his huge thick cock like a depraved little slut.

After she had worshipped his cock for a good 20 minutes, Andrew stood and moved between Stacey's legs. He swiftly entered her and I watched his thick cock stretch her tight hole as he started to work up his rhythm.

I copied Andrew and kneeled in front of Stacey and presented her with my semi hard dick that was struggling to get hard competing with Andrew's big, throbbing, manly cock. I managed to get hard enough and waited for Andrew to pull out of her for me to have my turn. He pulled out before he came and I got between her legs and entered her without neither Stacey or Andrew mentioning anything about condoms. With Stacey on her back and me inside her between her legs, I leaned forward to get a close view of Andrews throbbing monster back in Stacey's mouth. Just as I was thinking how hot his cock was and how much I wanted to suck him, Andrew took his cock out of Stacey's mouth and moved to feed it into mine. I saw it coming closer and then all of a sudden I felt his slick knob part my lips and then feel his cock slide it. It was hard, yet soft on the surface and I again realised this is why girls love guys despite our primitive flaws.

Stacey watched me suck Andrew while I fucked her until she said she wanted Andrew in her pussy again. But first Andrew lay on his back and Stacey and I sucked his cock togther. She then got up and knelt above Andrew's cock as she lowered herself and I guided him into her. As she rode his cock I licked and felt Andrew's balls and my cock then got fully hard. I stood up and placed my cock against Stacey's asshole as she grinded down on Andrew's cock, taking his full length inside her. As she was fully impaled on his cock I worked my cock in her ass and then also pushed in for her to take my entire cock. She was now balls deep on 2 cocks and all 3 of us began to find a rhythm. She moaned and screamed like I have never heard a woman before. We fucked and as I felt Andrew increase his pace I matched him and we approached orgasm together. I heard him let out a deep moan and thrust hard into her pussy knowing he was beggining to shoot his load inside her. This tipped me over the edge also so now I buried my cock deep in her ass while letting out my own gutteral moan as my sperm filled her ass. This was more than Stacey could handle and she orgasmed and shook violently while making the most well fucked whimpers I have ever heard from a girl.

Andrew and I spent a couple of minutes catching our breath with our cock still inside Stacey. We she felt our cocks soften she stood up and let our cocks slide out of her. We both saw her ass and pussy dripping our cum as she stood to go to the bathroom.

Stacey came back a few minute later dressed in a pair of sexy bra and panties and told us that was just the start of the night. We talked about what had just occurred and anticipated the start of round two!

But that is a story for another time :)