Written by Tony_bigweapon


It started a couple of weeks earlier when they had both been looking for something extra to play with. Not the usual toys or lingerie but another man. Jacqui knew what tonight was all, about and had anticipated this evening for a long time. They'd both spoken about it and played games in the bedroom but tonight it was happening for real.

The time was set for a 9pm meeting at a hotel not too far from their home. Dress code was simple. Stockings, suspenders, silk knickers with ties at the side and matching bra, a knee length wraparound skirt tied at the side and a simple low cut white blouse with easy undo buttons. High heeled leather boots encased her long legs and it was all topped off with a long fur coat. Her sexiest outfit for a summer eve. Alex wore black throughout; trousers and shoes and shirt all in black and a long luxurious dark top coat. They looked a dashing couple.

Hardly a word was exchanged between them all afternoon. The excitement was thick and tense, enough that you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Sexual tension was in the air and the pheromones being released was making both of them highly charged. Alex's cock was fit to burst and he had struggled all day to keep it and him under control. All day he had wanted to caress her, all day he had to avoid getting too close as he knew he would be uncontrollable if she let him. Jacqui was the same. There were times when she thought of what was about to happen and she longed to stroke her pussy and rub her clit. The tingling was so strong, the swollen clit so sensitive she was almost orgasmic several times as she moved about the house.

On leaving the house no words were spoken and Alex opened the car door but grabbed Jacqui before she climbed in. He kissed her hard and rubbed himself against her so she knew he was excited. She could feel his cock, thick and hard, straining against his trousers. There was urgency about him and she felt the same. Alex put both his arms inside her coat and lifted her skirt so he could caress and squeeze her cheeks. He ran his index finger along the crack of her arse and as low and as close to her pussy as he could. She was already very wet. She was already close.

20 minutes later they had parked in the hotel car park and were trying to walk as slowly as they could to the bar. But each step gained pace and in unison they almost broke into a trot. Together they were ready to embark on a night of debauchery, passion, lust and pure sex. The time had come.

Tony was at the bar sipping a drink. He acknowledged Jacqui with a smile and nodded to Alex. He was smartly dressed in a business suit, no tie and his shirt collar undone. No doubt his busy day had been filled with anticipation; no doubt his cock had been full and ready to go since early on in the evening. He liked what he saw and as Jacqui approached he lent forward and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hi, nice to see you. You look fabulous. Even better than your pictures," he said.

Alex offered his hand, smiled and simply said "Tony".

Jacqui was silent. Her mouth dry. Her pussy wet.

"A drink?" Tony asked.

"Yes, a good idea. We'll both have Gin and Tonic; Blue Sapphire if they have it," Alex replied.

"OK, no worries. You two go and sit down and I'll bring the drinks over," Tony said, smiling enthusiastically.

Jacqui moved to a booth at the side of the bar. It was partly enclosed and dimly lit but it had a pleasant enough feel about it. It felt private. Safe. She deliberately sat on the outside and let her skirt fall apart to reveal enough leg and stocking top to tantalise any man. But she was tantalising two men now. Her legs were slightly apart, not enough to show anything of consequence but the nylon and the flesh could be seen. Just a taste of what was to come. Alex had sat on the opposite side up against the wall. He struggled to sit comfortably due to his engorged cock pressing up against his trousers. He was shifting and manoeuvring his body to get comfortable but couldn't take his eyes of his beautiful woman. Her eyes were sparkling, she was smiling and breathing deeply and her ample breasts were heaving more than usual. She was so close; she might even orgasm before they left the bar.

"There you go, two G&T's."

The threesome sat together for what seemed an eternity. Chatting aimlessly about everything that didn't matter. Jobs, weather, parking but never once mentioning the reason they were there that December evening. The eternity came to an end when Tony asked "Shall we?"

Alex swallowed hard and smiled. "Yes, we should."

