The first time it happened was a bit of a surprise.

My phone rang - I’d had a cellphone since the early days and still have my original number today.

It was my ex. We’d broken up nearly 5 years earlier.

She was saying that she’d moved back from overseas but never called me as she was too embarrassed.

She offered to take me on a 2 week holiday in Fiji.

It sounded appealing as she was super hot and ultra attractive n]but something made me hold back.

I mumbled non commital comments until she finally hit me with what she was really after.

I was gob smacked!

She was wanting to take me on an all expense paid holiday to Fiji.

All I had to do was be her date.

She was getting married in 2 weeks and this was what she wanted for her hens do.

Something to remember after her arranged marriage.

It caught me by surprise. I was single at the time

The second time was less surprising but I was still a bit shocked.

I’d been on several dates with Sarah and they’d been great.

No one knew we were anything but friends so when my best friend expressed interest I said nothing.

Later Sarah confided that she’d promised to go out with him when he returned from his overseas holiday.

I was a bit disappointed but. Deep down I knew Sarah didn’t challenge me enough.

For the next 6 weeks we dated casually but the last night was the day before her boyfriend to be returned.

Over the next 3-4 years Sarah went through a number of boys.

And always returned for friends dating when she needed a pick me up.

After another year she finally met the love of her life.

I was gob smacked again when after I Had just finished satisfying her,

She opened up, Ive started seeing this guy and we might get married...

This coming from a naked and well satisfied young lady...

She reminded me that we were just casual and that she’d be keen to keep meeting up until the wedding.

This time I decided to go the whole hog and when she asked me to wait in her hotel room on her hens night I readily agreed.

I certainly didn’t like the fact that she was marrying someone other than me even if I wasn’t ready to get married.

This time the request shocked me more than the first time. We just both come together and her body was just starting to come back under control from the shuddering orgasm that had milked me dry...

“Sam, will you promise to continue servicing me after I’m married. I love him but you make my body do things that no one else can...”