I could hear Sam moaning and the unmistakeable sounds of cock sucking and then a new sound to me, Sam moaning "OH GOD OMG mmmm YUM", which i had heard before (often with my head buried inbetween her legs as she pushed and squeezed my cum out of her as she raced to a squirting orgasam, but this was different, it was more petite, softer (obviously muffled with cock in her mouth) I would later find out that this was Erin as she nibbled on Sam's nipples and slipped fingers into Sam as Sam sucked her boyfriends cock. Finally i heard Sam gasp "OMG that is amazing oh shit if i knew it was this good, Oh please don't stop i want it"which i was later to find out this was after Erin had removed Sam's panties and had Sam lay on her back as Geoff feed her his cock again, Erin began slowly and gently licking, kissing and stroking Sam with her tounge.

After what seemed like forever Erin came out and un tied me and had me kneel on the floor in front of the couch, facing the bedroom with the door open, I could hear Sam giggling and moaning but could not quite see anything more than a set of occassionaly entwined legs. Erin sat in front of me spreading her legs, gently caressing my nipples with we fingers (a mix of Sam juices and lube. as my nipples stood to attention and my cock throbbed, Erin asked me what our fantasy was "you guys know we discussed it before online", yeah i know" was Erin's response "but it makes me hot to hear it with u infront of me wearing my underwear with a buttplug covered in my juices inside you as your girlfriend and my boyfriend fool around" I began telling her our fantasy and as i did she shifted to the edge of the couch and asked me to lick her as i spoke, i did, i remember thinking holy shit this pussy is beautiful and looks amazing, as i licked her for the first time i recognised the tsalty taste of cum.

As i talked and explained that Sam and I got turned on by the idea of being with others and that she didnt want to see me fucking another woman but was happy to see me 'with' another woman Erin told me how Sam and Geoff were fucking/fooling around and chatting to other couples online. after a while, erin got up and left, leaving me on my knees, she returned with Sam, sam, sat on the couch and spread her legs smiling at me saying "OMG baby i'm soooo wet and hot and horny" "Geoff has an amazing cock and Erin is amazing with her tounge" to which Erin replied "your Man aint to bad either, let see what he can do for us all" with that Erin pushed my face into Sam's pussy where i immediatley tasted precum, Erin removed the but Plug and told me to relax, i felt a bulbous object push against me with more and more force untill i felt my ass 'pop' and a sensation of fullness over took me, followed by a feeling of getting fuller and fuller, deepr and deepr, Sam asked "is that it" and Erin replied "yip that 7 inch one, its only about half way though, with that i felt the vibe that was now inside me begin to vibrate which gave my cock and balls a strane sensation, with that. i was told to lay down on my back, Sam sat up off the couch and kissed me saying thank you hunny, before kneeling on all fours over me and aasking me to making her cum by licking her, & not to worry about anything just to enjoy whatever happend.

As i began licking i felt lube being poured onto my cock and onto my nipples as they were gently rubbed and stroked, i felt the vibe get pulled from me and a cold sensation along with a slurping sound like something was bing squirted (which it was, onto the vibe and into the small opening of my ass, i immediatley felt the vibe push back in and further thaan last time and then withdraw and repeat until there was a steady rythym 'fucking' of my ass with it, the girls asked me how i felt and all i could do was moan approval which was met with squeals of delight. As i licked sam i felt her getting wetter and wetter before i noticed a solid object in place of her soft wet lips, i listend as sam and Geoff moaned and sam whispered 'fill me'