Written by Andus


What luck I had with my very first meet on this particular site.

I had been in contact with a couple that lived locally and wished to participate in a straight mmf. Initial emails were very promising and I was liasing with the female part of the couple who I will refer to as E.

E sounded funny and sexy and we seemed to hit it off. This was soon followed by an exchange of pictures and WOW. She was slim, perfect body and pretty as can be. I was hooked. One of the photo's showed her in just red thigh length boots and I am surprised I never wore my eyes out viewing this shot.

E and her partner D suggested that E and I meet their place initially to test the water, as they were dipping their toes into the world of swinging. E told me she would meet me at her door wearing those red boots and a black lacy see through top.

The day arrived and I drove to the destination with nervous but ertoic anticipation. I text E when I arrived to say I was outside and walked to her door which was opened by her and, true to her word she wore boots and that top. I walked in and we immediateley kissed. She was very, very hot and my erection was straining to be released. E took hold of my hand and walked me into her bedroom where we continued kissing and touching each other.

I was shaking with sexual anticipation but managed to take the lacy top from E revealing a gorgeous and pert pair of breasts which also tasted as nice as they looked. E undid my jeans and took out my throbbing penis which she devoured with relish. Here I was looking down upon a beautiful, sexy woman who was pleasuring me. I was in heaven. very now and then E would look up at me with my cock in her mouth and this would drive me wild.

D was at work and E would regularly text him to let him know what we were upto so he could enjoy the experience too.

After sucking me, I gently pushed E onto her back on the bed and went to work on the most gorgeous and sweet tasting pussy I have ever had the plesure of playing with. I licked up her juices and flicked her clit with my tongue whilst alternatively using my fingers to rub inside and against her g spot. My tongue would occasionally flick on her anus, previously discussing that she did enjoy this. E finally came to a shuddering orgasm and soon sent E a text to update him on progress.

Shortly after E got onto all fours on the bed and I got behind her and started to lick her pussy and ass again. Sometime later, I gently inserted a finger into her pussy and ass simultaneously with E pushing back on my hand encouraging me on.

E then got me onto all fours and sucked my cock and balls expertly. She spent some time licking my ass which felt wonderful.

E then turned over onto her back and I was on top of her and in between her legs. This was so damn sexy, I was seconds away from being inside a gorgeous lady with a body to die for. E graabed hold of my cock, lifted her knees to her chest and placed me at the entrance to her pussy. I gently eased forward so the tip of my cock eased onto her tight pussy. I teased her to start off with and withdrew and then slipped the tip back in several time before then slowly pushing the full length of my cock into her before then withdrawing and again just giving her the tip of my cock.

We gently started to have sex, this sedate fashion was soon replaced by an animalistic, rough not non-painful frantic sex. several times I had to pull out or stop to save myself from orgasm as I wanted this to last. It appeared to me that E had orgasmed a few times and it needed all my mental reserves to avoid me orgasiming too. We had wonderful sex in many positions, doggy, on our sides and she looked so sexy with her feet behind her head on missionary and it was in this position, whilst thrusting fast and furiously that I spilt my seed in E's tight and sweet tasting pussy.

E updated D via text and a telephone call and it was agreed we would leave the first encounter there.

E and I met up for a second time a few weeks later and I will write qbout this too if E and D wish.

Alas the 3some has yet to be competed but I am game if E and D are icon_smile.gif Thank you E and D for giving me such great encounters and hopefully there is more to come icon_smile.gif