Cont...as i felt something bulbous and warm push into the space that i gently licked on Sams pussy i felt a hand grasp my cock and again another firm hard bulbous item at the entrance to my ass. I heard Sam & Erin moan fuck this is hot and then heard a deeper groan matched by Sams moan of ohhhhh God yesssss as i opened my eyes to see Geoff's impressive 9 inch and very thick cock part sams lips and slip into her pussy as it slid in it slid over my tounge.It tasted salty and i remember being in awe of the power it seemed to emit. my thoughts were interupted as i felt my ass being opened up by a vibrating solid shaft that felt like it had 'veins' on it, it hurt a little but the grip on my cock tightened and i felt my balls being sucked on as i felt my cock head being rasped witha very hot wet tounge - it hit me, BOTH girls were sucking my cock!

I heard and felt Sam sit up and could tell her and geoff were kissing before she started telling how good it was to have his cock in her and how much she wanted it. She moaned how good it felt to have me licking her lips clit and hole as his cock filled her. she giggled and asked if he minded if 'he sucks you' to which geoff replied as long as he swallows - to which everyone (myself included laughed) Sam then said to me, "dont let this beautiful cock go to waste baby - ohhh i feel so full when he is in me, do you like the taste? do you recognise the taste?" funnily enough when she said that i did, i recalled a few weeks ago after she had had dinner at Erin's that when she came home and as usually the case i went down on her before i came, i remember thinking she was extremely wet more than usual but didnt think anything of it at the time as i licked her to orgasam before jumping up and slipping my cock into her as she was still cumming, to unleash my load. now that she said that i did recognise that taste - the taste i was tasting now was the same taste as back then, she slipped forward and told me "suck my juice off baby, Erin and I wanna watch u suck Geoff's cock" with that she raised her leg over me so she was sitting on oneside of me and erin between my legs feed a large vibe into my ass, echoed Sam's comments "mmmm suck my baby's cock" without hesitation i opened my mouth and leant up to take geoffs cock in my mouth " swirl your tounge around the head, lick the precum baby" came the call from Sam " rermember that taste?" she lent in and kissed me as she tweaked my nipples, whispering to me that 2 weeks ago the talking over dinner got them so worked up that Erin got Geoff to come home early and play with them, Erin made sure that Sam left full of cum but not so obviously full of cum that i would see/notice str8 away, erin smiled at me and said " i loved licking my mans cum out of your girl, just like you do" I now realsied as Geoff began pistoning his cock in and out of my throat that i was throbbing hard and visions of that night when i knew Sam was extra wet and found it an extra turn on that she was sooo wet and tasted a little different, a little different in the very same way that geoffs cock and precum was now tasting. Sam pulled geof's cock out of my mouth and kissed me moaning and then saying " mmmmmm isnt the most delicious and beautiful cock you've ever seen baby?, and OMG his cum, there's' sooo much of it and it tastes UNBELIEVABLE!." with that she re positioned herself above me and took Geoffs cock in her hand and guided it back into her wet pussy, making the comment that 'if' Geoff slips out baby, please suck all my juice off him and suck up all his precum before putting him back inside me"

i was now rampantly wanking as i watched Sam's pussy taken by this 9 inch god cock and see, hearing and tasting how much Sam appreciated it - screaming Twice that she was coming both times drenching me with squirt, had it not been for Geoff's large 'plug' in her pussy i would have drowned!! I could her and see flashes going off and then heard Erin say, make sure you tell us when ur close baby, i wanna get the money shot!" to which the girls and Geoff cracked up. The vibe in my ass was buzzign and i felt so deliciously full and foiund myself wanting more - more thursting my throbbing - perhaps more explsion! it was at this point Erin asked me by whispering in my ear if i like the 'cock' in my ass, all i could do was moan as Sam had slipped forward letting geoffs cock slip from her and onto my face/waiting mouth tounge, as Erin tweaked my nippes and rubbed my precum around my cock head, she asked me if i'd like to feel what her and Sam felt when Geoff came in them, i moaned as the thought sent shockwaves through me, Sam maoned "ohhh fuck yes baby i want to see him fucked and filled, thats soooo hot baby"

I Heard Sam pash Geoff and inbetween desperate pashes she moaned at him how good his cock felt and if he like her pussy, to which he replied fuck yes, to which she giggled and said well then u better fuck my pussy and fill me with every last drop of that Delicious cum you have, cum for me baby, fill my pussy" with that Geoff's strokes quickend and i could hear Erin encouraging him to Fill her, drench that wet pussy" after about a minute of watching Geoff's cock totally own my girl and hearing her cum again Geoff began low gutteral grunts and i heard both Sam and Erin cry out "Yeah baby pump it into her every last little bit, overflow that tight little pussy" as they said that i watched Geoff's balls tighten and watched in fascination as his cock seemd to thicken even more, the veins popping moreso, and finally a loud grunt from Geoff and his balls scrunched right up against his body, his cock pulsed wide and i watched the first shot of cum leave his balls and shoot up his shaft into Sam, I watched in ore as pump after pump seemed to expand his cock and throb cum into her,

