We were out in town and met with this lovely couple. John and Miranda. We had a few drinks and good conversations. It was the first time, my Partner (Mark) and I were swinging. John and Miranda on the other hand were experienced swingers. We went to their place and Miranda pulled Mark into the bedroom straight away. I stayed in the lounge with John. He walked around me and slowly started undressing me. Sliding his finger along my neckline and down my back. He said he had something for me, while stroking my pussy.

He pulled out a pair of handcuffs. Just seeing them made me even more horny than I already was. I could see his Jeans bulging out on his crouch. I just wanted to pull out his growing dick and see it. But he put the cuffs on me and put a blindfold over my eyes. Then he led me to the bedroom, I could hear Mirandas and Marks moans. John lifted my arms up and I could hear him hooking them into something. I felt Johns hands on my breasts, gently squeezing my nipples. I wanted to see the other two so badly. Johns hand wandered to my wet Pussy and started fucking it with his fingers. He asked me if I would like to see what was going on on the bed. Yes, please, I whispered. He took the blindfold of and there was Mark, fucking Miranda doggy style. Both of them facing us. Her perky tits jiggling with every thrust. Marks hands on her hips, pulling her onto his big cock. He was looking at me, obviously turned on by how helpless I was standing there and being touched by another man. I could feel Johns erect dick on my backside. He slowly slid into me, just teasing with the tip of his dick. I let out a whimper. Then he thrust into me. Mark and Miranda came and kept on watching us. John pulled out and opened my handcuffs. He took me to the bed as well and asked me to suck his dick. I happily started pleasuring him with my mouth and tongue, then I could feel Marks hands, rubbing my clit and sticking his finger into my butt hole.

John was enjoying the sight of me in between him and Mark. Miranda was watching us playing with herself. Mark squeezed my Nipples hard and I could see that he was hard again. He said he wanted to see me, riding John. So John pulled me on top of him and I lowered myself onto his dick. Miranda came over and started french kissing me. Mark masturbated while I was fucking John faster and harder. Then I could feel Marks hands on my hips. He asked me to hold still for a moment. He dripped some oil over my backside, massaging my butt and my Anus, then he pushed into my other hole. I never felt so filled out before. John and Mark got into a Rythm and fucked me together. I cried out my pleasure and then I came in multiple Orgasms. John and Mark unloaded themselves into me. Mark watched their juices running out of me, saying that he always wanted to see both of my holes cream pied. Then he pulled me into his arms and Miranda lay down with John. So we stayed laying on the bed for a while, until we got up and left.....