Written by Anon


My girlfriend Stacey and I have been together a few years and have always tossed around the idea of having a threesome. She is petite with brown hair and has an extremely tight pussy, guys are always staring her down from across the street. So I managed to convince her last week to get another guy around for some MFM and she agreed, little did she know I had a little more planned for her. So it came around to Friday and I had everything setup, she got home from work and I instructed her to undress and lay on the bed, i then covered her eyes with a blindfold which she reluctantly agreed to again but I assured her it would enhance the experience. I then left the room and went to the room next door where I had a few of the guys from rugby waiting, my plan was to slowly introduce them one by one without her knowledge that there was multiple guys in the room. We all went back to the room where I instructed Dave to get to work.He stood next to the bed running his hands over her body brushing against her waxed lips every third stroke, as he went on he began to pay more attention to her sensitive areas and you could tell this was starting to turn her on. Dave hoped on the bed and knelt between her legs while everyone else in the room had their cocks out slowly stroking, he kissed his way down her thighs and you could really see her pussy starting to glisten with juices. Stacey began to moan as Dave started working her pussy with his tongues and she whispered the words 'I can't believe this is happening'. After a few minutes of eating pussy Dave flipped Stacey on to all fours and positioned her at the end of the bed, I signaled for Steve to move in front of her and she eagerly grabbed his cock probably thinking it was mine, but straight away she knew something was up and that it probably didn't feel or smell like mine. As Stacey was about to speak/protest Dave pushed his thick cock in from behind and she no longer cared which was evident by the way she fully engulfed the head of Steve's cock into her mouth. Stacey was now being spit roasted and pumped from both ends, I was hard as a rock watching my sweet little princess taking all of Dave's fat 8 inches. After five minutes Dave signaled for Steve to fuck her pussy, Steve decide he'd go on the bottom so he lay on his back across the bed and Stacey climbed on top of him, now Steve is not the longest guy in the room but he certainly has one of the thickest cocks i've ever seen and it took her a couple of goes just to slide down onto his monster as she took Dave's cock into her mouth, it was time to get the other two to move in and stand beside Dave. They both grabbed a hand each and guided it towards their cocks, she took a break from Sucking Daves cock to announce that she had suspected something was going on. It was really starting to show how horny she was as she was creaming like never before, I said 'baby you never cream like that' as Steve pumped his thick cock in and out stretching her pussy wide. She turned to my voice and said 'I think its all the cum from that first cock baby', I froze as I had instructed the guys not to cum in her pussy because she always made me pull out, but this time she didn't seem to care. I looked at Dave and he said 'sorry bro I was hoping you wouldn't notice' my heart sank a little as I watched her really start to enjoy herself as she took turns sucking the cocks infront of her whilst bouncing her ass up and down on Steve's big cock cumming several times over until I heard him start to grunt and before i could tell him to pull out it was too late, he'd already filled her right up and the cum began leaking down the side of his shaft and down to his balls. As Steve got up and stood infront of Stacey to get his cock cleaned Mike quickly took his position on the bed and slid straight into her goeey warm slit, Jay also moved in behind Stacey and proceeded to spit on her asshole. Stacey had never been fucked in her asshole and here was a guy from my local club rugby team prepping her asshole to take her anal virginity. There was no protest from Stacey as Jay forced his cock into her tiny asshole but you could tell for the first few minutes there was certainly some discomfort, and then she really got into it, rocking back and forth onto both cocks. Jay was one of the younger guys in the team and not much of a stayer, it wasn't long before he was ready to cum and he pulled out quickly and wanked himself off onto Stacey's face as she continued to service Steve and Dave with her mouth. The sight was overwhelming but what happened next really blew me away. As Mike started to get close to cumming he mad Stacey aware and was trying to pull out from her pussy except she let go of both cocks in front of her and clung onto him and increased the twerking speed causing Mike to go over the edge and blow his load deep inside her womb. I couldn't beleive she had just forced Mike to cum inside her in front of me after telling me last week it was too dangerous for me to cum inside her hence why I always had to pull out. Stacey removed her blindfold and climbed off the bed, the guys all surrounded her to empty their sacks one last time before they headed home. Once all the remaining cum was splattered all over her face and the guys had left she handcuffed me to the bed and sucked my cock, as she did this she swung a leg over my body and pushed her pussy back into my face forcing me to eat her out. Most of the cum had drained out but her pussy was a sticky mess and I enjoyed every minute of it.