Written by TRIPLE_X


She had an incredible body under her school uniform, taking it off slowly one piece at a time. She had the moves to go with it, gyrating her hips and tight arse during the lap dance. I’ll always remember the near perfect rear end and shaven pussy staring me in the face as she bent to touch her toes. No wonder this woman was in demand as a stripper.

This was a surprise and treat organised by Penny for my first Birthday with her. With our relationship together so young then I thought it very sporting of her, my only regret was not being able to fondle or take the stripper home to play with. I teased Penny about the look but don’t touch gift while thanking her, even she admitted the young woman was hot.

Now five years later and heading for another big one Penny is at a loss with what to get or do for me. I often make suggestions so as to make it easier and obvious but they inevitably have sexual connotations in them. Not that that is a problem in itself. Some of the suggestions relate to her buying herself new lingerie or naughty attire, keeping it for the day of my birthday and all but being my sex slave for the day, a win win I figure. The taunt of another stripper or plaything I can touch in front of her is generally in my list of suggestions; I’d share of course.

Penny is great with my sometimes lewd but naughty talk as she knows I love her dearly. Due to her pleasant nature, laid back and titude, willingness to please and I’d hope love, lust and security with me she never seems to find my talk offensive or intrusive on our love life. Just me with a libido for two in my dirty thirties. Penny stopped asking a few weeks out from the big day so I assumed she had come to some conclusion and or made plans.

This year I arranged to have it off work, a tradition Penny subscribes to for her own. I awoke on the Monday morning early due to my body clock and nearly even got up for work before gathering my thoughts, “Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to me”. I wasn't lying there long in my stupor before Penny got up for work herself, flicking the kettle on, letting the dog in and jumping into the shower, normally my routine first. One eye open as she walked through in her robe to make the coffee she didn't even wish me happy birthday.

She entered with the coffees placing mine at my bedside and went back to the en suite to finish her routine closing the door. Not overly conscious of the time or time it took but when Penny re-entered the room my birthday started in earnest. The bathroom door wide open Penny had draped herself in the doorway, a seductive pose I hadn't seen before. Nor had I seen the new lingerie I had to wipe my eyes again to focus on. She looked stunning and hot, the sheepish smile widening at my “WOW”! The ensemble set off her beautiful body, the light behind highlighting her shapely figure. Penny’s top was barely covered in a small black lacy baby doll number her smooth breasts silhouetted. There were matching lacy panties under the suspenders, which in turn were clasped to thigh length stockings, a vision of beauty.

It wasn't until I turned on my bedside lamp and she sauntered over I noticed her panties were crutch less, her delicious familiar pussy reporting for duty. She clearly had naughty rather than nice in mind as the duvet and sheet were ripped back exposing my erection. The room warm the atmosphere hotter still Penny took my cock in her mouth and proceeded to suck on it with a keenness I hadn't seen for a while, she was on a mission. With several minutes passed I thought Penny was bent on swallowing my load but just then she released her mouth and grip to climb on board. I prepared for the penetration of her hot box as she straddled me but to my surprise and pleasure again she shimmied forward planting her crutch right in my face. The control she was administering was clearly arousing her too as the sweet moist pussy lips gave way to a saturated tunnel of love under my tongue, intoxicating.

My hands on her butt her new lace touched for the first time I can’t resist slipping a finger into her equally moist bum hole. This generally teams with her orgasm soon after when she is this hot so I don’t begrudge her pulling away to mount my cock, this is her show after all. Her hands now pinning my arms to the bed so as to maintain authority Penny rocks backwards and forwards on my cock hardly rising at all, I know she is rubbing her clit on my pelvis. The whole episode intense I hold on to my load waiting for Penny’s tell tale signs and as is quite often the case we explode together, the sight and sound of her cumming the final catalyst for my release. A moment to savor the ecstasy and “Oh, happy Birthday Honey” as she smiles, kisses me and dismounts.

It turns out she too has arranged the day off and I am to have a sex slave for the day, I feel my cock twitch at the very thought.The coffee now cold I go to heat it up, turning on the heater in the lounge and office with thoughts of sex throughout the house a possibility. On my return I grab the camera and take photos of my present still lying on the bed, the one gift I’ll always treasure, Penny.

