Written by Maddie


Sitting across the couple in the public bar made us so excited. The thoughts running through our minds, racing so fast with the excitement almost too much. In a heartbeat they shared their journey and experiences with us, with such honesty and passion. We could only imagine how it must feel being so open to the unknown, feeling the adrenalin pumping through your body. Her cunt pulsating beat after beat and his cock hard and arousing by the sight of this couple. Both of them feeling ready to be taken by the couple sitting opposite them. The need and desire to satisfy our inner most desires was almost unbearable. The thought of being able to stretch our boundaries where we haven’t been before with total strangers. They made us feel exhilarating emotions that flushed through our bodies, waves of electrifying erotic spasms. Then we realised this is the couple we want to give ourselves to, to teach us. Their warm, passionate personalities is so strong we just couldn’t resist having the urge to have uninhabited sex with this perfect specimens. They departed from us with a smile and a promise to meet again, leaving us wanting them even more.

We met again in a playroom that was modest but very inviting. They slowly took us and prepared us for the journey of the night ahead. They touched, kissed and caressed our bodies like no one has ever done before. No one has ever spent so much time on our needs and desires. Making every touch heavenly and definitely unforgettable. Within seconds we felt safe, warm and very special. Both of us being taken by stranger, being stripped naked and being explored from head to toe. Seeing our partners being satisfied by this couple with pure lust turned us on and brought unknown emotions of fulfilment.

There was no doubt in our minds that we will never forget that night or the juicy couple. We knew that no other couple will have our emotions in their hands like this couple did on that special erotic night. Their bodies danced with ours long into the night. Rhythmic dances and screams of pure pleasure filled the air, and everyone wished the night will never end.

Both of us knew that this couple and the night’s pure inhabited sex will be in our memories forever and ever.