They rose from their seats and walked to the lift in reception. There was an eerie silence while the lift approached. Jacqui was moving from side to side, small movements, almost twitching and Alex thought to himself that she was actually masturbating. Was she going to make herself cum in the lift, was she that close? On entering the lift Tony brushed his arm against Jacqui's breast, deliberately, and pressed the button for the fourth floor. The lift jerked and Jacqui stumbled against Alex and she could feel the heat from his cock as she used his body to regain her balance. He was ready. She was ready.

In seconds they had reached the fourth floor and were walking towards Tony's room. They followed Tony both checking out his gait and no doubt Jacqui was checking out his arse. Tony swiped the key and pushed open the door to his room. A typical room with twin beds and simple lighting. Muted tones, unexciting and business like, as you would expect. But warm, clean and just enough light for the occasion.

"Guys, look, make yourself comfortable. I need to shower as I didn't get a chance before. I'll only be a minute," He smiled and turned, throwing his suit jacket over one of the chairs. "Maybe two minutes!" He entered that bathroom and closed the door only to open it again and say "Hey! Don't start without me!"

Alex and Jacqui put their coats into the wardrobe and then stood at the end of the bed. Alex was close and he was sure Jacqui had already gone beyond that and although Tony didn't want to be a late comer Alex had to kiss Jacqui, he had to feel her body up against his. They kissed and caressed each other and Alex's hands wandered all over Jacqui's body. Her breasts were full and heaving with each breath. He lent down and kissed each of her breasts and licked between them, all along the cleavage. He had decided he couldn't wait. Bit by bit he kissed and stroked her, undoing a button on her blouse between kisses and caresses. Behind her she could hear the shower being turned off. He would join them soon, very soon.

By the time Alex had undone all the buttons the bathroom door opened and the light turned off. Tony was already naked but wrapped in the large hotel towel. His cock was visible as a lump in the towel. He was ready too.

Alex gave a last kiss to Jacqui's breasts and held her by her shoulders and turned her around to face Tony. Did she blush? Did she look at Tony in the eyes or did she simply look for the lump? It matters not, she was ready, he was ready, they were all ready. Alex's hands took the neckline of the blouse and slid it down over her shoulders and removed the blouse entirely, his hands returning to the shoulders and slowly over and around to the neck and down to her breasts. Tony stood there watching; pushing his erection down while gazing at Jacqui's partly exposed body while Alex cupped her breasts and squeezed them hard enough for Jacqui to feel the sensation in her nipples.

She could feel Alex's cock pressing firmly against her arse and she wanted that cock inside her. She wanted both cocks inside her. She let out a little moan and couldn't stop herself from pressing her fingers and palm into her pussy. Tony looked on and she rubbed herself over her skirt. He wanted his cock inside her, he wanted his cock sucked, and he wanted to wank over her and to see his cum splash against those wonderful breasts. He was ready.

Tony undid his towel and let it fall to the floor. His cock sprung up, released from its prison. Alex couldn't see Jacqui's face but he knew she was smiling. Now was the time to remove the wraparound skirt. Now was the time to reveal the stocking tops, the suspenders and those flimsy and soaking knickers. Alex's hand slipped to her side and in a single action undid the ties at the side and pulled the skirt from her waist. In an instant Jacqui was stood there, wet and wanton in high heel boots and stockings. Alex caressed her arse with one hand and used his other to reach around to the front and slide his finger inside the knickers to stroke Jacqui's pussy lips.

"Wow!" Alex said "So wet!" His fingers made a couple of long upwards strokes, making sure he caressed her clit.

"Ohhhh," Jacqui sighed.

"Fucking awesome," Tony whistled. He moved two steps closer. His cock waving from side to side as he moved. Jacqui put her hand out to reach his cock but he was still too far away.

"Ohhh," she sighed again as Alex's fingers made its upward stroke.

Alex let go of her pussy and brought his fingers up to Jacqui's mouth so she could taste her wetness. She licked his fingers and then sucked deeply. "Mmmmmm."

His fingers went back down and gave her three or four more strokes while his other had deftly unsnapped her bra. Jacqui smiled and knew she was close to orgasm, maybe for the second time that evening. The bra was eased over her shoulders and allowed to fall to the floor. Her nipples were erect, the slightest touch could set her off.