I was bought back to reality when Sam cried out dont stop licking baby i'm gonna cum ahhhhhh ahhhh and withthat Sam screamed and gushed, the pressure ejecting Geoff's still cumming cock onto my face as Sam's squirt & a considerable amount of Geoff's cum followed, Erin quickly grabbed Geoff's cock and began rubbing it up and down Sam's slit, both prolonging her orgasam and making him shudder as he coated sams lips with cum. I i licked Sams clit and sam calmed down, they moaned with deep satisfaction as Geoff commented on how he" loved fucking you Sam" Sam responded witha cheschire cat grin and moan before moaning at me to lick up Geoff's cock and clean off all her juices on his "beautiful cock, make sure you spend some time on that bulbous head and slit, oh i love that big boulbous head as it pushes into me, & God he tastes good",I felt nervous as i eagerly sucked Geoffs cock into my mouth and lavished it my tounge, part of me hoping that another large shot of cum would fill my mouth, i was buzzing as i was now sucking cock (was i gay?!) all i knew was that the girls were practically juicing themselves watching and that made me feel great, so great i starred at the camera as i rubb geoff's softening cum coated cock all over my face in my best porn star impression. as i did so Sam lifted up slightly from my face, extending her leg so she could watch me licking her juice off his cock, both girls moaned how hot that was. Sam told Erin to take some pics and with that the flash went off too many times to count.

"Baby i want you to make Geoff nice n hard again so Erin can have a turn" ws the next thing Sam said to me, "Just lick and suck his cock like you suck my clit or vibe when its been in me, as i began to do so "oh and look over here" i looked up to see both girls stroking each other as they watched, Erin with an iphone in one hand recording me sucking my first cock, which Sam provided the commentary for. "Marks first cock to suck, albeit not the first lot of cum he's tasted" both girls and geoff laughed - Geoff adding that he had found it pretty hot knowing that whenever Sam's car was at theirs when he got home it meant that he would be sending Sam back to me with either a full pussy or a full pussy, ass and stomach- Erin later admitted that more often than not Sam would be walking out the door and Erin would have to wipe up the cum off her chin, cleaveage or legs as it leaked out of her pussy and ass - Geoff loves fucking Sam & i love to play with her during and afterward - what can i say! - but u liked the taste right (to which i have to admit that now that i know GOD yes i did!! as i got Geoff hard again, surprising myself at how horny i was with another guys cock in my mouth and two hot woman encouraging me on. I sucked Geoff hard again and to the point where i could taste precum again, with this he walked over to sam who was in heaven playing with her cum covered pussy, a pillow under her bum to keep her pussy tilted backward.

Erin knelt over me and asked me to lick her, she'd been with her lover that mornign and Geoff the night before and just wanted to feel my tounge on/inside her, "lick and suck my lips and clit, but also i really want u to use ur fingers in me and suck me hard afterward" i knew this was because she wanted me to taste her lovers cum. I did so and my cock ached! she knelt down and kissed me commenting how how good her lovers taste and that if i wanted she could let Sam cum home with the same taste! my head was spinning as Erin removed her bra and panties, which being sheare hadnt really hidden anything just added to the mysterious hotness of my girls best friend, she lowered herself onto my cock (which almost had me exploded inside her instantly, she giggles and played with my nipples commenting that "not just yet, i want a ride Sam's told me a lot about this" with that she began screwing and thursting on my hips, the buring desire to cum was sooo bad, however having the vibe pulled from me quickly took my mind off it and helped me begin to fuck Erin and OMG it was heaven!! Sam came over and kissed Erin asking how it was, Erin responded with oh go i see what u mean, his cock is a lot smaller than Geoffs but he's hittng the right spots, with that Erin took sams hands and placed them on her breastsas she kissed her. Sam lent in and stepped her left leg over my face, now straddling my face with a hand over her pussy.she thanked me for being so good to her and that she had a surprise for me that i would enjoy and that i should cum as hard as i could in Erin. with that she removed her hand and started stroking her slit and asked me to lick her, i thought i was gonna lose it in Erin just as Sam pulled off and told me to open my mouth, i watched her pussy pulse and a few seconds later her moan and a round glob of white liquid appeared, followed by another and another untill there was now a stream " mmmm this is for you baby, i wanna cum in your mouth, " as i began licking the white flow of Geoffs cum from Sam, Erin commented how hot that was, & took photo's/ video as Sam moaned and pulled my head into her, just as her pussy engulfed me i felt Erin's fingers on my ass and a lube being rubbed around me, he's fine baby just slowly push in...