Written by Hank Moody


It was my birthday recently so I decided to treat myself to a long weekend in Melbourne staying at a very fancy hotel. Late Saturday afternoon a friend bailed on me so I decided to stay in order room service and watch darts on TV. There was speedway too. Anyway come 11pm it was time to leave for the strip club. As I opened the door I heard the unmistakeable noise of a woman moaning as she was being fucked. Which to me equals instant raging hard-on. So I lingered outside the door for a minute or two listening hard while pretending to look at my phone. Then I went off.

In the morning I was thinking about the fuckers across the hall, imaging what they looked like, thinking wouldn't it be funny if I came across them checking out. And sure enough as I opened my door to go downstairs for breakfast they did too. I couldn't help give them a big smile waiting for the lift which was taking its time. She was a pretty tidy yummy mummy type. He was shorter, bit scrawny but nice enough. I couldn't held myself and said 'Have a good night last night?' She replied politely, 'Good thanks'. To which I followed up with a 'Sounds like you were having a lot of fun'. Ha busted!

Both looked a little sheepish but I wasn't done ha ha: 'Sorry couldn't help but hear you when I was leaving last night' The lift down felt a little awkward for them - I could see them looking to each other with a million thoughts running through their mind. Some embarrassment maybe.

I could see there were a few waiting to check out. So I walked back up to them and asked what they had planned. They said not much just making their way back home. Then I asked if they'd like to come back to my room so they could show me what all the noise was about last night. It was like time stood still. You could cut the sexual tension with a knife. He didn't look keen but the look she gave him quietly screamed 'YES'!

I boldly placed my arm around her waist there in reception and knew we were about to get it on like donkey kong... tbc