Written by bat_cheerleader


She asks me to stick my fingers into her pussy and rub her there. And she purrs at me. I like this. I know that watching two women finger each other gets you hot. So I lick my finger and slid it into her throbbing pussy. I motion for you to come around and ask you to slide your hard cock into me. Your fingers and hands trail down to my ass, as you push me over, pushing my face into her pussy. Her legs are spread around me and then I feel you, breaking pass my lips and into my wet pussy, now pulsing and waiting and finally feeling good once you thrust up into me.

My pussy started to throb as you fuck me. Her boyfriend approaches the table and sticks his hard cock in his girlfriend’s mouth. She is on her back, me licking her pussy, you fucking me and she is sucking off her boyfriend and I am stopping myself from spinning completely.

You ask me “Do you want to get fucked like that?” and I shake my head yes.

You pull me down by my collar, and tell me spread my legs and motion for her boyfriend to come fuck me. And as you stick your cock in my mouth you tell me “Suck.” And I do. The green eyed girl pushes me back on the table, twisting my nipples with her fingers, pulling my hair back and holding me in place there as she slaps my inner thigh, telling me to spread my legs. I do. And I look up at the man about to fuck my pussy and tell him that I want him too. I beg him to fuck me. And your cock stiffens as I take you back in my mouth and your fingers find there way to my nipples to squeeze me there, hard.

I like this foursome. His girl is now kissing me, and you are coming around to the other side to feel up her ass, as he slides his cock into me, and fucks me pounding my pussy, soft at first and then hard enough to make him cum into me.

Pulling her by her pony tail, spanking her ass and pushing her face into my pussy, you tell her to lick it all up and feed it to me and she does. Getting on her knees to lick me out, and kissing me with a mouth full of his cum. And then you tell her she will be doing the same with your cum. And she nods.

Slapping both my thighs into place, she gets behind me pulling me down into the table by my pony tail, forcing my hips down and my legs spread and I can feel your cock, hard against my thigh, now hard against my pussy, pushing past my lips and pushing me open. Thrusting your cock into me and fucking me there as she kisses me full on the mouth, using her tongue, twisting my nipples for you to see, as my pussy tightens up around you.

I am getting ready to cum and I tell you as I moan to not stop. She plays with my tits even harder as I explode all over you, pussy pumping your cock flooding on you. Then you tell her that you are going to come in my pussy and you do, filling me, then pulling her down quickly to lap it all up getting her tongue right in my lips and filling her mouth with your cum. She and comes up between my legs smearing part of it against our bodies and the other part she spills in my mouth as she kisses me and I lick you all up. Every drop.