Alex nodded to Tony and he took two more steps, his cock leading the way. He stopped just far enough away so his pumped up cock didn't touch her body. He lent forward and placed his mouth over a nipple and sucked. Jacqui sighed and moved closer. She felt his cock push into her tummy, he was hard and the end was wet with his juices. Jacqui was aware that Alex had stepped away and was moving to the chair at the end of the bed. He was going to watch her. She was going to let him watch her while she stroked his cock, while she sucked his cock and probably much more.

Tony sunk to his knees and moved Jacqui to the edge of the bed, he looked up at her and said "Sit," and Jacqui tuned slightly and sat on the bed her legs slightly apart.

"Open her legs Tony," Alex said from his chair. "I want you to lick her pussy. Long slow licks at first, she likes that."

Jacqui looked over at Alex and smiled and quietly mouthed the words "I love you." as Tony gently pushed her backwards onto the bed. He opened her legs wide enough that he could place his tongue against the material of her knickers. Her very wet knickers. He pulled at the side ties and undid them. The front section was now easy to remove and he breathed hard against her pussy. She felt his hot breath and then his wet tongue against her newly shaven pussy. His tongue pushed in between her labia and he tasted Jacqui's wet juices for the first time.

"Ahhhhh, oh yes. Yes," she said quietly as Tony tongued her clit. Up and down, around and around. He licked her gently and hard and then he slid two fingers into opening while he flicked the tip of his tongue over her clit. Up and down, around and around. His fingers pumped harder and harder and each stroke of his tongue and his fingers made Jacqui let out a small sigh. Within seconds she came and her body twitched and moved making it hard for Tony to keep his tongue in the right place.

"Oh, my God, I'm cumming. I'm cumming!" she shouted. "Ohhhhh, that's it, there. Yes, there, I'm cumming!"

Tony continued to lick her dripping pussy as she slowly unwound from the orgasm. Was it her first? Her second or even her third?

"She needs your cock now Tony. You need to fuck her now." Jacqui heard her Alex say. "Put your cock in her Tony, she needs to be fucked."

Tony stood up and positioned himself between her legs. He stroked his cock several times and began to wank a little faster while she looked on

"Don't cum on her yet Tony, she wants fucking first. You can fuck her. Put your cock in her pussy now!" Alex said as he got up from the chair.

He wanted to see the cock enter Jacqui so he moved in close and placed his hand over her pussy lips. Alex slid a finger into her wet lips and then another.

"Let me help you Tony. I'll open her lips." Alex spread open Jacqui's pussy and before Tony put his cock inside he leant over and licked her pussy and tasted her cum. "Mmmmmmm, I love that taste, so sweet."

Tony slowly pushed the end of his cock against her open lips. His large reddened cock slipped in easily with her wetness and open pussy, in deeper and deeper as Alex stood by his side watching each stroke of his cock. In and out, deep and slow. His thrusts got faster and faster, deeper and deeper and the slapping noises got louder and louder.

"Oh fuck yes," Jacqui cried out, "Fuck me Tony, fuck me hard. Harder!"

It was all Alex could bear and he rapidly removed his clothes and shoes and moved to the side of the bed. He held his cock tight and gave it a few strokes while Jacqui looked at him. She wanted that cock in her mouth. Alex knew it instinctively and moved closer onto the bed and knelt close to Jacqui's face. He wanked himself for a minute while Jacqui repeated herself "Let me suck you, let me suck you, while he's fucking me."

Alex edged closer and slid his hot hard cock into Jacqui's mouth. She squeezed his cock with her tongue and sucked hard. She knew there was every chance Alex would cum quickly and Alex knew it too.

"Arghhh, oh careful, I'll cum," Alex moaned as he pulled his cock away but Jacqui wanted him to cum, she wanted his cum in her mouth while she was being fucked by another man. She pulled him back and sucked again, using her hand to wank him and her tongue to make him squirm. "Ohh Jacqui, Jacqui. It's cumming. I'm cumming!" as he exploded into her mouth. A massive spurt of cum hit the back of her mouth and she sucked harder to pull out every last drop. Tony could see Alex's cum oozing from Jacqui's mouth and run down her cheeks and chin. As Alex withdrew Jacqui sat up a little so Tony could see the cum pour from her mouth onto her breasts. She rubbed the cream into her nipples and all over her breasts and smiled. "Come on Tony, I want you to cum in my mouth too. Let me suck your cock, let me taste your cum."

