Skipping my story from the road trip for a while.....

While the boys drove me back to Chch, I told the boys really mess me up before giving me back to my husband.

In the campervan we had one last gangbang. My ex started by going down on my and kne of his friend fed me his. I was on my back on the bed while his friend humps his dick in my mouth and my ex eating me.

My ex then entered his fingers in my pussy while he lick my clits. Not long I had a big orgasm. Afer that my ex laid on his back then I mounted him. His friend positioned behind me for a double penetration. I lowered myself to my ex's cock and then laid my body kn top of his ches while one of his buddies squeezed in a second dick in my pussy. I was moaning like a crazy woman. Then suddenly the most painful experiend my vagina ever felt. Initially iI felt a sudden tightness down there, I did not know that one of the boys went through my bag and got one of my dildo and slipped that in while there was still 2 dicks inside my vagina. I felt like I was going to be ripped apart. My ex said "Wow, this is fucking tight!" Around 15 minutes of pleasure for both boys and pain for me they finally came. My ex first came in my and then his friend. After that i had cock after cock.

Arriving home I stepped off he campervan with my hubby awaiting the front door. I had no undies and only had a tshirt on. Sperm was literally dripping out my vagina down to my legs and I had sperm all over my body.

The boys drove off and my husband had a sudden hard on seeing my that way. I then laid on our couch and spred my legs and showing my sperm filled pussy.

We kissed then I grabbed his hair and pulled him down my pussy so he'd eat my pussy. He ate me and finger fucked my pussy. Then he carried my and laid me on the floor and fucked me on th floor. I remembered him saying "Wow you're very loose". I told him I had 3 cock in me at he same time. Not long he came in me. I think I passed out after. That was night time around 8:30 to 9. I woke up on bed the next day with a very nice breakfast prepared by my husband. Then I told him all what happened during the trip.

I told him. I had no contraception the whole 5 days. I just resumed taking my pills. We'll have to wait for your period then he said.

My next story will resume back to the trip...