Written by Hank Moody


Okay readers so I left you last time with her up against the door and my two fingers inside her.

I kept them in for what seemed like an eternity. I thought my fingers might cramp being bent like they were to tickle her g-spot but it wasn't more than ten minutes probably. And the way she kept encouraging me by sticking a tongue in my ear and moaning meant I didn't want to stop.

Finally her legs started to buckle so I stepped away and asked her (loud enough for hubby to hear), 'So you want me to fuck your hot wet pussy?'.She just nodded. 'Are you sure?'. 'Yes' I turned to hubby slowly wanking on the wingback chair. 'Are you okay with that, I don't want you coming at me with a knife'. Before he could answer she said. 'He's fine.' That was that then, Game on.

I threw her on the bed (nicely), then ripped off my jeans then my pants. 'Do you want to see my cock?' 'Yes' 'Are you sure?' She nodded. Hubby was now fully erect but wifey made it clear from her stare that he should stay put. Crawling up between her legs I tweaked her right nipple then gave her another wet kiss. 'Sit on my face' She did so and rode me for what seemed like ages, squeezing my head with her thighs and pulling my hair as she came.

We talked for 10 minutes about him fucking her last night. I told them how hard I got and how I had wanked over them when I returned from the strip club. I was so gagging to fuck her. 'You want my cock in your sopping wet pussy?' She replied, 'Just shut up and fuck me'.

So I did first missionary, then her lying flat, so her clit rubbed in to the mattress as I pounded her balls deep, then bent over than hand basin in the bathroom, my balls slapping on her thighs, her hair wrapped round my fist. Hubby stood at the door his mouth wide open, wanking.

The friction on my cock was driving me to the edge. 'Fuck I'm going to cum get down on your knees and suck my balls.' She did. OMG I was wanking my cock with one hand on the back of her head. My balls in her mouth. I hadn't felt like coming that hard in ages. My knees were weak. I felt dizzy like blacking out. I thought I was going to collapse. I muttered something about taking my thick load then let then first spurt spray over her face for hubby to see. Then I plunged my cock down the back of her throat and emptied my ballsack.

Then I collapsed to the floor. Holy fucking shot. What a great time that stemmed from nothing. If I hadn't pushed my luck when our doors opened I'd still just be a horny lonely single guy in a hotel having a wank.

God bless Australia.