Written by mark


as i felt Erin finger me as Sam dripped the last of geoffs cum out of her pussy onto her thick puffy, well orgasamed pussy lips i heard the girls comment to each other how hot this was gonna be and that they were glad that night they had shared stories of their erotic adventures. i felt something round and warm at the entrance to my as and just assumed it was sam or Erin's vibe. sam told me to roll over and push my bum in the air, iasked if it was for the vibe, the girls giggled a little and said well ys it pulses!! Erin knealt in front of me and asked to lick her pussy and commented on how hot she found it that i loved licking cum from sam and that it was sam telling her what we did that convinced her to tell sam about the fun her and geoff had and that they should perhaps try and take their friendship to another benefical level. she also told me that she had plenty of contacts at her work that were keen to fuck sam, & that i should encourage sam to enjoy herself given that i knew sam loved older guys and had a thing for 50+ guys as they were appreciative of how nuaghty us young girls are and that there cocks are so heavy. It was true Sam had commented many times how she had fantasied about old guys and that since that first time she'd experinced an old guys heavy cock she had gagged for them. Erin suggested Sam join her and watch, at which point she drew my head into her pussy and said lick me good baby, lick me real good and ill make sure me and Sams pussy's aint the only ones u like clean to orgasam. I felt the vibe push further into me and thought for a second that it felt warm and differnt to the last time it was in me, it felt bigger and stronger, at the time i heard Geoff moan but took no notice.

Erin pulled my head up from her pussy enough to see her rubbing sam's clit and fingering her dripping pussy, Erin fed me the dripping cum from Sam and Sam smiled and responded with thank you baby this is sooo hot, just relax and enjoy, with that i felt a weird semi pain semi pleasure thurst into my ass, at first assuming it to be the vibe, but then clicking that the two girls were in front of me and the vibe was in front of Erins beautiful light brown closley trimed pussy hair sitting above a well fucked glossy open pussy, i heard Geoff moan again and felt another thrust, both girls erupted in joyful gigles and sam proclaimed yeah geoff baby fuck him like u fuck me, let him feel how good u are then let him know how amazing i feel when u flood me, Erin chimmed in with yeah baby thats soo fucking hot