He needed no second invitation and slipped out of her pussy and knelt over her chest so she could take his cock in her mouth. She opened wide and engulfed his cock and allowed him to push it in and out of her mouth. As he pushed and she sucked Jacqui held his balls as he slapped against her face.

In seconds he shouted "That's it, I'm cumming!" and he made a last deep thrust as he came. His cock kept pushing in and out and loads of juices escaped from Jacqui's mouth until he finally withdrew, still hard, as was Alex, and the two men both stood there wanking their cocks over Jacqui's torso and face. They both wanted more and wished they could cum over her face and breasts now.

"Sit on my cock Jacqui," said Alex "I'm still rock hard, I want you to fuck me."

He positioned himself on his back and helped Jacqui get into position. She straddled him and slowly sank onto his cock while Tony stroked her breasts and nipples. "Suck my nipples Tony, squeeze them," she said "And then I want you to fuck my arse!"

Again Tony reacted immediately, and who wouldn't with an offer like that. He got behind Jacqui and stroked her backside with his hands while sliding his rigid member up against her arse. She didn't need any lube as she was so wet already and his cock was covered in a mixture of his cum and Jacqui's saliva. He found what he wanted and eased the first inch or so into her arse. Alex stopped moving as he felt Tony's cock enter her backdoor. Bit by bit he slid his full length into her and Alex could feel every inch too. Jacqui's pussy tightened and tightened as the other cock went deeper and deeper. Gently the two men pushed in unison, each feeling the tightness and the other cock. Faster and faster they went and within minutes they were both cumming inside Jacqui. Alex pushed up hard as he exploded for the second time causing Tony to push in deeper as he came inside her arse. Juices were flowing like a river as the two men exhausted the sacks into Jacqui's pussy and arse.

"Fuck, that was awesome," said Tony. "What a fucking horny bitch!"

"Oh yes," Alex replied. "The horniest you'll ever meet!"

The two men withdrew their now limp cocks and lay exhausted on the bed. Tony went to the bathroom to clean himself up while Jacqui leant over and started to suck Alex's cock again, hoping to breathe life into it again. "You really need three guys don't you," joked Alex.

"Mmmmmm, nice idea," she retorted, "One day, ehh?"

With that Jacqui pushed herself up against the bed head and spread her legs wide. She closed her eyes and began to masturbate. She started gently stroking her lips and flicking her clit. Then she changed the approach and buried two fingers into her pussy. She was going for the G-Spot. If she hit the spot she would quite likely squirt her juices all over the bed. She stroked and caressed and moaned for almost 5 minutes. Tony had returned to witness the masturbation scene.

Bit by bit the two men's cocks began to swell. And Jacqui continued to play with herself. Alex got up from the bed and retrieved Jacqui's rabbit from her handbag and waved the item in front of her. She smiled and said "Yes please."

The rabbit was quickly positioned into her pussy and the vibrating ears placed over her clit. She was already very close and they both knew she was going to cum any second. "Ohhhhhhhh," she moaned "Three cocks....ohhhh, yes!" And seconds later Jacqui pushed her pelvis forward as the rabbit went in deeper and she came loudly, "Oh fuck yes. Yes I'm cumming...ohh, I'm cumming!"

Both men were rampant again after seeing her masturbate for them and they pulled her up from the bed and quickly turned her onto her knees again. Alex slipped easily into her pussy from behind and Tony made no time in positioning himself in front of Jacqui's face so she could suck his cock again. As Alex's thrusts moved Jacqui forward she gagged on Tony's cock as it went deeper than normal. Alex sped up his pushes and he knew he was close again and Tony withdrew his cock and began wanking up close to Jacqui's face. "I'm going to cum Jacqui," said Tony, "I'm going to cum."