Written by Hank Moody


Okay so back where we left off...

She blonde, mid 30s, 5'8'', size 9, glasses, suburban mum I'd say but didn't ask. She had a decent rack for sure. He, bald, skinny maybe 70kg. I imagine she wears the pants, if you know what I mean.

The hotel had 6 lifts but only one ever carried anyone, so the damn thing had like 8 people in it. I stopped behind her and ran my hand over her arse. No one could tell but her man who looked mildly perplexed. Her arse was pretty good. Firm. Two stops later, 2 others still to get off before us. I moved in closer so that my raging hard cock nestled in the small of her back. She kind of jolted a little then grabbed my hand.

Back in my room I asked her what panties she had on. She said none - they were soiled from last night. I asked him if he was hard. He muttered yes. I said good, why don't you show me what you were doing to her last night to make her moan like that.

They started kissing. She started to unzip him but he was only semi hard. I said, need some help? I pulled out my freshly shaved 8 inch cock and she stepped toward me. He just stood there a bit gormless.

I pulled her into me and as we deep french kissed I slipped my hand under her skirt to massage her arse. Then I pushed her hard against the door and spread her legs apart a bit more. We were still kissing when I moved my middle finger to her clit and started rubbing. Damp but not yet fully wet...

Part 3 soon... (sorry lazy typist but can't help but provide all the detail I can remember)