I shower giving thought to the days events when it dawns on me, I still haven’t achieved THE hat trick. I day dreamed the notion some time ago how it would be fun to chalk up a sexual trio, cumming in her mouth, pussy and arse all in one day. Penny still waiting some direction from me as per her promise was receptive and keen, much to my joy and she had after all achieved one already.

The house now warm as toast I instruct her to keep her lace on and no covering up, the sight somewhat stimulating as we breakfast in the lounge. I figure on making the most of this delicious present without it being too uncomfortable for Penny so the occasional spontaneous licking and fingering of her pussy over the morning is only fair. When I bring out the latest porn movie a little after midday, sourced from the internet of course, I also bring with it a bottle of wine and a cheeseboard. A little decadence with sex on the side or is that the other way around today.

The new movie is rather good at heating us up again as we fondle each other while watching. I leave Penny watching while I remove my fingers from her now wet pussy and dive between her spread legs, her juice a welcome treat and change from the wine. She is naturally and notably enjoying the attention as her fingers run through my hair even though she is the slave. I coyly remind her who is the master while shoving my cock in as deep as I possibly could, the couch affording her plenty of support and comfort otherwise. My pumping doesn't last long before she climaxes, her finger nails almost embedding in my buttocks. “My turn now” I exclaim removing my cum soaked cock and placing it in her face. She gestures as if to say no so I kindly remind her while forcing it into her mouth who’s birthday it is. “That’s my girl, suck my cock, suck it good”. I don’t like to be rough but there is no need as she sucks it with determination. We both know it’s not about to take long and as if from a scene in the movie playing behind me she helps me along with a finger up my arse. “Oh yeah baby, suck my cock, swallow me”. With that I let go, unloading into her mouth. I hold her head deliberately in place so she doesn't miss a drop but my sensitive prick pulls back then out, number two of the hat trick accomplished.

Not one for all sex and no play another shower with Penny, washing each other, lots of kissing and the proverbial finger in her arse and we dress so I can take her out for lunch.

A nice lunch, a few more wines but a safe trip home I ask Penny to slip into the clothes I have laid out on the bed and then to return to the lounge. When she returns to the candle lit lounge, music playing and yet another wine poured she has on my white business shirt and tie and a pair of pantyhose, no underwear allowed. I in the meantime have discarded my clothes, my erection apparent the moment she walked in. We drink a little while I read her some naughty short stories, her gentle stroking on my cock and her pussy teased through the pantyhose.

After the forth story I drizzle the chardonnay on my shaft and coax Penny to lap it up while I maintain the gentle pressure on her now wet crutch. I reach behind the cushions and retrieve the scissors planted earlier. Re-positioning and careful not to damage my present I gather the pantyhose up between her legs and snip a hole to expose the moist lips beneath. I double-check I have access to her anus while eating her pussy, again a finger in to confirm we have it right. Just a small feast on her dripping pussy before I turn her over to kneel on the couch and proceed to lick her arse, the feel of stockings during this time a new sensation for both of us I’m sure. A couple of fingers aided by pussy juice into her tight rear end, the other hand working in and out of her drenched fanny and I thought she was going to explode then and there. Quickly backing off I position my cock and tease her pussy lips, just edging the cock in enough to taunt. I question the need for it while so wet but the gel now out from behind the cushions also gets its debut as the fingers again go back to loosen her arse. My birthday wish about to become reality I spread her cheeks for a final look before sliding my cock through her entrance. Her flinch temporary as I slide it to the hilt, my tweaking her clit underneath the distraction I sort. I remain still inside her arse but for the twitching of my cock and work her clit and pussy lips to a point of no return. As the groaning gets recognizable and her rocking indicates the start of her orgasm it’s time for a few purposeful thrusts, and thar she blows, my cum unleashed in that beautiful tight hole of hers and Penny’s simultaneous flow leaving her shacking and shuddering. Incredible and memorable only starts to describe fucking Penny like this.

The gentle retreat, the affectionate kiss between lovers and the warmest of thank you’s for the best birthday ever.

I gave my slave the rest of the afternoon off but made a point of fucking her as we readied for bed, I hope I don’t have to wait for my next birthday to warrant a similar episode.